Funky Flu-like Falderal

Started out as a mild cold and is now on the way to bronchitis.  I don’t feel terrible – most of the time.  As my buddy Jane would say, "meh."
Isabella is doing very well in school!  She walks right up to the special door that leads directly to her class all excited to start her day.  Isn’t that great? 
One odd thing, though, is that she has been eating like three people.  She’ll finish her lunch and start on another kid’s lunch.  Thankfully, they always have extra.  Maybe it is just a growth spurt. 
Thanks again to Deb and Nikki for the encouragement.
I’ll start the falderal and see if I need to add anything later: 
When you are sick, do you want to be left alone or doted on?  Both.  I love when someone loves me enough to want to take care of me.  I also don’t want to be bothered.  Also depends on how sick I am.  The worse I am the less patience I have.
Do you  have a favorite to food to eat when you are under the weather?  Used to be pasta, pasta and more pasta.  Now, I can’t think of a thing.  Not even chocolate!Surprised
Do you know what a "mustard plaster" is and, if so, have you ever had one?  Once that I can remember.  It was before I was eleven and I must have been pretty sick because my mom set me up in hers and dad’s bed – right in the middle, put the concoction on my chest and let me watch the little black and white tv they had in their room.  I believe I watched "The Monkees."  I must have been really sick to be set up like that!
When were you most scared by a sickness?  When the girl was in kindergarten, she had vomiting and diarrhea for days.  She was so dehydrated she needed to be hospitalized.  Poor kid had salmonella and we were in that hospital for four days.  That’s a whole blog entry in and of itself.  She lost one fifth of her body weight and spent her sixth birthday in the hospital.  Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for taking us to the hospital and for all you did for us.
What did you have for dinner last night?  Pierogies with fried onions.  Wasn’t up to making much else and I didn’t want Himself to spend the money on take out.
I’m tired.  I’m going to rest now.  Hope all is well with you, gail

8 responses to “Funky Flu-like Falderal

  1. Pray you get better soon. When sick; left alone or doted on? Like a little attention, but that only last until the wife gets Bossy. Guess I’m a Burger King patient –I like to have it MY way. Favorite to food when sick? Have been known to use illness to obtain “special food”; i.e., the stuff that harder to justify during normal times.Do know about a "mustard plaster, but never had one. When were you most scared by a sickness? I had a staph infection which we thought was the flu for 3 days. After 3 days of 104 plus temps went to doctor who correctly identified what was happening. But that incident doesn’t hold a candle in the shear fright department for me. The worst thing I’ve ever had happen was a few hours after Kay had jaw surgery in 1994. Her jaws were wired shut and she started vomiting. I’ll skip the details, but I thought she would choke to death in my arms. What did you have for dinner last night? I was scheduled for 45 minute presentation at a regional meeting last night. In theory, I was going to eat ham, potato casserole, green beans, corn, rolls and cake; however, the audio visual guy couldn’t get my computer to work with their equipment. While everyone else ate, I sweated out the process of making getting the Powerpoint swapped over to their system. In route home, drove through Sonic to get burger, tater tots and strawberry milkshake (in the spirit of confession, as seen at California Carol’s space, they did send me a plate of ham, taters, etc. home, which I ate for lunch today).

  2. hey G, hope you get better soon. I’ve no idea what a mustard plaster is. sounds strange….will try making the chocolate cake tomorrow. So nice to know Bells enjoys school. Nel on the other hand continues to dread school…and was given a caning yesterday for get a spelling wrong. crazy.

  3. Well, as my friend Gail would say – OY!! Sorry you are sick. Hopefully, since I am so tardy, you are feeling better by now. That is great news about Bells! Sounds like she is having a growth spurt. Either that or she really likes school food. :)As for falderal: I mostly like to be left alone when I’m sick, but I like someone to bring me fresh cold drinks now and then. But please don’t try to get close to me. Or talk too much.The first thing that sounds good when I am coming back to the living is Tomato or Chicken Noodle soup – Campbells. Kraft Mac and Cheese is usually the second. I guess that heralds back to my childhood. Next step is pizza. Yum!I have only heard of mustard plasters. I am grossed out by mustard so the idea has always scared me.The night before my youngest’s third birthday, she woke up in the night and was miserable. I gave her some tylenol and laid down with her. I listened to her quick, shallow breathing and I remember thinking that even though I had no experience with pneumonia, I was pretty sure that THIS was pneumonia. I think I was awake half the night listening to make sure she was still breathing. I took her to the Ped early the next morning. By then she was just a limp rag. They confirmed that it was pneumonia and gave her antibiotics. By 3 pm she was dancing on chairs and ready to (birthday) party! That still amazes me. Last night I had spaghetti and meatballs. I don’t think I have ever even SEEN a pierogie. What is it?Never fear, Homer came through the weekend without a scratch. Have a good week!!!

  4. I hope you are feeling better by now. I used to get bronchitis alot and one time it turned into pneumonia! I spent a week in the hospital. I don’t let it get that far any more.On to the Falderal…Like Jane, I like to be left mostly alone. But I do appreciate when Hubby plans ahead with the meds and cold drinks. My favorite food is potatoes. Either baked (loaded) or mashed w/ lots of butter.I know what ‘mustard plasters’ are, but thank goodness all I ever had to endure was Vicks Vapo-Ru b.When my oldest was little, she had a series of kidney infections (actual kidneys being infected) that lasted over a 5 year period. Spent lots of time in various hospitals. And surgeries. When my youngest was about 2, she had all the symptoms of leukemia, but after a series of tests, it was determined that she didn’t have it. Thank you, God.Last night, I had chicken, parm and basil linguine (sp?) with a green salad. Living in Texas, it’s hard to get a good pierogie, but I really enjoyed them when I lived in Ct.Get well soon!xoxoDana

  5. Hi Gail, Sorry to hear that you have been sick. I do hope you are on the mend. Glad to hear Bells is doing well .When I am sick I like to be left alone and to be checked on every once in awhile to see if there is anything I need, but don’t wake me to ask. My little dog Jesse keeps me company on the bed and I like that. If I need something I will give him something he can carry and I tell him to give to poppa and he will run down stairs and give it to hubby and he we come and see what I need (always)Every morning when I wake up I give Jesse something to give to his poppa and he runs down stairs and then Steve brings me my morning coffee. Steve has been doing that since we have been married and when we got Jesse I taught him how to be a delivery boy, even though he is a dog. Ha! When I am well enough to eat something I like something with cinnamon on it such as toast , tapioca or rice pudding with cinnamon. I got that from my grandmother. I loved watching the Monkeys on tv.I have had quite a few scary moments with sickness but the most recent was my mom when she had pneumnia and a irregular heart beat and kidney problems a couple of months ago.Well I will stop there. It has been awhile Gail. Sorry it took me so long to come back for a visit. I know I am a bad friend, 🙂 Go ahead and slap my wrist. 🙂 Take care and hope you are feeling much better. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Dianne 🙂

  6. Thanks for coming by my spot to check on my, even tho I’ve been very hit and miss lately. Life is just tough right now, and I don’t always feel like coming here to whine! Hope you are feeling much better soon.

  7. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone here in our little blogland neighborhood being into AI.If you don’t mind I’d like to skip the sickie talk. I just got over the infection in my gums and really don’t wanna go there…Love you!!!

  8. Here I am – showing up late for the Falderal as usual. That’s fantastic about Bells loving school. Eric did too — Isn’t it such a relief when that happens? It’s much harder on loved ones when they have a hard time with it. Eric however is just the opposite of Bells – he only eats certain foods, certain ways, so the teachers have his fruit bars or peanut butter and jelly on hand with milk when he won’t touch his lunch. He eats a good breakfast in the morning thankfully.I am totally amazed that Jane doesn’t know what Pierogies are! I adore them fried with onions and butter. My dad’s side of the family are Polish all the way and I grew up with them speaking in Polish when they didn’t want us kids to understand them. My grandma taught me to make them from scratch when I was younger. Takes forever!When sick I like to be left alone in my misery — although Nik makes sure to check occasionally if I need anything. She’s the mother hen all the way.If I can eat, I like toast and tea – and when I’m feeling better it’s chicken noodle soup, but it has to be Liptons (the box kind). No mustard plasters although I have heard of them. I’m a big fan of Vicks Vapo Rub though. When I was little, it was liberally smeared on my chest and mom laid a cloth over it under my jammies. I love the smell although when I was little, it made my eyes water like crazy. I did the same to my kids.There were many scarey times with sickeness, I remember two rides in particualr with Nik. Once when she and the boys were playing, they were on the top bunk and she rolled off. She was having trouble breathing. I remember the ride to the ER in a snowstorm — turns out she cracked a rib. Another was when she was cuddled up in front of the tv and like Jane I could hear her shallow breathing. I knew she had a cold, but that was more than a cold. Another ride to the ER — it wasn’t snowing that time. Yep it was pnemonia…. The rest of my kids never gave me scares that way. Just my Nik.Dinner last night was baked chicken, stuffing and peas. I’m having the leftovers for lunch today. : o )Guess I’ll read the paper before heading for the shower. I hope you feel better g — please take care of you! And keep us posted on Bells progress. I am always anxious to hear how she is doing, and Nik asks about her often.Deb

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