Forever Friends Falderal

Do you have someone you know you will be friends with forever?  Even if you move a world away or you or they inherited millions?  My bff, L, is that friend. 
L and I met when The Girl was, I believe, four years old which was almost 25 years ago.  We both worked for the county social services office; she in food stamps and I in AFDC (Aid to the Families of Dependent Children or welfare).  My job took me to different departments and hers was one of them.  After passing L’s  desk many times, we got to chatting and the rest, as they say, is history.
Where I can be "excitable," L is even-tempered.  She has been a great sounding board when I don’t know if I am overreacting to something.  In the same way, I just don’t get how she can not get excited about some things!
When I was a single mom, L told me that she figured if anything happened to her husband she would make sure to have a place the girl and I could move into with her.  I don’t think anyone ever thought of that with me.  I was not the easiest person to get along with but she accepted me, warts and all. 
For more than 22 years, except for the years they lived in Florida, L and her husband B and I have gotten together some time in March for corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and soda bread.  When the kids were little, L and I always "forgot" something and had to run out to the store – just the two of us.  Did the guys ever catch on?  Who knows.
Tomorrow is our big day.  The one day of the year we know we will get together without fail.  We live about one hour away from each other but the rigors of life often keep us from getting together at any other time.  However, tomorrow,  we will talk as if we visited last week. 
That’s why St. Patrick’s day is one of my favorite "holidays" of the year. 
Do you celebrate St. Paddy’s day?  If so, how.  See above.  Also, we watch the move The Quiet Man.
Is there any Irish in your heritage?  Except for all of us coming from Adam and Eve, not that I know of.
What makes a person a friend?  I don’t believe you can know someone is a true friend until the friendship has been tested.  With L, she stood by me when others didn’t.  When I was pregnant with The Boy, she called me every other day to make sure someone was still talking with me (I was pms’y for nine months!).  She’s not perfect but she’s proven she will stand by me.
If you have just left your home and locked the door, do you run back in if the phone starts ringing?  I refuse to be a slave to my phone!  Absolutely not.  Himself does, though.
There has been such a lull in Spaces, lately.  I hope that ends soon.  I miss having participants in the Falderal.  It helps me to get to know you all better.
Have a great, safe weekend.  g

12 responses to “Forever Friends Falderal

  1. I have not read your blog before but am impressed. I have been busy lately but things should calm down a bit.It has been a bit dull lately hasn’t it?Margaret

  2. Good story! I have a bff I’ve had for 33 years! She’s not perfect, either, but she’s perfect as my bff!! We’re very different, but complimentary..Of course I celebrate! I have a blinking shamrock necklace to wear tomorrow for the Soup&Chili luncheon, and we’ll have corned beef and cabbage for several days!!LOL2. It’s Scots/Irish.. mostly!3. They’re someone that hopes and prays for the best for you, and accepts you just the way you are, anyway!4. No.. I’m not fast enough to get back to it! LOLhugs,Jean

  3. The closest thing I have to that type of relationship is my best friend from the Army. Sadly we do not communicate as before, but when we do we still get along great.He means the world to me. He was the one who took care of all of my personal needs once I was injured; he was the one who flew with me in the airplane when they transferred me to Tampa; he was the one who set up the apartment so my mother, Frau and family to come and visit when they wanted while I was rehabbing; he invited me to his change of command and made sure that everybody waited until I was there, including the general; and in many ways he was there for me up until I got everything under control.Now he has a family of his own, thank goodness, and his job and family keep them pretty busy. It’s too bad that we can’t get together more often, but I am hopeful I will see him in a couple years.It is getting old not having people stop by. Thanks for continuing to do so.

  4. Um, some years I do actually remember to wear green.Yes.A friend loves at all times – warts and all. Since the only phone I have is usually in my purse I don’t have to go back in the house. However, if I had a home phone, prolly 8 to 9 times out of 10, no. I wouldn’t run back in.

  5. I had two friends like that – friends for life, who I knew would drop anything and be there for me if I needed them. We live many states away from each other, tho. One passed away from a brain tumor just a couple months ago…. On St. Pat’s day, if I remember, I might wear something green, but that’s about it. I do have Kiki wear green tho, it’s important at her age still!My dad is about a fourth Irish, I believe. So I guess I am a wee bit Irish as well!A friend is there for you, even when they think you’re wrong.I have long refused to be a slave to my phone! Home ph. or cell phone, if I don’t feel like talking, I don’t answer. End of story. This drives some people crazy – especially my sister (who IS a slave to her phone, but she thinks it’s good)I am doing better – thanks for caring, even when I whine!

  6. Good entry. I’ve had 3 best friends – total opposites. I met RL 45 years ago and still talk occasionally, but she works and we don’t get to talk often. I did an entry on her. Then there was Marianne. We met when I was 13. Great friend. She passed away a coupld of years ago. Then there’s Hubby. We’ve been best friends for almost 36 years. He has been there for me…100%. Love that guy.I don’t really do anything for St. Patty’s Day. Which is strange because I’m probably 1/3 Irish. I do like Irish whiskey, though! Most people call my cell phone and it depends on who it is if I answer or not.A friend is someone you KNOW will be there when you need them. Even when it creates a hardship for them. I’d like to think I’m that kind of friend.Later Boo-Boo!xoxoDana

  7. Do you celebrate St. Paddy’s day? Don’t celebrate but just recently watched The Quiet Man for the first time (is there another version with someone other than John Wayne?)Is there any Irish in your heritage? I’m primarily English with a little Creek Indian, but The Queen’s maiden name was Kilpatrick.What makes a person a friend? When you get together with them, after years of no contact, and there is that immediate connection of your spirits. If you have just left your home and locked the door, do you run back in if the phone starts ringing? Are you kidding? Shoot, I don’t answer the phone most of the time when I’m in the house. Significant folks have my cell number.

  8. That is really wonderful to have a friend like that. I have one, and that’s pretty special!Do you celebrate St. Paddy’s day? We did, we went to the parade downtown. Is there any Irish in your heritage? Nope, all Scandinavian. Husband is German, through and through. What makes a person a friend? When they will stand by you and be loyal, kind and loving. If you have just left your home and locked the door, do you run back in if the phone starts ringing? I do. Hope you are doing well friend!

  9. Sorry I’ve been absent from visiting you Gail. Dealing with a troublesome and lingering illness has had me really down. As has become my custom, I really enjoy receiving comments from a true friend like you. Your family remains in my prayers.John

  10. Hi Gail!Has Spaces gotten any better? I do miss you so very much. I’ve been thinking of coming back but know unless they fix the navigation I will just get frustrated all over again. My warts?Loved the story about you and L. So very happy you have her in your life.Love you,Liz

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