Thursday Chuckle

I sing the refrain all the time!  If you need a chuckle, click here-    
Good news – my cholesterol is down from 322 to 197!  Woo-hoooooParty

3 responses to “Thursday Chuckle

  1. Wow, how did you get your cholesteral down so far? Good Job!!I know what is going to be stuck in my head all day…. Foo Doo Fa Fa…

  2. Wow.. now I have that stuck, too! Thanks! Good job on your cholesterol.. Mine is usually around 180.. just good genes! If I sing that song all day, I’m going to blame you!!LOL Be Blessed, today.hugs,Jean

  3. Funny/weird/go figure story: My cholestrol runs about 100 or so. Thanks to The Atkins Diet. Wait….it’s modified, as I don’t eat anthing pre-prepared and I add lots of veggiesMy meals are almost all from scratch. I didn’t plan on it. I just started out at doing Atkins and then added greens and things. I shop around the edges of the grocery story. Except for the olives and salad dressing aisles. I mix Italian dressing mix, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Wonderful. The less ingredients, the better. Congrats!I love rich food! Love you, too.xoxoDana

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