From Feline to Fleece

This year it is true:  March came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb.  Our weather is mild and sunny and looks to stay that way for the next week (mild, that is). 
Along with the mild weather, allergies are blooming once again.  An often heard question in my household is, "Are your allergies bothering you today?"  The Boy and I seem to react to the same allergens and Himself to others.  When we all react, well, it becomes a competition of "who can top this:" 
"My head hurts so much I think my eyeballs are going to pop out."
"Well, I’ll top you my head exploding to your two eyeballs!"
…and so on.
It seems a common human behavior to want to interject our experiences of bad health when someone else is telling about theirs.  When I am saying that something hurts and Himself tells about when his whatever was even worse, it makes me feel as though he is telling me that my hurt isn’t so bad because it could be worse – and his was worse!
Ever listen to a group of senior citizens converse?  It is just one health complaint after another. 
"I’ll raise you two stents to your one pacemaker….."
I think, maybe, that we are not telling the other person their pain isn’t real as much as we want validation for our own trials.  Than again, we do tend to be egocentric.  Whatever.
It was a pretty good week here in our little part of the Great Atlantic Northeast.  We got to spend some time with our Isabella and that is almost always a good thing.  Four out of five of us is healthy (The Girl is sick) and we have food in our house and clothing on our backs.  What more can we ask for?  In good conscience, that is.
My folks leave this weekend for a three week trip.  They are driving to Texas to see my Baby Bro and his bride.  B.B.  took a transfer to TX from Orange County, CA.  He and his wife were sick of the "real housewives" there.
Do you think you would be able to travel halfway across a country the size of the USA with your spouse?  If not married, a family member?  Absolutely………..NOT!  When Himself and his brother traveled cross county, Himself spent fifteen minutes at the Grand Canyon and had had enough.  Also, he left his brother in the Painted Desert because he took too long taking pictures (yes, he came back).  I like to stop and smell the roses.
What is your favorite way to travel?  By book.  Honestly.  I’d rather read a book then travel.  However, if I could "beam" myself to different places I would.  Especially England an Malaysia – you know why!
Do you have a vacation away from home planned for this year?  Or next?  I plan to visit my Baby Bro this fall if all goes well.  Maybe the transporter will be perfected by then?!
You have the choice to drive five hours or fly 45 minutes.  Which do you choose?  Can you say "road atlas?"
Do you like to swim.  As per my 100 list, I don’t like to be wet so that is a negatory.
Have a wonderful weekend.  blessings all around, g

14 responses to “From Feline to Fleece

  1. Do you think you would be able to travel halfway across a country the size of the USA with your spouse? Definitely! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee road trips! What is your favorite way to travel? Again— I LOVE ROAD TRIPS! Do you have a vacation away from home planned for this year? Or next? If by some miracle we are able to travel this year we will. As it stands now though, with my husband unemployed, the answer is no. You have the choice to drive five hours or fly 45 minutes. Which do you choose? Can you say "ROAD TRIPS?" Do you like to swim. YES. I used to be a life guard. Love the water!

  2. Hey G, I traveled across the United States 4 times I think. 3 times with friends, once with family. twice with amtrak and twice driving. Was ok. haha…although more exciting with friends. I wouldn’t mind travelling with hubby that way. Although….driving even an hour nowadays is like torture, I don’t know if I could repeat those long distance travels.Anyway G, I just got back from hospital, please pray for my grandma. She’s in critical condition…pray she’ll come out of it. thanks. God bless..

  3. Allergies abound here, too.Hubby and I (and daughters) have traveled from here to there so many times that I gotta say yes. We travel from here to NM at least once a year. That’s like 500 miles one way. My favorite way to travel is by car. I love stopping at little ‘hole in the wall’ places!Drive or fly? That’s a toss up. Depends on where I’m going.Like to swim, bu LOVE to just lay in the water and soak up the sun.Wonderful weekend back at you. Call me when you come to Texas. I’m only about an hour away! Well, call me before you come so that I can lose some weight and get my hair done! 🙂

  4. I do enjoy travelling with hubby, but truth be told, I love to drive by myself. I could wander aimlessly around the country for weeks in the car! And when I needed a break the perfect thing would be going for a swim . . .Hope it’s a good week for you – it’s supposed to be warming up some here as well! -cindy

  5. Able to travel with your spouse? Always look forward to traveling together. Kay has adapted to my slamming on the brakes and u-turns to go back to see a woodchuck, historical marker, waterfall, etc., etc. What is your favorite way to travel? Boat, car, train, plane, shoot, I just like going! (However, horses make me nervous.) Have a vacation planned? Colorado Springs, CO for counselor training in fall, likely for two separate weeks.You have the choice to drive five hours or fly 45 minute? Only the passage through airport security nowadays makes me hesitate for a moment. Love flying! Like to swim? Mom taught us early – she took us to the local public pool as babies. By the end of the summer I turned three, I was a terror to the lifeguards; would walk off the end of the diving board, swim underwater to the side of the pool and scrabble up to the top of the water. If the tranporter isn’t operational, are ya’ll flying or driving to Texas?

  6. So I’m a half a week late. That’s nothing new!My marriage has survived some l-o-n-g road trips, including TN to UT, via Miami and Phoenix. We’ve had our moments and are notorious for bickering over directions but I suspect we will be at it until either the marriage or one of us expires.I like to fly but also love a good roadtrip. Depends on the destination and the company.Probably make the yearly summer trip, by car no doubt, back to the ‘Otas. Assuming that dang river goes down!I loved your discussion of out-sicking each other. In our house only the male of the species talks (whines) about his ills. Us women just grab the ibuprofen. Maybe you could investigate why some men are so against taking medicine.Peace out, Gail!I would definitely take the 45 minute flight…. unless the scenery is incredible.LOVE to swim…. and water ski…. and snorkel…. and scuba dive. I love the feeling of being in water – as long as it’s not COLD. My mother always swore my toes were going to web up!

  7. Yeah.. we came in like a lion, and going out like one, too!LOL I LOVE road trips, but I also love flying.. but now that’s too much hassle. Have to do weird stuff with oxygen, and wheelchairs, etc.. just too much drama for a short trip..I have traveled halfway across the US.. several times! When I lived in FL and all our families were here, we came back at least once a year.. usually drove.. sometimes by myself.. I can travel with any of my family or friends. I, too, hope they perfect the "beaming" travel route, though.LOL I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the water!! Mom used to accuse me of being part fish! I am happiest in the water, anywhere.. I’d rather be wet than dry!lolHave a great week!hugs,Jean

  8. Well, Mama and I travel together quite beautifully, so that would have to be a yes. We’ve done 2 trips putting in about 5,000 driven miles each trip, and it was great – even when we had to put her in the hospital on one trip! Mama’s a trooper!I never met a mode of transportation I didn’t like. Mind you, I haven’t tried travelling long distances on a horse or mule, lol!Lord willing, Mama and I will do yet another trip this year to see kinfolk and friends throughout Missippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma – and if the Lord is especially gracious we’ll even get a visit in with kin in Tennessee! Hmmm…I’d either have to flip a coin or work within the boundaries of what time affords – which usually means flying. I do love a road trip, too, though…Just call me fish.Hope your week is blessed!Love ya! 🙂

  9. Hi g — You are so right. The same thing happens at my house. We all try to outdo each other’s injuries or illnesses. LOL! Sometimes it’s downright funny. Yesterday Nik dropped Eric’s little table on her toe and a little bit later I banged my knee against the car door. I mentioned I banged up my knee — she had to chime in "yeah, but I broke my toe" — Ok Nik — lol!So good to be back — missed the falderal as usual, but I’m always better late than never right?Do you think you would be able to travel halfway across a country the size of the USA with your spouse? Yes, I guess I am able — although we both like to get where we are going, I do need some pit stops along the way, while he just "wants to get there" What is your favorite way to travel? I like to travel by plane to my destination, because I am always anxious to get there. But car is the way I like to return — all relaxed and ready to explore some more. Do you have a vacation away from home planned for this year? Or next? I don’t have anything concrete planned, but would like a few days at the ocean. You have the choice to drive five hours or fly 45 minutes. Which do you choose? Stick me on that plane baby — I can’t sit still for 5 hours. Do you like to swim. Yes, I like to swim, but even more so I love to play in the waves in the ocean. Hope your weather is as nice as ours is here….Deb

  10. Hi Gail, I would love to travel anywhere with my hubby. He is great with directions , which I am not, and is always good company, because he is a very sweet man. Depending on the circumstances , I would prefer driving by car or helicopter. I just love flying in a helicopter,Only did it once but I was in awe of what I seen all around me. My son and I went up one time with a helicopter pilate from the movie ,FX. It was part of our waterfront festival. It was quite a few years ago and I didn’t have a camera. I would love to do it again with my camera in hand. I also like to travel by train. I am probally a little off subject here. It has been a long day and week . Thankyou Gail for stopping by and for your prayers concerning us trying to sell our house to buy a condo. You are also in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs! Dianne 🙂 p.s Have a great weekend 🙂

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