Love Letter to MSN

Dear MSNRed rose,
Thank you, thank you , thank you for all the wonderful, Red heartup-to-the-minute changes you brought to Live Spaces.  How did I ever cope before?Star
It used to be that I was able to see which of my friends had updated by clicking one button on my home page.  Now that I have to find my way to my home page and then meander around to see what’s up I am spending much less time on line!Sun  Imagine the savings on electricity when I don’t turn on my pc first thing in the morning.  I can wait until mid-afternoon and save, save, save!Light bulb
Also, many of my blogging buddiesGirlBoy have switched to other services.  This makes it especially fun finding their sites.  Sort of like a virtual "Where’s Waldo!"  Birthday cakeWhat a wonderful journey through the internet.  It colors my world fun!Rainbow
Once again, thank you for always considering your bloggers before making changes.  I feel so loved!Red lips
Sincerely, gail   (April Fool’s……..Tongue out)

5 responses to “Love Letter to MSN

  1. I hope you send that in to the main site. What a wonderful approach to this plague which has wrecked havoc on spaces. I have seriously considered leaving, but there are too many of my friends still here. Then again, where would I go?Thanks for dropping by and I do not remember getting a hug, but I do appreciate it though.BPPS sorry I haven’t been by lately.

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