Fasting Fine Foods

Yes.  I have been fasting………Chocolate!  No chocolate in over three weeks.  Why you ask?  I am addicted.Embarrassed  I couldn’t go through the grocery store without visiting the candy aisle.  Every where I went I sought the pleasure of its company. 
It started out as trying to stay away from all refined sugar.  That lasted two weeks.  Then we had company and there was dessert.  Still, the cravings weren’t as strong.  They still aren’t.  I realized though that if I had chocolate all would be lost.
Being a person of extremes, it had to all or nothing at all.  Do I miss it?  Surprisingly, not so much most of the time.  Will I ever eat it again?  Probably.  I just have to hope that it is not like cigarettes – just one and it controls your life again.
My Isabella is visiting today.  Such joy!  Although it is raining and grey outside, it is sunshiny in here.  We are hearing more sentences and appropriate responses and questions.  We are so looking forward to being able to have a full conversation with our little love.  In due time.
Is there any food you absolutely love?  Up to now, chocolate.  I also really enjoy carbs like rice and pasta.
Do you consider yourself nutrition conscious?  Yes.  I don’t always serve the most nutritious meals but I try very hard to.
What is your favorite food to prepare?  Not as much into cooking as I used to be but I like trying new flavor combinations with spices and herbs and whatever.  Adding cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate to chili or beef stew makes it heartier (pot roast, too).  A bit of fennel seed to a quick tomato sauce along with a bit of red pepper flakes changes it from every day to gourmet (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!).  I also find myself using cumin a lot.
What is your favorite food to order when dining out?  That would  have to be fish as we usually can’t afford to buy it.  Yum!
If you could dine with any living person in the world who is still living and whom you don’t already know, who would it be?  That’s a hard one.  You’d think that, as the author of this quiz, I would be easier on myself!  I really like Bonnie Hunt and think she would be fun to spend time with.  Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker are cool authors whose imaginations I would like to explore.  There are also a couple of politicians but I don’t want to get into a discussion.
Please don’t forget that April is National Autism Awareness Month.  Why not take a look at the site and see what you can do to increase your knowledge on this condition which affects 1 in 150 children in the United States.
Bless you and have a happy, safe weekend, gail

5 responses to “Fasting Fine Foods

  1. Hi Gail.I had no idea you loved sugar so much . I know its hard to kick but once you do its not hard to say no. Glad you have your little Bella over . It snowed here yesterday. Its cold tonight but the sun shone all day. We are getting lots done. Im now without a kitchen sink for a few days. Nothing in my Kitchen at all but a chair maybe . Its been Hell but I seem to laugh at the stupids things eveyday even shed the odd tear still. It is coming togethere. I might go to my Sisters for a few days just to get away from the crew , the dust , mess and the installing of the Kitchen. I think too they may need a break from me and not have me around. I love to watch but ask too many questions so it goes. Have an awesome weekend. Thanks for joining me also.Hugs to youLisa

  2. Maybe having some prayer over my home would be a good idea! Poor Alan – I call him and just cry and cry, so he feels bad since there is nothing he can do…ugh. But it says in the Bible…."and it came to pass…." I am ready for this all to pass!

  3. Hope you had a blessed time with your little Bella. Grnadchildren are such a joy. They just grow up too fast just like our children did. My Ty who is 2 is forming more sentences and just talking more. Being the youngest he has found the need to talk, although he talks to his Bubby more than anyone. Adding chocolate or cocoa powder to meats, stews, and chillis, hmmmm, I have seen recipes with those ingredients but haven’t tried it yet. I know what I will be doing with my next beef stew… I do add cinnamon to meats, especially chicken and beef. I’m not really a sugar eater. I do like red licorice though. Have never been a big sweet eater though. Do like coconut cream pie ocassionally or a fruit cobbler. My downfall is rice and pasta and seafood…. Could founder myself on those foods… Love sushi and when I go out to eat that is my favorite food….. hope you and your precious family have a blessed week and Easter sweet friend.~Love and Hugs~Marilyn~

  4. hi G, I’m a chocolate lover too…but try so hard to control myself. hahaha…. ANyway, enjoy your little Bells…wish I could hear her voice! :)GBbless G, gotta run. hugs

  5. You are my hero, Gail! I thought about trying to give up the c-word for Lent but I knew I couldn’t do it. I, too, am obsessed. Once I start it is SO hard to stop and I think it’s WORSE than smoking because you can do it ANYWHERE. Gah! Do you have any tips for a certified C addict? I hope you enjoyed your day with Bells. And your weekend. Boy, am I behind. Loved your letter to MSN! I’m going to try the cocoa in the chili tip. I love chicken mole with the cocoa in it so…. You take care and have a good rest of the week!

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