I "borrowed" this from Jane’s site.  Let me know your abc’s.  gail
My ABC’s
by gail

A – Age: Fifty.  For the third year in a row.

B – Bed size:  Queen.  King is ever so much better but our bedroom is smaller here than it was at my apartment.

C – Chore(s) you hate:  Yes.

D – Dog’s name:  Finally, a house with no pets!  I still miss my cat and it has been about six years.  However, I do not miss the fur.

E – Essential start-your-day item:  Other than being left alone with no conversation for about a half hour when I first wake up, a soothing cup of tea.

F – Favorite color:  That’s a tough one.  I’d have to say shades of lilac and lavender.

G – Gold or Silver:   Silver.  I think it goes better with my lilac and lavendar.

H – Height:  5’2 1/2” – I was 5′ 1 3/4" until I was in my mid 20’s.  That happens with the women in my family.

I – Instruments you play:  None – yet.

J – Job title:  What is that old saying?  "Chief cook and bottle washer."

K – Kid(s): Three. "Two that I gave birth to and one that I adopted from my mother-in-law. I have tried to send him back numerous times but…(she) is standing firm on her no-return policy."  (That was Jane’s answer and I couldn’t improve on it.)

L – Living arrangements:  "I have arranged to let them all live. For now."  (Another Jane classic.)

M- Mom’s name:  Marie Camille

N – Nicknames:  Himself calls me Fudd sometimes.

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth:  A few but only one "minor" surgery.
P – Pet Peeve:  I am trying to get over sooo many.  A major one would be insufferable people who talk on their cell phones whilst driving.
Q – Quote from a movie:  "Illusions are dangerous people; they have no flaws."  Sabrina (the new one)
R- Right- or left-handed:  Righty-O.

S – Siblings:  Two younger brothers and one older sister.

T – Time you wake up:  As late as possible.  Usually by nine, though.
U- Underwear:  None of your bee’s wax!

V – Vegetable you dislike:  Peas and asparagus.  Ewwww…….

W – Ways you run late:  I don’t usually but when I do it may be because I plan to get somewhere at exactly the right time and don’t figure in any "wiggle" room for "circumstances beyond my control" like unexpected traffic.
X – X-rays you’ve had:  To many to even start.

Y – Yummy food you make:  Everything I make is yummyTongue outWell, almost everything.

Z – Zoo favorite:  Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time would know it is zebras!
Now you know my abc’s now it’s time to sing with me.  What’s yours?

3 responses to “ABC’s

  1. I’ll return and happily do the ABC thing G, but I’m just stopping in briefly to let you know I’m feeling some better the past few days. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated and returned in kind. Will tell you that our major pet peeve is the same….driving and talking on a cell phone has taken the life of two people I know. Both pulled out in front of traffic while talking. There should be a law against it. I’m not going to hold my breath. Back soon my friend. You are a solid soul.John

  2. Hi g – I cannot believe I missed a whole Faleral. I’m so mad at me. It’s Thursday, does this mean you won’t do a Falderal tomorrow? I’m sorry for being such a lousy blogging buddy lately. I got myself into a good funk didn’t I ? Well I kicked my own butt and am trying to get back on track.A – Age: Fifty three as of this coming Tuesday. B – Bed size: Amazingly enough – full. I like to cuddle? C – Chore(s) you hate: All of them…D – Dog’s name: No pets…E – Essential start-your-day item: CoffeeF – Favorite color: My favorite color changes with the seasons – I tire easily of one color all the time. G – Gold or Silver: Silver. Have never been much of a gold fan. I find silver jewelry to be more unique..H – Height: 5′ 5 1/2"I – Instruments you play: None – I tried the guitar once – that was a disaster.J – Job title: BookkeeperK – Kid(s): Four (one is stepson since age 5) L – Living arrangements: Can’t top Janes….M- Mom’s name: WinnieN – Nicknames: Doodles – don’t laugh you guys……O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Age 5 – Bee Sting – reaction to pennicillin. That’s it!P – Pet Peeve: Drivers who pull out of a side street in front of you and there is no car behind you. Couldn’t they wait two more seconds to drive below the speed limit? Oh – and people who stand in the middle of the aisle with their cart – oblivious to the line forming behind them. Oh — and ….nevermind, don’t get me going….Q – Quote from a movie: "No one puts Baby in the corner" — Dirty Dancing… loved that…..R- Right- or left-handed: RightS – Siblings: Younger sisterT – Time you wake up: Between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. (Jane stop groaning)U- Underwear: PrettyV – Vegetable you dislike: Brussel SproutsW – Ways you run late: Trying to get too much done at the last minute. X – X-rays you’ve had: Broken arm — 1st grade — dentist x-rays – That’s it I think.Y – Yummy food you make: My maccoroni salad is desired by all. Well that’s food…..Z – Zoo favorite: Dogs….. Yeah I know, but I like dogs…… Horses?

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