I Dunno

I know that a blog is supposed to be for the blogger; however, it’s just not the same without outside participation.  There are a few of you faithful buddies who are my joy.  Even so, it seems that face*book is taking over.
FB is good.  However, it is just not the same.  It lacks a personal touch.  Also, I can’t get onto fb.  It seems to be corrupted.  Maybe it is just my ever so "retro" (old) pc but neither my son or I can get it to load.
If any of my blogging buddies who have defected to fb are reading I miss you!  I still go around and visit on a regular basis but the only way I can keep up with you is on fb and I can’t be there.  Please come home.
love, g

7 responses to “I Dunno

  1. hi gail, I know where you are coming from with this. I am on facebook and do participate more now than I did, word games especially – but I miss the old live spaces – that is when a lot of people deflected, when they introduced,!? this new way of doing things, bits all over the place, sometimes I am notified when a friend blogs, sometimes not. sometimes I get notice of comments, sometimes not and they are not in one place anymore- guess "home" is different. god bless – nita.

  2. My Dear Gail, I often think of you and consider you my friend. I am sorry I don’t get to your space more ofter. I am not a fan of facebook. It was on the news a few months back that they have changed their policies without letting people know. One major concern according to my local news station is that they can use your photos for whatever they want without your permission. As soon as I heard that I deleted the few albums I had on facebook . I still have my account because I have family and friends on there, but I very rarely go there anymore since I started my space. I have no trust or respect for facebook or any other such sight that feels it can take my photos and do what they like without my permission. My advice is read the small print and be weary or their practices and even privacy policies. I consider my local radio and new station reliable so be careful and also I heard from someone else that they have had major problems with hackers getting people’s personal information from their computers.Hope all is well with you Gail. I am very busy between working and the house stuff. Have a good week and will come visit when I can.Hugs! Dianne 🙂

  3. I know.. I’m on fb more, because that’s where everyone is.. but I don’t like it! But, they just changed Spaces around so much it isn’t Spaces anymore, either! I like Blogger some.. I’m still at both, but my muse seems to be taking a holiday. Just don’t have much to say on either site!!LOL I’m still here..hugs,Jean

  4. Thinking of you Gail. I did try FB for a few days and didnt like it at all. I too miss the old spaces but what is now is not going to go back .Im so busy getting my life in order with my house that I find it hard to even blog or be here somedays. I hope soon that will change and I can post more and even get out with my Camera.Hugs as alwaysLisa

  5. I don’t spend as much time here on Spaces as I used to, but I’m still around. I admit spend way more time on facebook than I do here. I’ve had so many people whom I’ve wondered about come back into my life since being on facebook. It took me 20 years in some cases to reconnect! All the people I’ve met and interacted with through the years seem to have gathered in that one spot. I’d be hard-pressed to walk away from FB. At the same time, I seem to be hanging in there here as well.Love you! 🙂

  6. I refuse to move to FB. I’m not a very reliable blogger, but I do try to make time to at least stop by and see if there’s anything new each day. I’ll try to be a better commenter.-cindy

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