Foolish, Fun or Falderal

What have I done?  A friend is getting married tomorrow and is not having a reception so I offered to host a little celebration with a few friends after the ceremony.  Have I looked at my house lately?!?  It’s not completely out of control but it needs a good cleaning up.  Ugh.
However, I know my friends love me for me and not my housekeeping skills – Thank you, God!  They rock.  Fun will be had by all.
This week flew by.  How can it be Friday already?  Next week will be tough as my mother-in-love is having surgery today and will need help for herself and my father-in-law who, God willing, will be 94 next month.  She waits too long to get medical help because she has to take care of him and then we have to take care of both of them when she gets sick enough to be hospitalized.  It’s a vicious circle but it is our turn to take care of them just as they have taken care of us.  I am so thankful that my parents are in good health and doing every thing in their power to stay that way.
Do you deal well with change?  Nope.  Not at all.  It takes a while for me to adjust.
Do you wait until you are at death’s door" before seeing a doctor?  Since I am rarely sick I evaluate the situation and decide whether or not to go.  I don’t wait too long, though.
Are you afraid of going to the dentist?  Not any more.  Flossing makes cleanings much easier.
Slob, neatnik or in-between?  In-between.  It’s that darned paper clutter….but my cooking and eating surfaces are immaculate.
What was the last thing you ate?  I tested the salad to see if it needed more spice for the dressing.
Time for dinner.  Be well, gail
P.S.  Sorry for being so boring today.
 P.P.S.  I neglected to mention that the bride and groom are having dinner at a restaurant with their family after the wedding.  I am just hosting coffee and cake at my house for those of us who feel "cheated" out of a party!

6 responses to “Foolish, Fun or Falderal

  1. I think you deserve a party gail — have a great time. Everyone needs a party. Hmmm – maybe I’ll have a party.I’m sorry to hear about our MIL — I know you have alot of work ahead of you. You are right though, they took care of us so we should do the same. I feel the same about my dad, but he is so darn independent right now I feel more like I’m getting on his nerves than helping him.Do you deal well with change? Oh hell no….and that’s all I need to say about that. Do you wait until you are at death’s door" before seeing a doctor? Like you I am rarely sick, other than the occasional cold or flu. I don’t like dr’s or medication of any kind, so yes, I would probably be at deaths door. Are you afraid of going to the dentist? No, not anymore. Dentures — need I say more?Slob, neatnik or in-between? In-between. Like you it’s the paper clutter and I’ll throw in the pack rat syndrome. But I’m getting better at the pack rat thing. I have a huge section for our coming garage sale. As for the paper clutter, I really need to shell out for a shreddrer. What was the last thing you ate? Salami sub for lunch — oh – nevermind, I had some Cheez-Its’ before I left work.You are never boring gail — have a great weekend!Deb

  2. LOL — I really need to proofread before I read my comment rather than after. I meant Your MIL — not ours. Imagine that?Deb

  3. Sounds to me Gail you will have a great repecition . To just be and have fun is really the best of times. To be who you are and accepted totally is that in itself a friend.I think we are called to Love and Deeply . Care for others and thats what your doing . Your inlaws are getting up there in age. Thank God they have you.Have a great Weekend G.Love and Hugs

  4. That is so sweet of you to host for your friend. What a good friend you are! I’m sure it is much appreciated!Do you deal well with change? Pretty well. Do you wait until you are at death’s door" before seeing a doctor? Yeah. But it’s because I reach "death’s door" way before most people. If I get a cold, pneumonia is not far away for me. Are you afraid of going to the dentist? I don’t like that drilling noise…or smell. Slob, neatnik or in-between? In-between. I’ve got a clutter thing going on too. I just keep pushing into piles. Annoying. I am obsessive about vacuuming though. Pretty much everyday. What was the last thing you ate? A yellow peep…in other words, straight sugar!

  5. I’m certain everyone had a wonderful time & your home was not nearly as bad as you thought- we are often too critical of ourselves, you know 🙂

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