My friend A’s wedding was beautiful.  She had gone through such sorrow losing her first husband.  Finding true love again is something she deserves and she glowed before, during and after the ceremony – as did her new husband.  A’s thirteen year old son stood alongside them through the whole ceremony.  Nice touch, eh?
A and her new hubby took their families out to dinner instead of having a big reception.  That is why a few friends decided to get together to celebrate after the wedding.  I was blessed to have them here and we had such a great time.  I love to have people in my home.  Well, I like to have who I like to have here, that is.  Otherwise, hosting is draining.  Does that make sense?
Himself’s mom’s surgery went well.  She will be in the hospital longer than we anticipated and their children are taking turns staying overnight with their dad.
Did you ever hear of the riddle of the sphinx? 

What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?

A man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age.
I’ve been fighting with myself over being angry with my m-i-l about not taking care of herself well enough.  The riddle might very well need to end with a allusion to regressing even further to being a child again. 
Some aging parents didn’t choose to learn a healthier way of living when they were younger and are reaping the consequences now.  My parents are very conscious of what they eat and of getting enough exercise, keeping medical appointments, etc.  This all started, though, when they were younger than I am now.  Considerably younger.
This is not to say that family health history can’t trump taking good care of yourself.  Still, isn’t taking care of yourself when you are still an active, younger adult being considerate of your children? 
As I write this, I am stabbed with the realization that I am no different than my in-laws!  When Himself and I got married, I gave up running which was the only exercise I had ever kept up with to that point.  Why?  I dunno.  Guess it was because I didn’t have the time to myself that I once had.  I used to keep up with the treadmill until a couple of years ago.  Why I stopped that is a completely different story I won’t get into here.
Also, I only recently went on cholesterol medication after battling a losing fight with exceedingly high numbers. 
Dessert?  Oh, yes.  However, I always remove the skin from chicken, stay away from the dark meat and remove excess fat from all meat.   Arrgh!  Like that makes up for it.
Yes.  I am a hypocrite.  I am 30-40 pounds overweight and only recently gave up most sweets.  Haven’t dropped a pound because I make up for it in "healthy food" over-consumption. 
It has finally hit me why I have been so grouchy about this – I am looking into my future unless I change my lifestyle somewhat drastically.  You know, I didn’t even realize it until I started typing this entry!  Self talk.  It can be a good thing.
Keep me accountable, if you would.  Poke me about moving and eating properly.  You would be doing me a favor – even if I do get postal on you!Tongue out
Thanks for letting me get that out.  Have a great week.  You all rock!  g

11 responses to “Life

  1. Puts a new slant on being irritated with her, doesn’t it?LOL Welcome to my world.. much of my problems could have been avoided, but can’t be easily fixed, now, due to the problems I couldn’t avoid! But… all of them could have been better if I’d done the right stuff 20 years ago!! I just hate it when it slaps me in the face like that.. don’t you?? LOLhugs,Jean

  2. I am all caught up with the entries I missed! This one hit hime hard for me. I do NOT take good care of myself and I am headed for an early grave if I don’t change my ways. Only God has got me this far. Wouldn’t be here even now if not for Him.

  3. I have just gone through the same self-talk. After four years of not sleeping more than ten or twenty minutes at a time and now experiencing periods where i am short of breath I took myself into the doctor, joined a health club (or what passes for one in rural America), and am forcing myself to make some lifestyle changes. I’ll hold you accountable if you’ll do the same for me.-cindy

  4. Isn’t it amazing what you discover about yourself while blogging? They say that changes are best made in baby steps. Although that chocolate ban of yours was pretty major! I envy your self-control. If you can quit chocolate and smoking, I think you can do anything you set your mind to. I know, that’s the hard part!

  5. All I can say is that you surely don’t look 30-40 pounds overweight. You must be over-exaggerating, my friend! Thinking of coming out next month. Would be great to see you and the Shupe for dinner! HUGZZ!

  6. Hey G, good post. 🙂 nice how you started by grouching and then going into some sort of self realization. haha….. I’ve been elling myself too, I need to get into good health. I am considered young, but so NOT healthy. Well, yesterday, I walked 1.2km, so I suppose it is a good start. :)God bless….and yeah, stay healthy G! swim, even if you hate to get wet! haha.. good for ya.

  7. Afraid I have to take the plank out of my own eye before I can help you find the speck in your’s; will be holding us both up in prayer that we can do more than have good intentions :-S

  8. Hey sister!! This is a good news bad news post. Good news about the mother-in-laws surgery and bad news about your beating yourself up over the extra pounds. I’ve been there and fought that battle and won convincingly. What helped me was eating much, much slower and chewing my food into nothingness. If you like yogurt, it is filling and you can never eat too much. Also, I want to sincerely thank you for keeping me in your prayers and remaining a distant friend. Know that you and loved ones remain in my thoughts and prayers as well. I’ll update you on the results of my MRI as soon as I know myself. Continue in grace my fine friend.John

  9. How do we hold each other accountable?? You were supposed to come up with that!! <grin>First, I will pray daily for you.Second, I will ask you to give me a plan for the next two weeks that you can successfully implement and we can see how it goes. for instance, my plan is for the next two weeks, I will spend 30 minutes at least 3 nights a week at the health club. (I hope to work up to 90 minutes 5 times a week)Does this work? Do you have other/more ideas? -cindy

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