Fun, Finally?

Not all that much.  Himself’s mother is still in the hospital and will be at a rehab facility for a week or two.  Her doctor won’t let her go home because he knows she will be noncompliant and try to do too much.  That would land her right back in the hospital.
This afternoon, though, we plan to take Isabella to visit Mom.  That will help her to heal faster because she adores this child!
Here’s hoping Mom heals quickly and cooperates so that she can get home.
Today’s Falderal will be about home:
Are you a DIY (do it yourself) kind of a person?  I watch a lot of Home & Garden station shows and I get great ideas but, alas, most of the home improvements are still in my head.
What is your decorating style?  I haven’t ever been able to decorate the way I would like to because of having to depend on used furniture – except for my sofa.  My style would probably be termed eclectic.  My dining room set would be simple with a round table.  Living room would be comfortable but classy.  Bedroom, warm and relaxing.  heavy sigh
How do you feel about painting a room?  It seems that most people hate to paint.  Once I get going, I am fine with it.  However, the prep work is a drag – moving furniture, spackling, taping.  Uck.
If you could have any room remodeled, what would it be.  My kitchen, of course!  I think I might get my joy of cooking back if it were to be done.  Huh.  Who am I kidding.  I like to cook but am not drawn to it like I used to be.  A new kitchen would be a joy.
It’s springtime!  Are your windows open?  In the past, usually, no because we have such bad allergies.  So far this year, though, if I don’t open them too early in the day and close them before dark we are doing well.  Did you know that trees pollenate at night?  Once I learned that, it made sense to have a schedule for open windows.
Hope you are having some fun in your life.  If not, make some!  blessings, gail

9 responses to “Fun, Finally?

  1. What? No one here, yet?I hope your MIL heals fast and well. Surely Bells will speed the process.I am totally a DIY person. It suits my lack of ability to make up my mind (I can decide as I go alone), my perfectionism and for sure, my cheapness.My style is Not Fussy. I like comfort, clean lines, COLOR and a bit of the unexpected. I love to paint. Like you, I don’t like to get started, but I love the way a new color can transform a room. It’s exciting. Hmm… I don’t really need a whole room remodeled. How about new wood floors for the main level of my house. I am SO done with carpet.I open windows whenever possible. My allergies be, um, darned!Happy weekend, G!

  2. DIY? Besides being an engineer, I have made money as an electrician, carpenter, picture framer, cabinet maker, painter, wall paper hanger, roofer, wood floor finisher, concrete man, school teacher, pastor, meat cutter and farmers market truck farmer (produce, canned & baked goods). The one statement my wife cringes to hear me say is, “I think I could do that!”Decorating style? Mixed, Early American for me and Contemporary for Kay. How do you feel about painting a room? Prep work not bad since I rarely tape anything (see painter under DIY). Don’t care much for trim work and cutting in, but I get a kick out of working with a roller. Something I learned years ago was to use an adjustable extension pole (2 to 4 foot) with the roller. I think it makes painting easier and faster once you get the hang of it. Room remodeled? Kitchen – except I’d like it about 2-1/2 times larger; however, the two bathrooms will likely get overhauled first. Springtime! Windows open? Rice fields = Mosquitoes! (and green tree frogs Kay would add).Have a blessed weekend, ‘rett

  3. DIY: yes, for the most part. I usually hafta be putzing around with something.Decorating style: piecing things together as I go. It changes as I move from place to place.Painting a room: meh.Room remodeled: I’ll let ya know when I land in the spot where I can make that decision (currently renting).Windows: cracked a bit.

  4. I hope your mother in law is feeling better very soon! I’m sure seeing Isabella would cheer just about anyone up! What a little doll!Are you a DIY (do it yourself) kind of a person? Not really. I’m just not talented in that capacity. Wish I was, I’m just not. What is your decorating style? Classic. I’m very practical so I’m not trendy at all. I like things to be in solid colors. I use a lot of browns, reds and my bedroom is actually a lovely lilac color. I rarely change anything though because I am way too cheap! LOL How do you feel about painting a room? Not a fan of the prep work either. I love the finished product though! If you could have any room remodeled, what would it be. Bathroom. Oh, how I would love a big sunken bathtub for 2! It’s springtime! Are your windows open? Yep, as we speak. I like the way it freshens up the house, the cool breeze and the sounds from outside. It just feels more natural.Hope your weekend is a good one my friend!

  5. Hi Gail. Thinking about you and your Mother in Law. In the Spring yes my windows are always open. as for the rest. . Im looking for normal still in my life. Hugs

  6. Late again as usual. How did Bells visit go? I think MIL’s doctor has the right idea – and at the same time it’s a bit easier for you and Himself knowing someone is caring for her when you can’t be there. The weather here is gorgeous, unfortunately the office air conditioning is out of whack and it’s sweltering in here. Are you a DIY (do it yourself) kind of a person? I’m with you — all the magazines I read — all the wonderful idea’s and only a fraction come to fruit. I’m good at starting something and leaving it unfinished for awhile. What is your decorating style? – I love the cottage style – simple and comfy. How do you feel about painting a room? I seem to be fine getting started, but after awhile, I get tired of it and hubby ends up finishing. If you could have any room remodeled, what would it be. Bathroom — I know they are simple to redo, but I want a new stand up tiled shower and a separate claw foot tub. Need the $$ for that though, as I want to also tile completely around the tub. Believe it or not, my bathroom is big enough if I take out the built in vanity. It’s springtime! Are your windows open? We open them early in the morning for the cool breezes — then shut them. Yesterday with us gone all day and the house closed up, it was blessedly cool in there right through the dinner time into the evening. Doing it in the moring also airs out the house.Have a great week G — Hugs to Bells….Deb

  7. Hi G – I’m not sure how I got here – just out blog hopping. I think it may have been the "Great Atlantic Northeast" that caught my eye. No, I’m not from the East. It’s just that my wife and I throroughly enjoy the Eastern Canadian Provinces. But . . . . you’re not quite that far North, are you? LOL Now, if you should visit my ‘space’ you will note that I posted an entry stating that I was no longer going to post. And, for the most part that is true. Actually, I just got burned out and needed to get away from it for a bit.. But, already I’m starting to miss my friends. Am I a DIY kind of person? Well, I used to be. I’ll be hitting seventy in July, and my ‘get up’ has pretty much gone! But, I used to own a remodelling company, and with that comes teaching ‘new hires’. I did enjoy remodelling. Actually, I guess I enjoyed seeing the end result more.My decorating style – I don’t know that I have one. I’ve always left that up to my decorator (or my wife). My personal specifics in my own home was simply to be able to be comfortible. I suppose that makes me more conventional.What room would I like remodeled? When you’re in (was) the business you tend to work on your own home last! In fact, my wife once asked me how much I charged because she wanted to hire me to do some work in our own home! LOL (Yes, I got that message!) But, actually, I have recently had our home remodeled. Kinda goes with retiring.It’s springtime! Are the windows open? Yes, they are! I have a collection of bird feeders that attract so many birds. And I love to see them, and to hear them singing. Our Mockingbirds really put on a performance. Yes, I do have a bit of a problem with allergies, so we do close the windows at night. (Oak trees reeeeaaaallllly pollinate at night!)Thank you for allowing me to share. (Oh, and BTW, I live in Texas)L e e

  8. I thought I would answer a question or two. Are my windows open? No, saying reason you have given, plus the fact that it is 88° Fahrenheit during the daytime.I am terrible at decorating and this is why I usually let my mother do most of it or have the Frau takeover. The reason my houses and completed yet is because we’re still waiting to see if the Frau is going to come and change everything. You know how it is, women rule the house.

  9. My daughter, Emily, once commented on my decorating style. "It looks like Laura Ashley threw up in here." ‘Nuff said.

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