Fanciful Freedom?

Am I a failure at fanciful freedom?  Himself left for a trip Wednesday morning and I have had very little free time to myself.  The truth is The Boy is around way too much.  Waaaaay too much.  TV and video games make noise in what could be my quiet haven.  Heavy sigh.
At my women’s group, I wished for a "cloak of invisibilty."  In his book "Piercing the Darkness,"  Frank Peretti describes how angels use their wings to cloak a person in protection so that her enemies can not see her.  How cool would it be to be able to become invisible when you see trouble coming your way.  Or circumstances you would rather avoid:
"Honey!  I need a haircut!"  Pop.  Invisible.
"Mom!  What’s for dinner?"  Whoosh.  Gone with the wind.
"Want to go visit…"  Nope.  Don’t turn your head or I might disappear.  I have a book to finish before the library starts to charge me fines. 
~heavy sigh~
However, I do sense the angelic protection given to me by my heavenly father;  when we come so close to having an accident that could only be stopped by a heavenly intermediary.  I see it each time Isabella has a "near miss" coming so close to hitting her head on something she has fallen close to.  If I choose to I experience it when I pray and give strength to the angelic army sent to protect His own.
A cloak of invisibility would be cool.  However, I will try to be content with the protection God has so graciously given me. 
Are you able to be in a home without having noise around (tv, radio, etc.)?  It used to be that I couldn’t.  I didn’t want to deal with my own thoughts.  Now, though, it is a good thing.
How often would you like to have time to yourself?  Every day.  For at least a few hours.  Delicious.
Do you like to talk on the phone?  Why or why not?  Not really.  It’s hard for me to just sit and pay attention without doing something with my hands.  Sometimes I have to play solitaire on the pc to be able to pay attention or clean the kitchen.  I’d much rather visit in person.
Do you sometimes go to "another place" and realize you haven’t heard a thing going on around you for a while?  Yes.  It’s not something I can will myself to do.  It just happens sometimes.
You are not there.  Where are you?  In Texas with my baby bro and his bride.  I want so badly to hug them!
How was your week?  Looking forward to seeing your falderal answers.  gail

15 responses to “Fanciful Freedom?

  1. Hey G…Yep…Being able to discern outside of our three dimensional world can sure be a blessing. Not like a psychic of coarse…They discern from what is not from God.Are you able to be in a home without having noise around (tv, radio, etc.)?Absolutely…It has been quiet al day around my home.How often would you like to have time to yourself? Yep…Every day. I agree for at least a few hours. That’s why I am an early bird.Do you like to talk on the phone? Why or why not? Nope…Not a phone gabber or worse yet a texter. I’m not a Twitter either…Do you sometimes go to "another place" and realize you haven’t heard a thing going on around you for a while? Been there done that…You are not there. Where are you? It’s a very rainy day…A sunny day in a beach chair would be nice.You all be well…That Greg guy who is still blogging on Spaces in Branson U.S.A.

  2. We were just talking in our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group today about being in the quiet. How it is important in our relationship with God and our development. Something I miss as a parent. I just feel like it never happens for me anymore. Really, I miss that. I suppose though, my kids are not going to be here forever so I need to be content in the moment and enjoy them while they are here. It is all just so fleeting. But, I do need to steal a few moments to myself now and again too!Are you able to be in a home without having noise around (tv, radio, etc.)? I could if I had the opportunity. If both kids fall asleep in the car I will turn off the radio and just enjoy the silence. How often would you like to have time to yourself? Every day. Oh, how I would covet that! I am an introvert by nature and time by myself is crucial to my tank being full. Do you like to talk on the phone? Why or why not? No. I’m not good at small talk and that is usually what talking on the phone is. I don’t want to talk, just to talk. Do you sometimes go to "another place" and realize you haven’t heard a thing going on around you for a while? Oh, all the time. I zone out. Other things going on. Goes back to the not being good at small talk. It bores me so I zone out. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, just true. You are not there. Where are you? I would love to go on a cruise. To anywhere, it would just be relaxing I think.

  3. Wow, it’s a sighs large blog today! :o)I could use that invisibility cloak myself. Can’t you send The Boy out to play, or something? Tell him Momma needs a little mental health!Total silence bothers me, unless I’m trying to sleep. But total silence is not something I will probably ever have again.I would love to have a few hours a day to myself but I would settle for an hour. Alone time re-centers me. I used to like spending time on the phone. Now I am almost a phone-phobe. I rarely use it to ‘chat’.Another Place grabs me fairly often…. usually when my boss is talking.Not sure where I go, but it’s nice there.Have a great weekend, G. Hope you get some peace.

  4. invinsible…sounds nice. I’ve often wished to have that super power! hahaha…i think most of us wish for it sometimes to escape, just for a while.I"m so excited to hear that Bells is starting to speak a lot more. 🙂 you should record her voice down. It’d be lovely to listen to it sometime down the road. 🙂 I listen to some of Jo’s early speech and she laughs everytime she hears how she used to speak. :)God bless….hugs

  5. Are you able to be in a home without having noise around (tv, radio, etc.)? Yes. Love the sound of silence. How often would you like to have time to yourself? Every day. Do you like to talk on the phone? Why or why not? Yes. Nothing like a conversation with a loved one. Do you sometimes go to "another place" and realize you haven’t heard a thing going on around you for a while? Yes. You are not there. Where are you? Here is fine with me. How was your week? Good overall but feeling overwhelmed.

  6. Am I able to be without noise? No. I’m so used to noise that I don’t even notice if the TV or radio is on.Time to myself? I have enough time to myself. Hubby works out of town a lot, so I actually maybe have too much.Talking on the phone…..depends on my mood. There are just times that I don’t want to talk. In person or on the phone. Another place. Yes. Where am I? Usually planning a future event or rehashing an old one Maybe with Hubby or the kids somewhere. How was my week? Hectic and tiring. The other grandmother decided that she just couldn’t cope with watching Annah on Tuesday, so I began the babysitting gig a day early. My daughter had to work late every day and we had to exchange my new dishwasher. My house is still a wreck and my allergies are killing me. It’s hot and humid here with rain all around. Except for the baby, it just wasn’t a good week.Feel better, OK?xoxoDana

  7. No noise? Yes, please.Prolly too much for my own good…No. Not sure why. I get bored easily and start looking for ways to fidget. It may also have something to do with Daddy staring me down whenever he would start to think I was staying on the phone too long when I was a kid – and it seemed anything over a minute was too long for him.Yes. ADD is sometimes a very good friend to have! :-DBy a waterfall in Hawaii.

  8. Hey there….just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated….: ). I really don’t visit over here too often now that I"m on facebook….just can’t keep up with multiple sites. But it is the only safe place I can blog. Hope you are having a nice weekend and it’s not raining too much….it’s raining here.

  9. Well, lets see: Yes, I love peace and quiet. It makes me crazy when the tv or radio is just on to be on…. altho, I can deal with bird song!! I need alone time desperately, and as a homeschooling mom, I don’t get much of it. I am not a phone talker – in fact, it annoys my family and friends because sometimes I just choose not to answer the phone – cell phone be … uh, darned. Oh, yeah, I space out a lot… especially at my parent’s house, and I’m not sure why… like I totally relax and go to my ‘happy place’ or something. I also do it when I drive, which is really bad! I’d really like to be in Virginia with my husand! I miss him lots.My week was pretty good – got the house done, and on the market. The bad side is the whole real estate situation – the outlook is pretty bleak. But, I’ve done my part, the rest is up to God.

  10. Good morning g — Imagine that, both our husbands out of town. You and I should have planned a meet up. Charlie was around occasionally, but mostly I had the house to myself. Saturday I had the pleasure of watching Eric for a few hours. He "helped" me make my mac salad and we played in the yard. You know all those plastic balls that are in ball pits? Well I have 193 of them…lol! I know because I had to put them all in the plastic bag, three or four times and dump them on top of Eric’s slide so they rolled and fell all over. What a kick he got out of that. Then Sunday Kev was home and the yard filled with kids and grandkids for his little birthday BBQ — Otherwise I did enjoy my alone time for the most part. But I did feel kind of invisible — hmm.Are you able to be in a home without having noise around (tv, radio, etc.)? Oh yes, I really do enjoy the silence sometimes. How often would you like to have time to yourself? Maybe one day a week all to myself. I love to walk in the mall by myself. I can spend as much time as I want in the bookstore or any other store for that matter, not worrying about someone waiting. I love to go out for breakfast by myself — with the morning paper. I discovered that a few weeks ago when I was hungry on the way to grocery shopping. Do you like to talk on the phone? Why or why not? I’m not a big phone person either. I’m on and off it all day at work so I rather like the idea of not having to talk. Do you sometimes go to "another place" and realize you haven’t heard a thing going on around you for a while? Yes definately. The scarey part is sometimes I do it when I’m driving someplace familiar. I arrive at my destination (usually work) and find I don’t remember the drive. You are not there. At the house we sometimes rent in Dewey Beach , DE — 2 blocks from the ocean. Sun, sand and waves.Have a great week g –Deb

  11. We could be exceedingly powerful witnesses for Christ if we were cloaked in invisibility….think about it what we could do to turn the secular eyes towards the heavens…..Ahhhh the many choices.* Yes, I do nearly all of reading and writing in complete silence at home. Guess you might call it "zoned out".* I need time to myself every day but compromise is something I have no trouble dealing with. When I really need "alone" time I hike in the mountains. * Not much of a phone person….only relatives and a few close friends. I like to keep it brief.* Like you, I can will myself to any place. Do this every night to help me fall asleep. My wife frequently asks me where I am. So, yep, I can drift away with the best of them.* I’m almost always on the dairy farm of my youth; the most precious of all my memories.Continue in splendid grace my sister, my friend.John

  12. Here – here! I totally agree and want the cloak of invisibility. Would be wonderful but will, as you, have to be content with the protection of the Holy Spirit.

  13. I am often watching television or listening to a song and all of a sudden I’m thinking about something else. Most of the time I’m thinking about things I should’ve done, should be writing about, or just simply thinking about things which occurred in the past.Since I have started using a DVR, this doesn’t pose too much of a problem, but it does get annoying when I have to rewind back about five to 10 minutes in order to find the spot where I drifted off.My house is always full of noises. I don’t have video games, so I don’t have to worry about that, but there’s always a fan, a mattress, a television, a computer, or something else which is breaking up the quiet.Sorry I haven’t been by much.

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