That makes me think of a tire losing air.  If you look at the time stamp you will see that I am getting a late start here and I am running out of air.  Went shopping for a dress for a wedding we are going to next month and got one that looks like it is from the ’60’s.  Even got a costume jewelry necklace that almost looks like it is from the same era.  My friend, N, and I got a real kick out of it! 
I hate clothes shopping.  With a passion.  When I mentioned to N I was going, she asked, "Want some company?"  Having a good friend along for the ride makes it an easier experience.  We also get a kick out of the same funky stuff!  (Incense and Peppermints plays in the background…)   This was the first record I ever owned…and my parents picked it out for me.!  Grrroovy!
It’s funny how my son’s music is too loud and noisy but I can still get into my kind of rock.  Then again, mine is so much better….Wink
Do you still like the same music you listened to as a teenager?  Yes.  As a matter of fact I do.  From Bach to Clapton I believe my tastes haven’t changed all that much.
Do you listen to music a lot?  In the car, I often have talk radio on but tune into the contemporary Christian music station a lot.  Casting Crowns is one of my faves.  Will also listen to a classic rock station or two when Himself is in the car or I need an adrenaline surge!
Have you ever been to a concert?  Many of them.  That was before I had a big problem with crowds.  Harry Chapin, Springsteen (only like him in concert not on albums), Hall & Oates, Journey, Adam Ant (took my kid brother to his first concert), and more.  Boy, am I dating myself or what?
If you could have a ticket for any group or solo act that is around now who would you choose?  Hmmm…why do I ask questions that stump me???  Probably Casting Crowns. 

How can anyone listen to the words of that last song and not be moved?  Beats me.  Makes me want to worship…
Have a great weekend.  hugs, g

7 responses to “Ffffffffftttttt

  1. I know I still listen to much of the same music I did as a teenager and a young man in my early 20s. I just finished putting in a lot of music on my new iPod and it is mostly 80s rock. I, however, still have about 90 CDs to go through and see what type of music I’m going to add to the iPod. I ended up purchasing an 8 GB iPod, so I should have room for all of my favorite songs.I don’t even know if I could list all the concerts I have attended. I even attended some festivals back in my younger days. One of them was called "Monsters of Rock." That brings back memories.

  2. I actually like to shop, I just like to shop alone, and that is a luxury around here! So, very little alone shopping it is for me!Do you still like the same music you listened to as a teenager? Sometimes, it’s fun to reminisce. But not always, I have to be in the mood for it! Do you listen to music a lot? mostly in the car. I am just too busy to think of it around the house usually. Lilla sings ALL the time so she is the most listened to music in this house. Have you ever been to a concert? Yes, before I was married and had children I went all the time. I’ve seen John Meyer, Dave Matthews, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, John Mellancamp, Bon Jovi, Hall and Oates, Sting….so many, many more… If you could have a ticket for any group or solo act that is around now who would you choose? Hmmm…why do I ask questions that stump me??? I’ve always wanted to see Billy Joel.Hope you have a great week Gail!

  3. Hi G,Thanks for passing by and leaving your comments. :-)I agree, it can be discouraging (at times) when you write Blogs and don’t receive responses from visitors.That being said, I’m sure you have those who always support you and it makes it worthwhile.I agree with you on the shopping thing…I only do clothes shopping when I have to, it is such a chore…lol!As for the music, my test has changed a whole lot, mainly lyrically, and due to my conversion. I still like some of the 70’s and 80’s stuff but only those thinkgs with decent lyrics.Have a good week.

  4. Wow G, you wild girl! Did you know that Wikipedia lists Incense & Peppermints as Acid Rock?My first record was a 45 – ‘Dizzy’ by Tommy Roe. I think I still know all the words (from 1969) even though I have no idea where I put my car keys 10 minutes ago.

  5. Your really having a blast G.. Way to go. I love love to shot for Close and shoes .1. No2. Yes !!! Everyday.3. Too Many to Name. :)4. Im not too sure. There are a few. Have a great week G. Hugs .

  6. Hi, Gail, I’ve enjoyed browsing around on your site. Much of what you say here I can relate to .. I also usually listen to talk radio or Christian stations if I listen to anything at all, and I still enjoy hearing all of what are now called "the oldies but goodies!" I haven’t been to a concert in over 35 years, and yet I still can "remember when…" Take care, and enjoy your weekend!Blessings, Karen

  7. A woman that doesn’t like shopping. For me, I think that’s a first!…grin.* Like you, I listen to pretty much the same music. Clapton, Heart, smooth jazz and reggae.* Don’t listen as much as i used to but the habit is coming back. We have a Bose Tower for home and I listen in the car all the time. Usually my car radio gets drowned out by kids playing hip hop in a car next to me…..sigh.* Been to more concerts than I can count. Indoor, outdoor, and used to travel up to 400 mile for the really good ones.* I would love to see Heart one more time. My all time favorite concert featured Bob Seger band. They totally blew me away. We had perfect seats. Peace and comfort to you and all you love. Bells remains in my daily prayers.John

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