Watch Out, People! I’m Fuming…

Okay.  So you know I don’t get political here.  Haven’t allowed it in my nearly three years of blogging.  However, I have reached my limit of keeping quiet on what is happening in this once great country!
We, the taxpayers, are now partial owners of G*M (General*Motors Corporation).  Can you say socialism?  Our president is being compared to Hugo*Chavez.  He did the same thing in Venezuela.  They are both bullies. 
If a business fails it fails.  That is the way of things.  Economies have to correct themselves.  Bail outs are a joke.  It is like throwing money into a furnace. 
ACOR*N – Association of Community*Organizations For Reform Now.  Bullies.  Nancy*Pelosi – bully.  Obama – bully.  There are a bunch of bullies running this nation and it’s as if the American people are saying, "Thank you, sir, may I have more?" instead of fighting back!
What is it going to take to open the eyes of a bunch of mind-numbed robots who are the people of the United States of America?  This reminds me of nazi Germany with Hitler rallying the masses!  They were so down that they believed anything evil incarnate said to them.  Are we to follow the same lead?
Hitler didn’t seem to be a bad guy when he started out.  Am I comparing the president to him?  I am comparing the blind adoration of the media, members of his party and blinded voters have for him to Adolf.  Will he do the same thing to this country as the demented Austrian?  Time will tell. 

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."  John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton   

Time will tell if Obama is a bad man.  Staying quiet will give him every opportunity to gain power and become terribly corrupted.  I believe he is well on his way.

*One more thing I forgot to mention:  We had a missionary to Russia speak at our church recently.  I asked him what the Russian people think of Obama being elected.  He said they are thrilled to see him elected as our country will crumble with socialism.


18 responses to “Watch Out, People! I’m Fuming…

  1. Hi g,Time will tell,here in Canada we watch and wait,but he sure is making some questionable dissions!!!Hugs Margaret

  2. You sing it, girl! Loud and strong. But, what to do about it? Most of our leaders and lawmakers are too chicken to do anything. All that PC cr@p. But kudos to you for saying it! AMEN, AMEN!My answers to your questionaire:Did you ever laugh so hard when you were taking a drink of something that the liquid came out of your nose? Yes. My sister(s) and I have laughed so hard that we DID pee on ourselves and had to wipe our eyes! I love a good laugh. Do you like silly movies? I do! One of my favorite movies is "Vacation" with Chevy Chase. Today, The Princess and I had a good time watching "Baby’s Day Out". I really do love comedies. Frasier, Mash….My Cousin Vinny all hilarious. And Rat Race….funny, funny. Specially when they tried to get out of the car during the truck jump. Makes me smile just thinking about that. Have you ever experienced true joy? Yes. And their names are Mike, Sarah, Lara, Grace, Jack, Kate and Annah. I feel ya, g. Are you a silly person? Yes and I am even when I’m not trying! How long will it take for you to get sick of hot dogs and hamburgers at summer cookouts? Here in Texas, we do that year ’round. As long as you don’t use any chemicals to start the flames, I can handle cook-outs just great. Add in some cheese filled, bacon wrapped jalapenos and I’ll even do the dishes!xoxo

  3. ok before you get mad read ALL of what i have to say…i agree with you in the fact that if a business fails it fails…there is no bail out’s for any other companies that are in rough times…BUT i think what they are trying to do and trying to achieve are NOT going to end up the way they hope…you see i think what they are trying to do is bail out the bigger company so that the millions of little companies that feed off the big company stay running….so that everyone in the country doesn’t lose their jobs…especially to countries that will do the same work cheaper…therefore the world isn’t affected to the point where there is another "Deppresion" type of situation…so in the end they are just trying to help…BUT the problem is that they really didn’t ask what YOU (your country) wanted to do with your money…they have decided for you that they are going to use that money towards saving a company…i agree that you have a right to be mad…they didn’t ask…and they should of…maybe a vote across the nation would have helped solve these feelings of anger~*:.♥.:*~ because you shared a smile :o) someone’s day got brighter… ~*:.♥.:*~

  4. I am not at all mad at you, Aimee! The problem with the auto workers is that they got greedy. They are so highly paid and their retirment packages are so huge that they bankrupted themselves!

  5. As soon as that Insurance Company was bailed out, I smelled trouble. Then to watch the horrible way it was handled made me feel even worse. I am waiting for "the company of the week’ bail out. I am like you and do not get political on my site.

  6. They are all ruining our country, quit blaming it on politicians…they are all worthless!!! It is our fault, we the people have allowed this, therefore it is our fault. And I don’t just mean voting in the president. We all have allowed greed, selfishness and political correctness into our lives. We have lived and adjusted to it provided our boat isn’t rocked!We have no one to blame but ourselves!On another note being a Socialist I don’t see what you are all so scared off…I think only a rich person wouldn’t want to help their neighbor like Jesus and God so demand. I know we rationalize it as the government taking our money, but people don’t do enough to help on their own…we are greedy, power hungry aholes…why else wouldn’t want to do the work Jesus set forth for us?! Why else would we rationalize this existance to encompass the deadly sins while crying out against it? ~smiles~I don’t believe anyone should have been bailed out either, but you sure as hell don’t here the banks and companies complaining about this do you?! They are just happy to be surviving, but we should have let them fail, if Chevy, Chrysler, Pontiac actually made cars worth crap they would sell more!!! It is how capitolism is suppose to work, if you fail you fail, but apparently you can get so rich and powerful that you can’t fail.The problem are there are too many cowards in America, so nothing will ever get done until the end of the world comes in a few years ~smiles~. The true heros are fighting right now in the deserts so that we can blabber freely about how we feel online ~grins~.I would insist everyone do at least 2 years in the military before becoming a citizen of this country! You would receive a special card that allows you free medical, voting rights, and government services.Enjoy the world we allowed to happen as it burns like a flaming sun into the milky way! ~smiles~I’m a socialist and you still love me right G? I mean your a stout Christian Conservative and I love the hell out of you! ~smiles~

  7. Aren’t my spaces friends the best?! Of course I’m crazy about you, Adam! Why else would I leave your comments! LOLIf you are visiting from FB, you can leave a comment on my wall there if you like.

  8. Once again, we are in complete, total agreement. "We The People" have fallen on our swords to a charismatic and unqualified man. In fact, he is still campaigning as thought the presidential race is yet to be decided. The man (Nancy Pelosi as well) send alarms ringing virtually every day. Oh, for the good old days when our currency was actually based on The Gold Reserve!! Now it is just print another couple of billion and let 99% of this nation’s hard working population foot the bill and suffer the physical and emotional abyss on the horizon. Gail, you know I have had access to information that only a few have seen. With this in mind, I am sincerely heartbroken for our nation. "We The People" had better learn to say a loud, roaring and continuous "NO", "NO" and "NO MORE WILL WE ROLL OVER FOR THE PATH TO SOCIALISM". This friend is very proud of you for bringing to light a truth that most fail to see. Our voices need to be our rebellion. Very inspiring and courageous post. You have an ally in the hills of Tennessee.John

  9. If I wrote what you wrote on my blog, I’d be hauled up and put into prison for a day. haha… i think all politicians are blah blah. they jump so much on my nerves, I don’t even want to read the paper anymore. if you think there’s crap there….. ah….you should see what goes on in some parts else.

  10. I will only say this: As soon as he was elected I said: ‘Batten down the hatches, folks.’You know? God’s always been about giving the people what they want. If they want iniquity, He gives them over to it to get their fill of it. When His first covenant people, Israel, wanted quail instead of the miracle food He was providing in the wilderness He gave it to them. But with it came leanness of soul. When His people wanted a king to prance around before the eyes of the nations of the earth instead of allowing Him to be their banner, their representative, He gave it to them. And the first king turned out to be a nightmare. The kings throughout the generations following David led the people into all kinds of wickedness – because their hearts were just desirous to go that way. If people want to burn in lust rather than cry out to Him for deliverance from their evil desires, He gives them over to their lust and says have at it. This is how He does things. Should He change?

  11. Since you decided to write about it, I will simply respond by telling you you have been watching too much Fox Noise and listening to too much crap spewed by people who do nothing but prop up the corporations for the rich.I really think you need to consider reading some more tempered opinions than the ones you are obviously getting right now.You guys really need to seriously look at what socialism is and not keep spewing the propaganda of the talking heads, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly.Don’t you think George W. Bush and his evil puppeteer, Cheney, ran this nation into the ground? Obviously not.Will Obama be able to set this country back on the right path? I sincerely hope so, but it has been severely driven off a cliff and it’s going to take a lot of mountain climbing to get back to where we were a long time ago.Don’t get me wrong, many of the current problems with the banking system started while Bill Clinton was in office. But George Bush did nothing but exacerbate the situation.That’s enough said by me.I will, however, sincerely hope you have a wonderful week and weekend. Now you know why I don’t write about politics on this particular site.

  12. It’s what I’ve been expecting.. Things have to go this way, to set up the prophetic ending.. People have said for years that these are the last days.. they just didn’t truly believe what they said.. Now they’re getting what they say.. And it will only get worse.. As JWL indicates, we don’t know the half of it.. It does kind of amaze me how fast it is happening!!lolhugs,Jean

  13. It’s a beautiful day here in Upstate NY — I sure do hope you are having the same type of day.We are going to a Field Day at Eric’s school tomorrow. It’s the start of his school’s summer vacation. He has 2 weeks off and then goes back full time till around Labor Day when he has another 2 weeks off. I’m so glad, as even when he only has a day or two off he misses it.I’m betting Bells loves school too — oh well – a bit more time with Grandma won’t hurt. I hope all works out.I’ve missed you!Deb

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