Fizzling Falderal???

There doesn’t seem to be the interest in the falderal that there once was so I am wondering whether or not I should continue with it ?  Votes, please??
This was a strange week.  I can’t point to anything in particular.  It just didn’t seem to happen.  Does that make any sense?  I can point to what went on all week but it was more like a dream than actuality.  heavy sigh  Whatever.
Wedding in two weeks and another in August.  Hopefully, there won’t be any more for a few years.  I don’t seem to be the same weight two years in a row to be able to wear the same outfit and have to buy a new one.  This year’s is fun, though.  Retro 60’s.
Got my hair colored and highlighted by my talented niece the hairstylist.  Brown base color with blonde and bright red highlights.  When my friend, N, and I were driving down the highway in a convertible this week you could probably have used me as a highway marker!  The bandana cut back on the brilliance, though!
This is beginning to be like one of Texas Mammie’s entries!
Got to see my Isabella a couple of times this week.  Joy.  that’s what she is.  (almost) Pure joy to us.  Grandchildren are the gift(s) God gives us for raising our children – adolescence and all.
Got a new tattoo two weeks ago.  It’s very pretty.  When I get my camera back…
No plans for the weekend I can think of.  Who knows.  Himself always wants to do something, though.
Hope you have a great weekend.  Let me know what your vote is on the falderal.  g

11 responses to “Fizzling Falderal???

  1. Well, the falderal is fun, but if you’re feeling the need to go another direction I’m sure that will be good too!Sorry I couldn’t be more help with a definite yes or no answer. Just let my vote be counted as this: you are a treasure no matter what you post! :)It’s been a very strange week here too…Even the weather has been strange…Love you!!! 🙂

  2. I’m with Carol.. I love the falderal, but as long as you post something I’m happy!!lol I know.. I know.. I should heed my own words.. I will post soon.. when I get a minute!lol Big Auxiliary barbeque tomorrow, so we’re at fever pitch getting ready!Have a fun weekend, and give that Isa baby a hug!!hugs,Jean

  3. You got a tattoo?? Wow. Uh, the falderal…. it’s fun, I think…. but I know, I don’t add much to it….. so, not helpful? Sorry!

  4. My better half has a tattoo herself. For years she hid it from her dad thinking he would blow a fuse, but nay, he just let out a little chuckle and made a rather complimentary comment……God rest his soul.My vote is yes. A little humor, a little nonsense is something we all need in these troubled times. However, I do sense that you have a talent for writing. Would be good for you to explore that arena for us.Isabella and your family remain in daily prayers. Geezzz, would I love to see that hair!! Quite a combination my rocker friend. Be abundantly blessed with grace my sister.J.W.L.

  5. I am so bad at following the blogs lately, you know me, G, I am more of a FB girl lately…maybe surgery wil humble me…just remember, you will have your CHOICE of computers here — LOL!!I really liked answering the Falderal…I would leave it there for those of us who bite…and not worry about those who dont…have you thought of linking your blog w/fb? You may get more activity! Love you and loved our talk last night — oh!!!! I also have a ride for you! The Youth Group leader, Tim Veglas, will pick you up whenever you arrive…he will spend the day at his alma mater, Zion Bible College, then will pick you up, and continue down south to my house!! It was such a blessing!! He IMMEDIATELY volunteered! He is not someone who knows ME so much, but he knows Roey and Cuyler and is great with them! He also likes Joe…I believe I told him we had broken up, but during the yard sale he came to give moral support to us !! I think I told Tim afterwards that we were no longer together. His dad, George, had no idea…said we did a great fake…sigh….Tim is VERY trustworthy, I trust you to his care IMPLICITLY !!!!

  6. I love the Friday Falderal – i know, i know – I never answered it, but it’s fun to read everyone else’s answers as well as yours. Would love to see a picture of the hair – and the tattoo! -cindy

  7. I, too love the Falderal. But then I always enjoy reading you. I’ve never gotten a tatoo. I never knew what I wanted until just a few months ago. An "M" on my ring finger and paw prints across my shoulder. Corny, I know….but the’s just me. Both of my daughters have tats and I think I paid for all of the,/ Have a good one,xoxo

  8. I was going to say something, but the tattoo revelation through me back in my chair. It took a while for me to regain my composure, cough cough.Can’t wait to see pictures of the tattoo and the hairdo. Some weeks are just like that to me also.

  9. I really am working on it- but work is kicking my butt & there’s no time to sit down to gather my thought 😦

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