Free Flowing Falderal

I like to learn something new every day so I would like to share some of the things I learned recently:
It is very easy to hit the "caps lock" key on a mini notebook laptop when you want to hit "tab."
Ditto to hitting "enter" instead of "shift."
On dentist visits:  who knew bonding was so easy?  (Bonding the teeth, not bonding with the dentist.)
Even a mildly autistic child can be a brat on purpose.
Lemon meringue pie has a siren’s call when left in the refrigerator more than one day.  heavy sigh
Money has wings. 
Having people order what you recommend from a menu and seeing that they like it feels really good.
Praising God brings you closer to Him.
Ditto on being obedient.
The saying "man plans and God laughs" is often true.
Don’t have regrets.  Do what needs to be done to avoid this.  Visit whoever needs to be visited; help whoever needs to be helped within your power; do what God suggests you do.
Laugh whenever you can.  It is so very cleansing.
Hope your week was great and your weekend is even better.  Here now, the falderal:
Cookies, cake or pie?  Cookies!
Plane, train or automobile?  Did you see the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles?  Automobile if less than a couple of hundred miles.  I’ll let you know which I prefer of the planes and trains after my train trip in a couple of weeks.  The movie is fun!  I recommend it.
Laptop or desktop?  Desktop is so much easier to use.  I do like the convenience of the laptop with wifi, though.
Iced tea or iced coffee?  Coffee, please – decaf, no sugar.
Desert or greenery?  Give me my green!  I love it.

6 responses to “Free Flowing Falderal

  1. Powerful start to this post G. Lots of wisdom in those words. Now, for the falderal..* PIE…homemade butterscotch* TRAINS…absolutely love trains; always have.* DESKTOP* ICED COFFEE…preferably with a slight caramel flavor* GREENS and more greens…..I would have made a good rabbit.J.W.L.

  2. hmmmm sounds like the little one has been naughty!!lol I’m personally glad they can be a brat.. it’s so normal! Most of the rest I agree with, too!PIE if it’s my mom’s pumpkin.. other pies may not rate this high!AUTOMOBILE! I love being in control of the speed, etc.DESKTOPICED TEA.. why would someone want cold coffee?? blech. Actually, I’ll take Dr Pepper..lolGREEN most of the time.. I like the desert.. just not to live there.Good Falderal!love and hugs,Jean

  3. Enjoyed the widsom writings.Cookies, cake or pie? Cheesecake (Is it actually cake or pie??)Have not seen movie. Plane, train or automobile? Like all, provided they have a COMFORTABLE SEAT! I well remember my first train ride. I was in North Africa. One did not want to try to look ahead because you might get ash or a cinder in your eye.Laptop or desktop? I’m totally spoiled at work with laptop, docking station, separate monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard. Best of both.Iced tea or iced coffee? Sweet tea Desert or greenery? Green apples, green beans, green salad, turnip greens, collard greens, but no green ham and eggs please.

  4. i agree….money does have wings…~*:.♥.:*~ because you shared a smile :o) someone’s day got brighter… ~*:.♥.:*~

  5. My daughter was telling me she had just picked up some blueberries at their local famers market. Are the blueberrys ripe yet in the far North?

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