Thoughts on Thursday

As I will be traveling tomorrow, I am typing up his entry today.  I am blessed to be able to spend a few days in Massachusetts with our very own Lolliemouse aka Laurie.  Prayers for traveling mercies accepted as I am taking the train and do not travel well except in a car.Auto
Three celebrity deaths this week:  Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  The only real surprise was Jackson’s passing.  It just goes to show you that we are not promised tomorrow; only the moment we are in. 
I wonder what was on their minds as they took their last breaths.  Did they worry about whether or not their homes were clean enough for the emergency personnel to come in?  Were they scared?  Were they regretting not making amends with someone? 
While I still have time, one priority I have is to not have regrets.  If that means being inconvenienced I have to learn to not gripe about it.  Even under my breath.  If it means giving my time when I’d rather be alone I have to not begrudge that time.  It means using the health God has given me to do what He put me here to do:  make a difference.
I’ve heard it told that some people die with a look of fear and horror on their faces.  Others, with a smile and look of serenity.
If you were to die tonight do you know for sure you would go to heaven?  If so, if you were asked why you should be let in what would you say?
I’d be happy to discuss this with anyone who wants to die with a smile and a look of serenity.
Do you want your remains to be buried or cremated?  Whatever is easiest for my family.  I really do not care!
Have you ever been to a unique memorial or burial service?  Oh, yes.  When my friend D died, his family tailored his memorial to his memory.  They started with his favorite Looney Tune cartoon, "One Froggy Evening."     The rest was a testimony to his faith in God and love for his rescue mission work.  Special.  Very special.  People drove from several states away to give testimony about his life.  There was a bus full from one of those states.
Do you think your life has made a difference in this old world?  Yes.  I try to imagine myself in Jimmy Stewart’s situation in It’s a Wonderful Life and realize my life does make a difference.  I was not a mistake.
What would you like to see written in remembrance of you?  I like what James Dobson’s father has on his grave marker: "He Prayed."  I’d like mine to say, in all honesty, "She Encouraged."
I asked a couple of weeks ago whether or not to keep the falderal going and had a resounding yes in response.  So, where are all my participants!?  I miss your answers. 
Have a great weekend.  love and blessings, gail

9 responses to “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Good post, Gail.. As a nurse that has helped many people cross that line, I can tell you no one ever worries about the cleanliness of their house or wanted to have spent more time at the office!! It’s usually about the people they wish they had made up with, or apologized to!!*Buried or cremated.. who cares?? I won’t be there!!!*Yes, when my friend Elizabeth died, the pastor knew her so well, and gave an alter call. Two people accepted!! She really would have been ecstatic!*I know I’ve made a difference in this world.. I’ve saved lives both at work and out of work.. That’s a big difference.*I would like to be remembered for love, forgiveness, and prayer.. (and laughter)hugs,Jean

  2. hi, your post is very thought provoking and true, hope you enjoy your time with lolliemouse and that you travel okay. I too am going to travel on monday, probably for about 4/5 hours on bus, train, tube, train, car, I dont much like travelling by any means these days, so think of me and I will think of you – god bless – nita

  3. Yes, I’m sure I’m going to heaven! When asked why I would have to answer "Only be the Grace of God!"Buried or cremated… Whichever my survivors prefer.Unique memorial service – – The husband of an American Indian friend. They are Christian but still hold their traditions dear, so she blended traditional dances into the service. The pastor would read scripture, the choir would sing and she and her children would get up and dance/sing around the casket. It was very touching, very emotional.Have I made a difference? It is my hope that I have touched the lives of those around me – but I have a whole lot more planned!Remembrances? "Her love reached ’round the world."Thanks for stopping by so regularly. One of these days I’ll get a new post added… sigh. -cindy

  4. Oh, Gail. Thank you so much for your visit. We were just too cha cha for words. It was so wonderful meeting you. I told you that my talent was to be gabby!!! We went at it for 3 hours with no lul in our conversation. I will definately snore the wallpaper off the walls tonight. You tombstone can read "She was there for her friends."Love,Eileen

  5. You blog made me think about a few things and some I have thought of .Thanks Dear Gail for stopping in. Hugs across the Many Miles.

  6. I sincerely hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty uneventful, but I’m hopeful the weather will improve for this one and possibly my mother might feel up to coming up for the Fourth of July.I’m going to send you a PM.Take care

  7. I’m so glad I have an assurance of salvation! 1 John 5: 11, 12 Where would I be without it?Do you want your remains to be buried or cremated? Cremated. It’s cheaper. Even in death I will be frugal! Have you ever been to a unique memorial or burial service? The most bizarre and sad was one that I attended for a client with a serious mental illness when I was a social worker. My co-worker and I were the only one’s present. Just heartbreaking. Do you think your life has made a difference in this old world? Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in this world." I hope I am! What would you like to see written in remembrance of you? She loved Jesus.I hope you had a good trip friend!

  8. For the saints, death is only the beginning of unimaginable bliss. Yes, I’m comfortable in my salvation but vigilant not to take it for granted. I believe we all have regrets that have long been forgotten, but alas, our Savior forgives those as well with earnest prayer. This is my favorite post from you my friend. Thoughtful and with keen insight. Yes, you have made a difference with the friends made on these pages. With that in mind, I know full well you have touched many who have had the pleasure of your company. Grace is no stranger to you. BTW, I love trains. Enjoy the view.J.W.L.

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