Free Freedom?

No.  Freedom isn’t free.  Have you ever pictured what it must have been like for the founding fathers and mothers?  Gunfire all around.  Children and other loved ones dying often horrible deaths.  Watching what you worked for being burned down. 
The Patriot was so difficult for me to watch. Seeing a father watch his child die.  Was it two?  It was reality;  a very harsh reality as was every battle our men, women and children had fought before, since and continue to fight now.
If our founders were able to see the state of our country now I believe they would cry as would those who fought in every battle up to and including the including the Korean War.  (By the middle of the Viet Nam War, the country was already circling the drain.)  Would they wonder what they fought for?  Would they have been as willing to fight if they knew what we would do with our freedoms? 
We use them as an excuse to get our way and put down anyone with a different opinion.  Disagree with a "lifestyle" and you get labeled "homophobe," "intolerant," "old-fashioned," "hateful," "anti-progressive," "anti-choice," etc.  Even child molesters aren’t gettinig punished to the fullest extent of the law!
Love the Bible and you are as intolerant as can be!  What’s next?  Will our freedoms be taken from us if we speak against what the Good Book calls sin?  Must we be tolerant of everyone and be abused for it?
I’m tired of holding my tongue.  Too many people died so we can say what is on our minds and worship as we please.   I may not like the way you live but I don’t hate you.  Don’t hate me and call me names because I want the same freedom of expression as you.  Just don’t break the law.  Don’t hurt people.  Especially children.  Whoa – don’t hurt children.
Wow.  Where did that all come from?  Didn’t even know I was going to type all of that.
What are you up to this weekend?  The Girl wants me to go to the fireworks with her and Isabella but I don’t know.  I don’t do crowds or mosquitoes.  We’ll see.  Also been invited to a bbq.
Do you take advantage of holiday weekend sales?  Only if I need something.  Too many crowds.
Do you know why we, in the United States, celebrate July 4th?  click here:
Kabobs or hot dogs (frankfurters, weiners, red hots, etc.)?  Kabobs, please.  Extra veggies.
Ready for football season?  Oh, yea.  Bring on the cool breezes of autumn!
Had a great visit with Lols and Eileen.  It is so special to meet people from the blogosphere.  I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a public place to meet, though.  When I first met Lols, we went out to breakfast and have been buds ever since.  I met up with Eileen and we had coffee at a public place (for three glorious hours!).  I wouldn’t hesitate to spend time with them anywhere now.
Stay safe.  Maybe we can meet up for coffee or tea next time we are in each other’s neighborhoods!  gail

5 responses to “Free Freedom?

  1. Well, wherever ut came from, it was from a good place. Very well written. And very true. I get p-o’ed when people are vilified for having an opionin about a lifestyle. Now who’s narrow minded?Happy 4th to ya. We’re gonna miss the parade this year. Our little town usually grows by about 50,000 extra people for this weekend, but I think this one will break the record. The town doesn’t have the capacity to handle nearly 75,000-100,00 extra people! And besides that, it’s hotter than h-e-double hockey sticks!When you come visit your brother (how does he like McKinney?), I promise we can meet in a public place. I’m gonna vote for a restaurant!Stay cool,Dana

  2. oh what you said about our forefathers is so true. What would they think now. It’s amazing to me how lax we’ve all become and how uncaring we are. Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed it and agree with your sentiment.

  3. Oh, sweetie, it was such a lovely visit. Never in my life did I ever have the reaction to that Duncan Donut coffee. Coffee never kicks me into gear. Thank goodness I did not have a class to teach or I would have been down the little darlings throats.Have a great 4th. Come on. Go to the fireworks. At least make it to the barbeque!!!!

  4. What are you up to this weekend? – I normally don’t crowds either but with the right company this weekend I was in attendance @ the Manchester International Festival with lots music, art, games, food, etc, etcDo you take advantage of holiday weekend sales? – Me in a shop? Nope, I have people for that Do you know why we, in the United States, celebrate July 4th? – was that the day when Will Smith saved the world from aliens invading in Independence Day? Note: Tongue firmly in cheek :)Kabobs or hot dogs (frankfurters, weiners, red hots, etc.)? We have kebab Friday for lunch @ my workplaceReady for football season? Definitely, albeit when I say football I mean the world’s most popular sport which some regrettably call ‘soccer’. ;)

  5. Things are as Jesus, Paul, and other great men of the Bible foresaw and prophesied. Even so, we can still pray for a move of God in these United States. When God moves, hearts change. Went to a wedding then saw fireworks over the bay.I did. :)If memory serves me correctly it’s because it’s a day the founding fathers gained significant strides in emancipation from the tight fists of England’s control over the goings on in this country. There were still more sacrifices to be made, but this country was well on her way to being the great free nation the early visionaries dreamed of.Second the kabobs with extra veggies!Nooooooo!!! It’s barely baseball season! Have mercy!

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