Fun Though Frazzled Falderal

Except for one day this week, having Isabella around has been fun (that one day we, Isabella and I, were both in a mood).  Oh, I don’t believe I mentioned that The Girl has finally found a job.  Isabella has half days at school and I have been her "nanny" as my daughter nanny’s someone else’s children.  What is wrong with this picture?
God had a plan; one mother, one father and extended family to lend a hand when necessary.  What has happened to this world?  I know there are times when this is not possible such as the death of a parent or one of the parents becomes mentally ill or violent.  Other than that, I can’t think of a good reason for reasonable adults to have children and not parent them together.  Now don’t give me the spiel that it is better for the children to not have the stress of a bad marriage.  Deal with it.  You had these children and that gives you the obligation of rearing them together until they are eighteen years old.  After that, knock your socks off.  Also, you might find out that your spouse is not that bad.
You may disagree but you won’t sway me.  Adults are adults and choose how they act.  I know I haven’t been the best example for my children all of the time.  I need to be the grown up!  Walking away is not an option when you have a child/children. 
Okay, now, where did that all come from?  Anyone who has read this blog site from the beginning, three years now, must see a bit of a change in the tone.  Lately, I feel as though I will explode if I don’t get some of these thoughts out into the open!  It’s MY party and I’ll rant if I want to, right?
On a lighter note, Isabella is progressing so well.  She is understanding more and speaking better.  There was a lull in her progress for a while but she is starting to pick up again.  Open-mouthed
The Great Atlantic Northeast has finally had a week of sunshine and blue skies.  As much as I love air conditioning, my windows are open and we are enjoying weather in the high 70’s.  Ahhh….  My heartfelt sympathy for my friends with the 100+ degree temps in Texas and surrounds.
Did you have grandparents when you were growing up?  If so, what was their role in your life?  I had four grandparents and three great-grandparents living when I was a small child.  (Mom and Dad were very young when they married.)  My "greats" weren’t in my life for the most part.  Two were out of state and, though one was close by, we weren’t close.
My dad’s parents visited fairly regularly or we visited them.  Neither drove and it was a hassle but my parents were good to them in making sure they had visitsWe lived upstairs from my mom’s parents until I was eight and we remained close with them.  My gram was my best friend until the day she died and I still miss her.
 Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?    I used to watch that show with my son.  It taught me a lot about geography.  Are you familiar with it?
Do you remember?        If you take the time to watch this you will see that Fred Wynn wasn’t always Herman Munster!  That’s when tv was worth watching.  What were your favorites?  I liked I Love Lucy and a little know show called Pete and Alice.  Many more, too.
Do you like to have fun?  I guess I always have liked fun but I like it even more now.  Actually, I seek it out like never before and I still don’t have enough!  Suggestions?  (Can’t involve crowds or large sums of money…)
What makes you laugh or, if not much of a laugher, smile?  Well, Isabella, for one.  Hearing children laugh, seeing my children getting along, quoting The Princess Bride to name a few.
I miss hearing from you, dear ones.  Be well and stay safe.  hugs, gail
One more thing; I have been through a divorce and my daughter, at age 29, still suffers from it.

11 responses to “Fun Though Frazzled Falderal

  1. I soooooo agree with your rant! Of course, not having walked that particular path, I hesitate to voice my opinion most of the time. I don’t believe in divorce.. that’s one reason I’ve never married!!LOL If both people would make more REAL effort to please and help their mates, marriage would improve a LOT..End of my rant..LOLGrandparents.. I was lucky enough to have several.. Grandparents and one great grand mother on dad’s side that I was close to, even though they moved away when I was fairly small..but we visited at least twice a year, or they did.. And I was crazy about them..My other grandparents, my g’pa died when I was about 6, so I just have a few fairly hazy memories of him, but my g’ma was my buddy! I loved her, and we saw her AT LEAST once a week, if not more. But she died when I was 10, so they are just pleasant memories.I watched Carmen a little when helping raise my "step" daughter.I loved "Car54 where are you??" I like those old shows when they show them on Nickleodeon.I LOVE to have fun! Especially if it involves having family around with the lake, a boat, food, swimming, or any combination of the above!!LOL Even simple things are fun, to me.. I look for the fun in everything.I laugh quite frequently. Children’s laughter, squirrels playing, babies learning, my mother.. all these things make me laugh… with lots of other things as well!hugs and love, sister..jean

  2. Hi Gail, don’t fall off your computer chair. Tiss I and it has been awhile. I guess since we are both from the east, but different counties, we seem to have the same weather pattern for the most part. It has been a fairly good week with some warm , sunny days and in the mid to high 70’s. We have had alot of rain this summer and it has been hard to plan to do even the simple things I love such as long walks and biking.My grandparents were my idols, growing up and I was very close to all of them and visitied them almost every weekend. My best memories as a child were when at my grandparents farm. If you couldn’t find me I was with the animals.I also remember those hot summer evenings sitting out on the veranda, as they called it, looking up at all the stars in the sky and seeing the little and big dipper that you normally can’t see living in even a small city as I now do. My other grandfather was like a father to me and came and lived with my mom and I after my grandma die. I would watch him as he would sit in his rocking chair and read his Bible and pray with so much love for the Lord and would have tears of joy in his eyes. I believe I am here today because of my mom’s and grandfathers prayer for me and they never gave up on me even in my troubled youth. A great part of who I have become , I owe to my mom and grandparents. My dad left us when I was 12 and that broke my heart and spirit and it was a long road back for me and Jesus met me walking home from my grandparents one evening and He revealed Himself to me by His Spirit right there on the sidewalk and I knew I had to give my life to Him. I was at a crossroads in my life and knew I had to choose which road I would take. Within 24hrs. I became a Christian at an alter at a camp meeting and that changed my life for eternity.I hope and pray that I can be that kind of a Godly grandma to my grandchildren and make a big difference in their lives. I believe grandparents can be God’s back up when parents make mistakes or are not Christians themselves. Someone has got to be that Christian Influence. I believe grandparents can make a difference in this life and for eternity, so don’t be discouraged and keep up the good work and someday you will see the fruits of your labor. Yes God intended for parents to bring up their children and teach them the way to go but we live in a fallen world and so sometimes we as grandparents have to fill the gap.On the subject of laughter, there is never a day goes by that my little dog Jesse doesn’t make me laugh out loud. I believe God chose the best pet for us as a way to Bless us. It is just Steve and I and Jesse as all our kids are now out on their own. :)Well I had better stop there as this has turned into a blog. Sorry, just making up for lost time as it has been awhile since I have visited. Hope you are well and healthy as last time I was talking to you , you were sick with a cold.Take care and God Bless You and your family. May God give you the Strength and the Grace to do all that you must to do.Love and HugsDianne 🙂

  3. I don’t know what’s happened to family and why parents don’t raise their kids together. I’m just thankful that since bailing on my marriage 20 years ago was inevitable it happened before I had kids with the man (my son came a couple of years after my divorce). And part of the things that I considered when deciding to give him up for adoption was this sudden keen awareness that came with pregnancy that a kid needs a mom and a dad in the same home both invested in raising and nurturing him (and I wasn’t even saved when this realization came…). That said, you don’t have to apologize to me for your views. I agree. But even if I didn’t agree (which I do agree, lol) you still don’t have to apologize for the way you feel about things and the way you see things. They’re your views and your feelings, and you are entitled to them.My grandfather on Mom’s side died when she was 14, so I didn’t know him. I was too little to remember the few interactions I had with Grandmother Sloan (Mom’s mom). Mama King and Pop were around until I was 15 and 16. Papa King was the first to go when I was 15, and Mama King died a year to the day later. I got to see them at least once a year sometimes more as they were an 8-hour drive away. Don’t know Carmen Sandiego although I am familiar with Car 54.I LOVE to have fun!!!Almost anything silly makes me laugh. Sometimes even God makes me laugh when nothing’s funny! I love when He does that. Now that I’m in pre-men, sometimes I just laugh at the absurdity of it all…LOL!

  4. I think the generation of my parents is the last here in my country too where parents stick together no mater what happens [both were educated and had career] and we have never seen them fight [though i know they had issues which they sort out between them] or talk about split.Today’s generation [including mine] is loosing patience big time and they grow with less tolerance.Well, at least my generation is kind of still doing what our parents did, but not to that extreme.I guess today’s world is media driven. But in our villages I can still see those kind of families that I find rare in cities/towns.hmmm… guess i belongs to last of the breed when I look around. People get together fast and break away fast. It’s all about THEM and nothing about their CHILDREN.God bless.

  5. hi gail, thanks for this blog, amen to much of it. thanks also for your visits – god has a plan for us all and he is working it out in our lives, but people like me dont always make it easy for him. all things work together for good for those who love the lord. ALL THINGS, that as our minister explained to us this morning, includes the difficult things and times, the suffering. be blessed and have a good week, nita.

  6. I agree mostly. I know of a few cases where divorce would have been a relief for the kids. In a perfect world, husbands and wives would treat each other with love and respect.. Too often we take each other for granted.Since I was raised in a fatherless house, my grandmother (mom’s side) saved me. I chose to live with her and Grandpa 85% of the time, up until I was around 13. My parent’s lifestyle was very unstable. Bars and parties. On year we moved at least 18 times. We kept getting thrown out for lack of payment. Except for the year my dad nearly burned down our apartment. The just threw us out over general principles.Pete and Alice….didn’t Harry Morgan star in that?Keep cool….it’s about 104 here today. I’m jealous.xoxo

  7. Did you have grandparents when you were growing up? Sadly they passed b4 I was born.Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Who? :)Do you remember? We didn’t have a TV until I was 14 so this is b4 my time ;)Do you like to have fun? All the timeWhat makes you laugh or, if not much of a laugher, smile? I find laughter in the daily mundane stuff

  8. I wish people would stay together these days too. I think it is such a sad state of our world that no one takes any regards towards commitment anymore. I miss the days when people would. My parents sure never did! So sad, so incredibly sad.Anyway…Did you have grandparents when you were growing up? If so, what was their role in your life? I did have four sets, from remarriages. They were off an on in my life, some lived in Florida or Wisconsin. We would visit, go to some on Saturdays…they were involved but not overly. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Good question! What were your favorites? Family ties, Gimme a Break, Who’s the boss, Growing Pains… Do you like to have fun? Of course! I love to laugh so anything that can get me to is great! What makes you laugh or, if not much of a laugher, smile? Lilla, she just says the funniest things!

  9. hi G, I agree with what you’ve written. Parents play a VERY important role in the lives of their children. They need to stay together and be united, and that is the best gift they can give to the creats a strong sense of confidence and belonging. and I believe too that one parent needs to be mostly around.Anyway, re grandparents, I only had one. and I loved her so much…

  10. p.s I just realised you wrote comments on mine when I checked it today . So i just published it today. Blogspot allows you to monitor comments before publishing.

  11. I could not agree more about how both parents should share the role in raising a child together; even if their relationship happens to end in either seperation or divorce. -And by the way, for those actually contemplating divorce (and also having any children); shouldn’t the primary reason for staying together be the children?But for those that end up getting divorced the stats just continue to go downhill, and rather rapidly to say the least. for instance look at how children become a type of bargaining tool in a divorce; and I’m sure we’ve all hear on how the so-called accusations can get rather nasty when fighting for any type of custody. Then there’s also even the visitation issues.In the child’s interest i’m all for shared parenthood.BTW, great blog entries, keep up the good work!!

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