Rep. John Fleming has proposed a House Resolution that would force any representative voting for a national health plan to drop his/her federal health insurance plan and join the national healthcare plan.
Visit his site,, to have your voice be heard in a for or against survey.  Also, why not give your representative a call and/or an email and see if she/he is on board.  Rep. Fleming’s site has a list of who is on board and who is not.  Go for it!
For a complete list of representatives’ phone numbers click on this site:
To find out who your representative is click on this site:
For their websites:  Their sites will, for the most part, have their email information.
Let’s get this going, people!  These are our elected officials.  Let’s see if they put their "health" where their mouth is!


  1. I’ve contacted all in my home state and a few in surrounding states. Break out the waders, we are heading for some deep poop. Once again, I thank you for standing for justice and human rights. You go girl!!!J.W.L.

  2. It has been my patriotic duty to be a charter member of the cause G. The year 1969 was when I joined full force. Like you, I don’t normally get into politics on this domain, but the crisis requires those of us who care to address situations that others may be oblivious or apathetic. We are friends and we think much alike. This is a good and moral friendship. I pray it continues to thrive. Continue in grace my friend. Bells is on my mind and in my heart.J.W.L.

  3. You are right on the money `JW, I also do not like to speak politics on my sites, but we are all good decent friends here and what is happening with our country and our political system is and will continue to affect us all and our children. As good friends, I feel we are on the same page. I belong to a `Constitutional Study Group, we are reading the 5000 Year Leap, by `Cleon Skousen. Our goal is to learn all about the `Constitution, what was our forefathers reasoning behind it, etc., etc. The whole history is in this book. But, we cannot teach others unless we know what it is all about. I just hope more people get involved, call your state representative and/or your congressmen and/or senators. Tell them how you feel about issues that affect you and your family. Always remember. They (Our Government) are `Servants to us. OK, enough, I can go on for hours. Have A Great Week End `JW and all the rest of my dear friends.

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