Fully Fatigued but will Fulfill the Falderal

After of week of Isabella watch, I am tired.  I am going to take a nap with her and will be back later to fulfill the falderal…
…Wow!  Great nap.  Hopefully, Isabella will sleep for her mother tonight.  Then again, as cheap labor, that’s not my problem…
Himself and I were blessed to be able to spend three days and two nights "down the shore,"  as Jerseyans say.  We stayed in a beautiful townhouse right by the ocean. Our bcf, G&P, are the best.  I’m not much of a beach person and they had no problem with my reading a book whilst they and Himself went to the beach.
Are you all afraid my site is going political?  I am not planning on changing much but there are times I just have to address issues.  I feel a moral responsibility to do so.  You can skim and skip whatever you don’t want to read.  I answer to a higher authority.Wink
My part of the Great Atlantic Northeast is drenched again.  Drenched and humid.  I haven’t blow-dried my hair in a week.  Typical August weather a little early.
Been on WW diet for six days now.  Prayers for sticking with it are appreciated.  I keep gaining back the same thirty pounds or so.  The battle stinks!
Do you have a problem keeping the pounds off?  Oh, yea.  Always did.  There is no such thing as a "skinny gene" in my family history.
Do you have any suggestions on how to get the weight off and keep it off?  JW suggested eating slowly and chewing food into nothingness.  When I remember, it helps a lot.
Do you eat nutritionally?  Somewhat.  I don’t get my "five a day" of fruits and vegetables usually.  If I had my druthers, I would have dessert at least twice a day.
How about exercise?  What about it?  In my mind, I have it all planned out.  Out of my mind, it just doesn’t happen.  It will, though, even if it kills me.
Do you have a healthy life role model?  Yes, my mom.  She is the healthiest she has ever been in her life.  Works out daily and eats right.  How did I become the way I am?  Humph.
Please let me know what you have been up to.  I check in with you as often as I can.  Blessings all around, g

11 responses to “Fully Fatigued but will Fulfill the Falderal

  1. We’re waiting G. An update on Bells would be nice, but only if you find it appropriate. I think of her often and that is not stated lightly. Blessed are all our children.J.W.L.

  2. As you know I’ve been working out like a madwoman. I just want to be super healthy. I have been kind of following the South Beach Diet. It has worked for me in the past. And there are new recipes. So that’s exciting. Being single though, I find myself having the same thing 2 nights in a row for dinner. But that’s ok. I think the diet is expensive but it works! I really would like to stay on it for life. I know that after being on it the first time, I make healthier choices. And nothing works without exercise. This week has been pretty extreme for me though. I have rode my bike a total of 85 miles and 6 miles total on my treadmill. I will probably ride my bike again either Saturday or Sunday or both. Funny thing is if Mark and I ever make it to the 3rd date, I’ll probably be down 20 lbs. I"m staying pretty motivated and know that I have to modify something if my weight plateaus. Maybe just maybe I’ll be down to 150 by Christmas…..some say I should even shoot for 125. With only 12lbs lost so far, I feel firmer and my skin looks awesome. So praying your diet/exercise endeavors prove successful.

  3. Gail, you are too funny. I love your comment about your being cheap labor. Ther ain’t no such thing as a skinny gene. I was painfully thin until…dum dum dum, I had a hysterectomy in my 30s. I do chew my food slowly and asways have. My mother’s take on the fact that it took me so long to eat was that I was too busy talking. But hey, in my mind, dinners are suppose to be sociable. Even here at "the home" we are give our main meal and the tray is removed 10 minutes later. Now I do not socialise with my roommate, Frack, so amybe I am just a slow eater. To those out there is space land. I have ment this woman in person and her weight looks fine to me. We both went to Duncan Donuts. I ordered a regular medium coffee and she a decaff. For whatever reason, and this has never happened to me before, I got the worst case of the shakes and she even had some trouble with her decaff. Maybe the spirits of Embassy House were out to get us.Back to topic (sorry) as we (ahem) age our metabolism does slow down. That’s it. It is best to have your main meal in the middle of the day, but that does not seem to be worker friendly.

  4. I’d love to be buddies (as if we weren’t already!) I’m now on day 5~ first weigh-in is Wednesday & I’m hopeful. I’ve stayed within points even with a wedding (left before the reception), knitting night, & 2 birthday dinners this weekend :-S

  5. Don’t have trouble keeping weight off but do have a problem with gravity….yes my chest is falling around my waist. I like your political posts. More of us need to be talking about the vultures running our country into the abyss. And no, you will never be cheap labor; too much class for that. G, think I’ll buy a punching bag and take my frustrations out by beating it (and myself) silly. Yep, I have to chew leather when watching the national news or reading the newspaper. Hmmm, perhaps beef jerky would be better. Stay focused my sister.J.W.L.

  6. Do you have a problem keeping the pounds off? Yes! Didn’t used too though until medication caused me to gain weight. Off the meds but the pound didn’t fall back off when I stopped. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the weight off and keep it off? Drink green tea, eat moderately, and exercise. Do you eat nutritionally? For the most part. How about exercise? What about it? Neccessary.Do you have a healthy life role model? Yes, my daughter. She totally shed the pounds she put on in college. She eats healthy again and works out regularly.

  7. Ha! It’s hard to not gain as we age and become less active. You have my enthusiastic blessings for a successful diet G. And I hope you had a wonderful time on the shore.

  8. what’s a WW diet? curious. It’s hard to loose weight once past 30. However, my bro who’s been overweight for most of his life has lost 30kg’s this year alone! Everyone says he is looking great! and now he’s motivating us all to loose weight and stay healthy. haha…. Let’s see if I can shed the extra 5 kgs, and may you succeed too! haha…. God bless!mumsico.blogspot.com

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