Fear, Folly or Fully Functional

What will become of our "special" children with the new healthcare this administration is trying to pass?  Will they be treated in the same way people of "mental incapacity" were treated in Nazi Germany?  Will we have to reprise the White Rose Society (http://www.shoaheducation.com/whiterose.html).
The more I read and hear of this new health plan the more frightened I get.  Has anyone heard anything about what is in store for our children?  There is money that is supposed to be earmarked for autism research.  Do we believe it will ever see the light of day?
Our society has lost its respect for life be it the beginning of life or the end of it.  Each of us is precious in His sight.  Please, keep your eyes and ears open and don’t let our elected officials stuff what you don’t want down your throat.
Are you a healthy person?  For the most part, yes.  I rarely get sick.
If you are healthy, what is your secret?  Chocolate.  No, only kidding.  I hardly ever eat it any more because it took over my life.  I would have to say it is by the grace of God that I am healthy.  I have things to do for Him and I have to be healthy to do them.  If I am sick, there is a good reason for it.
Favorite cookie?  Chewy lace cookies with chocolate sandwiched between them.
Favorite cake?  German Chocolate.
Favorite exercise?  Sleeping.  Oh, if I had to choose it would be walking.
Stay safe, dear ones.  Be vigilant.  blessings, gail

6 responses to “Fear, Folly or Fully Functional

  1. I’d have to say most things this administration is pushing scares me! One thing about healthcare that rankles me is that push about "all those poor, uncovered folks"… do you know, most haven’t got coverage because they CHOOSE to opt out – they simply don’t want to pay, then hope for the best. I don’t want to pay either, but guess what – it’s my responsibility. I haven’t heard about the "special needs" issues… guess I better check into that.

  2. I can’t for the life of me figure out why people want the government involved in health care. My answers are the same as yours although I don’t think I’ve ever had those cookies. I do make a mean chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that I just can’t stay away from, though.Have a wonderful weekend! -cindy

  3. It is obvious that the vast majority of our nation is seriously opposed to government health care. There are hundreds of rallies against it but making this overt proclamation seems to have little result so far. Our president is the person that scares me the most. Charisma does not a good leader make, and promises are little more than words of postponement to pacify those falling for his charm. Yes, I’m worried for the youth and the elderly. We have little choice but to remain firm in our opposition. Thank you for being proactive G. * I’ve been healthy most of my life but having some health issues at present. * Mt secret to health has always been mind over matter. I’ll beat this existing issue as well.* Favorite cookie is chewy butterscotch with dark chocolate chunks.* Cake of choice is Red Velvet.* Favorite exercise is long hikes in the woods. And I always walk when playing golf.I’m with you in this government plot against the innocent. Let us keep expressing ourselves.J.W.L.

  4. The proposed health reform across the pond sure is raising a lot of important questions, but I don’t think for a nanosecond it’s going to be like 1930’s Germany for the ‘special’ children. I would however advise to investigate further though, to find out exactly what plans the administration have in place with regards to the issues that may directly affect you.In the UK we have a free health service [albeit paid for via taxes] which has its flaws that need improving but it continues to work for the last 60 years & counting. There’s also private health care should anyone opt to use it if they’re dissatisfied by the free service or want quicker treatment with ‘better’ equipment/medicine etc.Do you think your health service needs any major reforming or does it work fine as it is at present? Anyway onto the falderal questions…Are you a healthy person? – Apart from the occasional recurring carpal tunnel [which I’m learning how to manage], I’m otherwise fit as a fiddle. If you are healthy, what is your secret? – I just take it easy enjoying life without doing anything special to stay in shape so no gym membership or specific diet for me. I have a bike to ride short distances doing errands etc around the neighbourhood & I’ve always liked the Mediterranean diet + fruits, vegetables etc. Favourite cookie? – Cookie is the same as biscuit right? Pardon the British in me 😉 I eat pretty much whatever is on the table as I’m not too picky when it comes to biscuits. Favourite cake? – Not too much chocolate for me. I like my cakes mostly fruit based like banana or lemon [is that a fruit? :) ]. Favourite exercise? – I’ve recently taken up to listening to audio books on daily trails if you can call that exercising.

  5. I agree with you, our society has lost the respect for life. What a shame because life is so preseous. On the lighter side favorite cookie, chocalate, chocalate chip, cake: devils food, exercise, same as you, thanks for sharing have a great day.

  6. Hi G.. The Health care system in Canada has really taken a turn. It could be better. I have a cousin with a Special Needs adult child and she keeps her at home . She works out of her home she grew up in . I agree with all you have written and it is scary the way things are going and can go. What about the Elderly. That is a whole new ball game . So much needs to be done and not by the Health care System. Families need to step up to the plate like they did a long long time ago.Thanks for stopping G. Much Love.

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