Flitting Around and Fun Falderal

Ms. Lisbeth pointed out to me that I am getting out a lot more than I used to.  Wow.  It hadn’t hit me but it is absolutely true.  Having been agoraphobic in the past this is very big.
Just this week alone:
Saturday – out to dinner with the in-laws
Sunday – wedding
Monday – out for the afternoon with Himself
Tuesday and Wednesday – our friends’ townhouse down the Jersey shore
Thursday – watched Isabella and then went out to dinner with friends whom I haven’t seen in about twenty years
Friday – watched Isabella and out to lunch with a friend visiting from Australia
Tomorrow – baby shower at a "posh" place
Today, we booked a flight for me to go to Texas to visit my baby bro in October.  I hate to fly but really want to see my brother and his wife.  And I am going alone!  Himself has his yearly, sometimes twice yearly, visits with his navy buddies and sometimes goes out to Colorado with a buddy to visit a childhood friend.  This will be my time.  Also, my brother is fourteen years younger than I and it is a sister/mom/son kind of relationship.  He’s a great kid!  And his wife is tops in my book because she makes him happy.
Isabella is still making me laugh.  Doesn’t matter how bad a mood I am in; she can make me laugh.  Now that I am trying to come up with an example I can’t think of one but I laughed quite a bit these last two days.  She is making good progress in her communication skills.  I am hearing more complete sentences instead of one or two word statements or questions.  Now, if we can only get her potty trained…..
The daylight hours are waning.  It is now almost dark at eight in the evening (we are at the eastern end of a time zone).  That is the only thing that bothers me about the end of summer.   In a sermon a couple of weeks ago, the pastor spoke about the negativity of grumbling.  It has helped me keep myself in check so I will not go on about how horrid the heat and humidity have been.  I will just mention it.  Aren’t you so proud of me?Angel
That part about not grumbling can be a real life changer.  The more one grumbles the more negative their life.  It’s always been hard for me to not be negative.  I figured that pessimists are rarely disappointed.  That may be true but it is a lousy way to live.  I’m so glad I have friends who help me to lighten up.
Do you tend to be an optimist or a pessimist?  I am turning into someone who is cautiously optimistic.  I believe I know what is real and what is not and know not to waste my time obsessing on things I can’t change.  At least I am learning how to.
How is your self image?  It has been horrible for years.  However, as I learn to like myself, I am taking steps  towards accepting and maybe even liking how I look.  It has been difficult looking in the mirror at a person who looks like my gram.  Yes, I do look like my gram.  However, she was a much loved woman who was beautiful from the inside out.  Not a bad thing to aspire to, eh?
What is your clothing style?  Can you tell I have am watching What Not To Wear as I type this?  A statement they made is really bothering me:  you should feel beautiful in everything you wear.  I have very little clothing because I am cheap when it comes to buying things for myself.  I don’t usually feel pretty in what I am wearing.  I want to change that one piece of clothing at a time whether I am overweight or not.
Do you pay full retail?  No!  Maybe that is why I don’t dress all that well!
Do you enjoy the Duggar familyVery much so.
I appreciate you, g

9 responses to “Flitting Around and Fun Falderal

  1. Miss you too g — Ahhh and the Faderal…..This was a good post for me to hear. I’ll see if I can join the fun, get my brain working.Do you tend to be an optimist or a pessimist? Definately an optiist. I’m always telling my children that you can find something positive in everything if you take the time to think things over. However, having said that, I am also not adverse to having my own little pity party at times. Ummm — hmmm …can you say recently. LOL! How is your self image? It flucuates – I am so NOT photgenic and whenever someone snaps a picture and I get a look at it I cringe. I think that as I age, my self image has changed. I am no longer as confident as I once was. But then other times, I realize that my image isn’t as important to me as it once was and I can look in the mirror and be comfortable. Just don’t take my picture. What is your clothing style? Jeans and shirts — sneakers. I dress for comfort, but I do need some new clothes. I also love to dress up for special occasions — I wonder if my dress clothes fit me anymore it’s been so long since I’ve dressed up. Do you pay full retail? No way, not ever. Oh well, maybe for salmon, I love it and now that it’s only hubby and I, I can afford it for a treat. But otherwise, I’m a big fan of the dollar store and my coupons and daughters discount at JC Penny. I scour the Sunday paper and ads every week.I absolutely love the pictures of you and Bella — they are wonderful, and she is beautiful. Yes, g — I’ve missed you.Deb

  2. October!!! Yay! Just tell me when and I’ll be there – we’ll do a lunch that runs into dinner! Or figure out another way to spend some time! I’m going to Florida sometime in October, but I don’t know when yet.. It can’t possibly be the same time you’re here! I’ll fix that.I’m a cautious optimist. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best sort of.Self image? Some days I look good and some days I’m a dog. I just try not to look in a mirror.Full retail….not if I can help it, but it depends on how much I like something. I do love a good bargain, though.Sorry I’ve not been around on Facebook too much. I had an auto immune thing going on and spent some time in the hospital. Just plain ol’ tired me out. Next month!!!xoxoDana

  3. Yay!You are doing great g. I’ve been noticing the changes come on gradually over this past year. I am trying to get there myeslf. Good role model you are!In the natural I am a pessimist, in the spiritual an optimist. Now to get the spiritual side stronger! I am not fancy. Never liked to be, and nope don’t like the way I look either. Very low self esteem. Why I prefer to stick to myself. Just me and my camera and my few loved and trusted companions.Hugs, Liz

  4. Do you tend to be an optimist or a pessimist? An optimist definitely……however there are episodes of pessimism which only last a short time. How is your self image? Getting better as I’m learning to take better care of myself with better diet and exercise. What is your clothing style? Business casual for work……casual for the other times. Do you pay full retail? No! There are always great sales unless there is something I really need for a special event or something. Do you enjoy the Duggar family? It’s entertainment when nothing else is on TV.Hey Gail….sounds like you are keeping busy. Just wanted to let you know I"ve updated again. : )

  5. wow, and you’re gonna fly!!! for that I’m proud of you! hahaha…. It’s good to go out isn’t it? Im off for the weekend, it’s Independence weekend, so we’re gonna head for the beach. God bless. Please pray for me that ther will be relief from pain..and better sleep. Ben praying for you too. hugs.mumsico.blogspot.com

  6. So good to know that Isabella makes you laugh. Oh, the lessons the sweet innocence of children can teach us! Also happy you find yourself getting out more; flying to see baby brother will be a blast….that is once the plane lands…grin.* Usually an optimist, but this new president has me reeling with some pessimism. Admittedly, the man makes me uneasy.* Self image is a roller coaster for me. The military and my career still have a deep impact on me at times. It is a daily flashback of memories that are almost always bad.* Now retired, my clothing style is very casual. Jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes for most of the week.* No, I never pay full retail. Actually find most of my clothes at consignment shops. Your family (especially Bells) remain in my prayers. Enjoy the time with your brother and thank God for his wonderful wife.J.W.L.

  7. Hello!! I am trying to get back to checking in on my friends here. So, I’ll answer your questions – I am a pessimist. I bet you knew that about me. My sister always said "we are realists" but I think you’re right – it’s a lousy way to live. My self image isn’t the greatest, but certainly better now as I am older. Even though I look worse. With age comes wisdom, I suppose! My clothing style is – boring. I used to have a "funky, fun" look… but now I hate spending money on myself because I’m not going to look good anyway – I actually only have two pairs of pants. It’s pretty bad. I know I need to change that. I’m becoming one of those people you see out and say "well, she’s given up on even trying to look good" and that’s a bad thing. I like to get a deal, but sometimes I spend full price – because I do it so rarely!The Duggar family – I have just barely heard of them. Haven’t ever seen anything about them, a show or whatnot. So I can’t say.

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