Feeling Faint Falderal

Not reallyWink.  Just very tired.  The fms has knocked me for a loop and all I want to do is sleep.  It could be much, much worse.Open-mouthed
You know how each occupation or lifestyle has its own humor?  When I worked in a hospital, the jokes we told there did not translate into the every day world.  People thought it morbid.  Same thing with ethnic jokes, senior moments, etc. 
Talking with one of Isabella’s schoolmate’s mom’s, M, I questioned her about what she thinks is acceptable in the world of people who love someone who has autism.  I told her that I almost wrote out the comment, "At least, with her autism, Isabella always has someone to talk to."  (see http://conquerautism.com/blog/?tag=scripting)  M laughed and agreed that others wouldn’t get it.  As a matter of fact, they might think it cruel when it is just the statement of a gram who loves her grandchild more than she could ever think it possible to!
There is a site that sells t-shirts such as "Proud Grandparent of an Autistic Granddaughter."  Another shirt states, "Autism rocks!  And flaps and spins…"  Would you be apalled to see that last one?  M said that is her favorite!  My daughter is afraid to wear that one because she is afraid she might hurt the feelings of one of the other parents at school.
I guess it is a matter of what one is comfortable with and the spirit in which they present it.  For some, one of those shirts is the same as the having an autism awareness magnet on their car. Still, maybe I ought to stick with something like this:  Or, more importantly, this: 
Do you work in a field or have an interest where the humor related to it doesn’t translate to the rest of the world?  See above.
Other than sleep, how to you get beyond fatigue?  Going for a walk might work.
Any plans for the weekend?  My greatniece is being dedicated on Sunday and I am attending the party and service.  It will be good to have the family together.
Are you sad because summer is waning or are you looking forward to autumn?  The only sad part of summer ending for me is the shortened daylight hours.  Other than that, bring on the crisp, cool days of autumn!
Sing or hum?  Used to be sing all the time but I find I don’t know as many words as I do tunes these days so humming it is! 
Hoping that all is well in your world, g

2 responses to “Feeling Faint Falderal

  1. Good morning g –So glad you stopped by. Of course we must talk — Kev starts his bowling shortly and I get my one night a week to myself back. I do really miss those nights. I am anxious to hear how Bella is and what you’ve been up to.The Autism Rocks (and flaps and spins and…) – it is my mouse pad. You are right though, Nik and I share our humor regarding Eric with each other and family. Eric still does not speak, but rather has a language of his own. Nik says it must be Chinese. It sounds so musical. No clue what he is saying though. But we are encouraged when he does say a word. And he does do that — in spurts. Quite appropriately. We’re encouraged that as he is older he will eventually speak. Do you work in a field or have an interest where the humor related to it doesn’t translate to the rest of the world? No, my job as a bookkeeper is in a HVAC business. No specific related jokes that I’m aware of. Alot of joking and such goes on, but they range in all subjects. Other than sleep, how to you get beyond fatigue? I feel fatiqued all the time, so I guess it must be just putting one foot in front of the other. And I take naps — I know that’s sleep right? Any plans for the weekend? No plans for this weekend,so I’ll be doing major house cleaning and getting to some of the little chores, such as cleaning off this desk and replacing a few light bulbs. LOL! — I leave the room to go get a light bulb for the sconce in the dining room. By the time I get to the kitchen, I’m distracted enough to forget what I went in there for. Hence, it still needs replacing…. Are you sad because summer is waning or are you looking forward to autumn? I’m sad I guess. I never got to the ocean this year, not even for a day. And Eric so loves the yard and pool, I don’t know what I will replace that with. Not that I dislike Autumn — I think it’s beautiful and the weather is great, but I’m a summer girl at heart. Sing or hum? Oh I sing — if I can’t remember the words, I just either make them up, or go back to the beginning. It’s easier with my i-pod stuck in my ear. I don’t care if hubby and Nik laugh at my croaking. LOL!Enjoy your weekend and spending time with the family. Talk to you soon my friend…..Deb

  2. Do you work in a field or have an interest where the humor related to it doesn’t translate to the rest of the world? When I was a social worker, many moons ago, we had humor like that too. Particularly when I worked with serious mental illness clients. You have to or you could wind up with a serious mental illness too! LOLOther than sleep, how to you get beyond fatigue? Sugar. Lots of sugar.Any plans for the weekend? Today we are celebrating my niece and brother in laws birthdays with dinner at a restaurant. Tomorrow, church. Other than that, the normal cleaning and organizing.Are you sad because summer is waning or are you looking forward to autumn? Yes, because it’s been a cold and wet summer and we’ve barely swam at all. No fair! But Autumn is my very favorite season and I am looking forward to it.Sing or hum? Sing, I’m always making up songs and singing old ones. Lilla has picked this up too. I don’t know half the time what she’s singing but she’s often blasting away!Have a great weekend friend!

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