Fun, Fatigue and Farewells Falderal

It was quite a week here in gville.  I watched Isabella four of five days (I told The Girl to get someone else to watch her on Thursday when I could barely keep my eyes open Wednesday from insomnia and fatigue).
We visited a great park on Monday, the same park on Tuesday with a school chum and his mom and two sisters and a local zoo on Wednesday.  Exhausting and fun.
As for farewell, we attended a wake this afternoon.  Our bcf’s sister-in-law passed after a long illness.  Only 69 years old.  God rest her soul.  She and her husband were sweethearts from the time they were fourteen and fifteen.
Life can sure throw us curve balls.  What’s the old saying, "We make plans and God laughs?" 
We never planned on having a grandchild with autism but here we are.  We are blessed that our Bells can communicate for the most part.  I have been noticing some behaviors lately that are disheartening but we can address them with her teacher and therapists when school starts next week.
As you all know, we wouldn’t trade our Isabella for a neurotypical child.  She is who she is and autism is a part of her.  Eventually, she will, more than likely, be in a regular classroom.  She will probably always have "eccentric" ways about her.  Truth be told, it is my own eccentricities that I tend to like best about myself!  My buddy, M, says I am definately on the spectrum! (Her son is in Bells’ class and we can kid around like that.)
Do you have any interaction with a person with autism?  Well, uh, yea!  Bells and now her friend. It is an edcuational experience nearly every day.  Am I happy for the education?  Most days.
What do you know more about than you would have chosen to know about?  Cancer and autism.  I have had more experience with them having to do with people I love than I would ever choose to.
Have you ever gone skydiving?  Would you?  Are you out of your cotton pickin’ mind?!
What would you like to try to do that you haven’t done before?  Hmmm…why do I ask questions I don’t have a ready answer for?  How about a missions trip.  I like my comfort zone and could use an attitude adjustment.
Is there any such thing as an honest politician?  Oh, I hope so.
For my American friends, enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  For everyone else, enjoy your regular weekend!
blessings, gail

3 responses to “Fun, Fatigue and Farewells Falderal

  1. Just know how tired you must be G. Praying that you receive some much needed and lengthy sleep. Also glad you take time to visit and do the right thing in general….especially the way you support others in need. Thanks my sister, my friend.* Yes I’ve been around many autism persons, and you know, they always have left me feeling blessed by their reality. Something extra special about these children; God’s little angels and messengers.* Know way more about cancer than I ever realized I would. * Done the mission trips and they are rewarding. Guess, in hindsight, I would have worked a little longer. Still too many bad people out there.* I’ve jumped from choppers and planes while in the military many times. Yes, I would sky dive and bungee jump.* I know less than a handful of honest politicians; they are never re-elected…..geez, wonder why?My next post might be about our dictator’s health care plan. Watch and wait. I’m not a happy camper.J.W.L.

  2. You must know that parents of autistic children would not trade them for anything. They are a gift unto themselves. You go girl, Isabella!!!

  3. Good Morning G — Happy Labor Day! I’ve had a busy week, it feels nice to have nothing special planned for today.Do you have any interaction with a person with autism? Yep, there’s my little guy Eric. It’s such a joy watching his progress and having the opportunity to bond with my daughter as we travel this journey together. Eric’s autism has made me so much more aware of others around me. What do you know more about than you would have chosen to know about? My answer is the same as your’s g — Cancer and autism. On the other hand, both things have kept my brain working and my heart more open. Have you ever gone skydiving? Would you? No — and — heck no! What would you like to try to do that you haven’t done before? I wouldn’t mind trying Waterskiing. It always looks like such fun. But the opportunity has never arose. Is there any such thing as an honest politician? That’s a hard one — I sure hope so as well, but each time I think someone might be, I’m proved wrong.Well, I’m going to head over and update my own space. I’ve started to a few times, only to be interruped and never finish – then it’s out of date Can’t forsee any interruptions right now though so I believe I’ll get to it.Talk to you soon!Deb

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