Feeling Free Falderal

For the last two and a half years (three and a half if you count a false start), I have been working through the book Walls of My Heart by Dr. Bruce Thompson and Barbara Thompson.  It is described as "Powerful Keys to Breaking Out and Being Free."
Since I was fifteen years old, I have been in and out of therapy.  All those counselors, all those years prepared my for this journey through which I was led by, for the most part, my friend Am.  I learned that I had built walls of sadness, insecurity, bitterness, anger and many more negatives around my heart.  My experience taught me why I put them there, how to tear them down and how to build new walls which are healthy for me and pleasing to God.
There is so much I want to write but I am hoping that maybe some of you will take this journey.  If you have no one here to guide you through it, I hope you will ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  I will be happy to answer questions via e-mails.
The weekend is upon us and it couldn’t have come too soon!  I’m beat.  Isabella is my companion from seven am til school starts at nine and then I pick her up at two thirty.  She is with us until six pm.  I love her more than anything in this world – still, weekends are good!
Do you have anyone you can talk to about what’s on your mind?  I am blessed in that area.  I have wise friends and a great mom.
Breakfast sausage or bacon?  Neither!  What are you trying to do, kill me?  My cholesterol is high enough.  Who thinks up these questions anyway.  Besides, I hate the spicing in breakfast sausage.
Do you think about whether or not what you watch or read effects you spiritually?  More than ever before.  I have learned that a person’s brain retains memories so well that, when having brain surgery in the memory portion of the brain, memories and the feelings that went along with them are relived when probed!  I must be careful what I put in here.
You can be instantly transported anywhere in the world right now for three hours.  Where would you go?  As of this moment, I would go to be with my friend V in South Africa to take care of her because she is sick.
Once again, are you ready for some football???  Last Sunday, because we have the NFL channel, we also have a channel called Red Zone.  It is five hours of non-commercial football switching from game to game when teams get close to the twenty yard line or further if the other teams are on commercial break.  My son and his buddies had a hard time tearing themselves away for potty breaks!  Himself and I went to a fair in town for an hour but I enjoyed the games with the guys while reading a book.
Let me know what you are up to, people.  Sending blessings your way, g

4 responses to “Feeling Free Falderal

  1. Hi g, I believe and know that everything affects you spiritually…the real battle takes place in the ‘spirit realm’ But, the Holy spirit is there for true guide and counsel…I need to listen more! :)Adrian

  2. I may have to find that book.. what you said resonates within me.1. I, too, have a few friends and a great mom..2 SAUSAGE!!!! I love sausage, and my cholesterol has never been higher than 176!!LOL3. My pastor in Jacksonville taught us this.. that’s why I watch almost no tv, and listen to mainly Christian music..Won’t watch horror movies or stupid stuff..or read them. For years I kept great spiritual music on 24/7 to keep the climate in my house good.. I’ve gotten lax on that, but need to pick it up again!4. Seattle to visit a friend.5. Who cares??LOL I’m not a big sports fan, anymore.. waste of time and money.. They’ve made them gods in our society.. I like high school or college ok.. but pros are just money hungry men.. not the "heros" they used to be..Thanks for a good "falderal"hugs,Jean

  3. Hello, Dear G! I think I need some therapy… I’ve been told by the naturopath that physically there is nothing wrong with me – the reason I can’t lose weight (even when eating well and exercising) is emotional. Well, great. I’d rather take some medicine or herbs or something!! a) I do talk to my mom some, my husband some… I really would like a good friend to talk to. After being hurt one too many times by friends, I haven’t put enough time into making new ones.b) I’m trying to avoid both! But, I would rather have sausage at breakfast; if I have bacon I want it on my cheeseburger. Lol.c) TOtally!! I try to be very careful, especially what I allow in my little girl’s mind, as well.d) Back to Idaho to see my parentse) Football – urgh. Couldn’t care less. I think the amount of $$ that pro-players make when others in our country are losing their homes, or going hungry, is the pinnacle of the inequity of life.

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