…a chance to breathe.
My trip to see my brother and his bride was great.  Not only did I get to spend time with them and their wonder pup, Memphis Belle,
I also got to spend time with my cousin, his bride and their daughter and her family.
As an extra treat, I got to spend time with Dana Texas Mammie who is a delight!
I also learned how to shoot a rifle – a special kind of rifle:  Locked and loaded!
All too soon the trip was over but I got to come home to a special little girl who owns my heart and my loving family.  Life is good.
Of course I needed to sleep a lot to get over all the excitement.  The great Atlantic northeast is perfect for a nap with its grey skies and rain.  I think I just might take advantage of it.
blessings to all, g

6 responses to “Finally…

  1. What a great trip! Next time we’ll have to plan a trip up to OK when you come visit Jim!LOL Or get me down to Dallas! We’ll get MizAngie to come over, too! Glad you had no travel troubles…hugs,Jean

  2. Hello g, I was on another friends page and notice the "g". I thought, "Oh wow, there is another ‘g’. I wonder what she is like." So I dropped by and want to comment on your most recent post. That is terrific you learned to shoot a rifle and got to visit with family and friends. PS: Don’t let MSN bug you too much. this is a wonderful site, and I have met a lot of good people here. If you want, add me to your friend’s list. I looked for a way to add you to mine, but did not find the link. Anyway, I hope you have a great week to come.

  3. Glad you had a nice time and got the chance to reconnect with family. And look at all that hair on Bells! What a pretty little girl! : )

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