Futile to Fight Falderal

The girls have finally moved back home.  It was a quick, easy move although the getting organized will probably start tomorrow.  Correction:  better start tomorrow.
What is futile is to fight wanting a quiet house for any length of time. As a, matter of fact, we had to pick up Bells from school yesterday with a cough and low fever.  She can not return until we have a doctor’s note.  Even a slight fever gives the schools such fear now.  It is a shame but I suppose it is necessary.
What is also futile is to depend on others to figure out the right answers for a child like Isabella.  After waiting nine months for an appointment, I accompanied The Girl and Bells to see a developmental pediatrician.  Although we know she has autism, we had to get a formal diagnosis.  The nurse practitioner took a detailed history and then the doctor came in.  She was read the history and didn’t add much of anything.  When asked about testing for deficiencies or about diet she said she doesn’t do any of that because it isn’t “scientifically proven.”   See you in six months.
Not one suggestion; not one how do you do.  All we got was a diagnosis.  Now I understand why the moms in Bells’ school told us to use another doctor; live and learn.  However, the nurse practitioner and doctor both agreed that Bells has a very good chance of leading a “normal” life some day in the future.
We have expected progress not further problems.  However, our girl has started to hit herself on occasion.  It has brought The Girl to tears.  It seems to be like a reflex rather than a behavior she thinks about.  Something for us to research.
On a lighter note, we celebrated Isabella’s 4th birthday last weekend.  Can you believe she is four years old?  She loved being sung to at the several celebrations she had.  Balloons?  She brings them everywhere with her!  The Girl has asked me to not get any more.  Himself and I got her a set of instruments – percussion instruments – drum, maracas, castinets, bells!  Typical grandparent present but not when the grandchild lives with you.  That kind of noise doesn’t bother me.  High pitched noises do like whistles.
Are there any noises that bother you?  High-pitched whistles, nails on a chalkboard and utensils scraping a plate.
Have there been any battles you have had to fight for your children?   Many times.  Getting my children classified with learning disabilities took my figuring it out before the system did.  I will go into detail if you wish.
Do you like chai?  Eww.  I figured out that it has cloves in it and I have a story about cloves I might share some time that explains why I hate it.
Plans for Thanksgiving?  I know my Canadian friends have already celebrated and my international friends might not celebrate.  We are actually staying home this year.  So many years going to the in-laws and we are tired of seeing Himself’s mom exhaust herself.  We will go there for dessert.
Is this going to be a good holiday season?  If it KILLS me I will enjoy myself!  Those of you who have been with me for a while know I don’t like this time of  year.  I am going to try to be a model of Christmas cheer!
Be well, my friends.  I pray that all is well.  g

8 responses to “Futile to Fight Falderal

  1. So sorry to hear the dr. visit didn’t go well. This is why I don’t like doctors… too often it seems like they really don’t care. Have you thought about taking Bells to an herbalist or naturapath? I have had more luck personally (as have friends) thru that system. I really do think diet makes a different with autism, as with many other issues.I LOVE Chai – but, not all chai. I like the Oregon Chai, but don’t care for the kind they use at Sbux (it burns the back of my throat). Actually, one of my fave drinks this time of year is a chai-nog – egg nog latte using chai rather than espresso…yuummmm. Of course, my only other experience with cloves is making those covered oranges that smell nice… so I haven’t got issues with it!! We are going out for dinner this Thanksgiving. Which seems terribly, terribly wrong. I’m used to big family and friend dinners and hanging around playing games and such. However, being 2500 miles from family…. well, Alan has a cousin here, we were going to go to their house which would’ve been fun, at least the guys would’ve watched football together – but they just moved and arent’ up for company I guess, so instead we are joining them at the restaurant. Seems weird, but I’m determined to make the best of it.I’m sorry you don’t enjoy the holidays. I didn’t know that. I know people have reasons that it’s not the great time of year so many make it out to be. Myself, I love them, but I understand not everyone does. I am sorry.

  2. It’s been a long time since my last visit.I am so sorry to hear the problem little Bells and your family is facing. It is never easy to have this kind of thing happening to a member of your family, especially at this age.That doctor…. are you sure it is a doctor??? Grrrrr……. I am sorry but I think I would have given that "doctor" a piece of my mind.I am sure little Bells will have a wonderful normal life!!! Just look at that picture.Courage!As for the questions.Are there any noises that bother you? In fact I hate too much talking. Have there been any battles you have had to fight for your children? Well, I you may know I was a single mum, so I had to make a choice whether to keep him or not. I made the right choice. Do you like chai? I am waiting for the story. As far as I am concerned all spices are nice in small doses, and I do believe they have therapeutic healings. I prefer cinnamon. Plans for Thanksgiving? No thanks giving here Is this going to be a good holiday season? I HATE this period and celebration…. what can I say moreHugs,Isa

  3. Have you tried a change in diet to a gluten free one for Isabella? Supposedly, this has worked for many people. I don’t have experience to know myself but I guess it’s worth a try. I’m proud of you all for working so hard for Isabella. Happy 4th Birthday to her! I wish I was closer so I could take pictures of her. She is so stinkin cute with that beautiful hair, adorable!!Are there any noises that bother you? I am startled easily so really loud noises bother me. Scratching a chalkboard, dental noises, whistling, people chewing and slurping with their mouth open…I’m easily annoyed!Have there been any battles you have had to fight for your children? Yes, she is always the smallest and always being picked on. She is also sweet natured so she doesn’t understand when she’s being picked on. I’m dealing with that now even. Do you like chai? I do. :)Plans for Thanksgiving? My parent’s year.Is this going to be a good holiday season? I hope so!Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Hey G, Thanks for posting what you are reading…..I put the Perfect Christmas on hold at my library. I think we have similar reading tastes. I like a variety. : )

  5. So sad that Bells is put on hold by our medical know-it-all avatars….gag! Without Christ your frustrations would surely be overwhelming. My prayers include her and your family with increasing frequency.* All the noises you mentioned plus sonic booms. Brings back too many horrific memories.* The only battle I had to fight was with myself when I lost my only child as an infant. Crib death is not a satisfactory explanation, and God knows, it never will be. My consolation is that she is in His loving arms.* Yes, I like chai.* We are having Thanksgiving and Christmas together this year. My nephew (by marriage) has to leave Dec. 4th for a new job in California. Christmas day will be quiet and somber with those of us left behind, but we will celebrate it’s true meaning with joyful hearts.* It will be a good holiday season if the true intent is recognized and love is the primary celebration.G, I’m interested in your opinion of my current post. Reply if you can. Be well, take a chill pill and continue on the narrow road with all of us that are burdened.J.W.L.

  6. Just as Amy suggested, my friend son’s is autistic and they have put him on a gluten free diet and has worked wonders…if you need any help with researching this please email me and I can get you in touch with my friends mother, she is currently helping others with recipes and places to shop. And some other suggestions to help in their diets….they have had amazing results with him especially where his schooling is concerned…Noises – high pitched screams, kids fighting and loud radiosBattles for my kids – trying to keep my family together when my ex husband went to prison and getting them counseling without falling through the cracksChai – not sure if I do or notThanksgiving – my and my boys…my daughter may come in but not sure yet…will try a deep fried turkey this year for the first time…a friend is giving me one…it should be good cuz it is free…lolGood Holiday Season – Well each year I bemoan the fact that I am single again (five years now) but I think I will try to ignore that fact this year, so should be better than last year…Grace to youShell

  7. Hi G. Theres an impovement in Bells from what I read and we Thank God for that one . As for the hitting at least you know and now may have some roads to travel in regrads to treament of what it might be or not be. Your in my thoughts and prayers. She is a Sweetie. Sorry she is sick and I know eveyone is told to stay home with any kind of cold ect.Thanks for stopping. I love my Kitchen and cook more and more all the time. I spend alot of time in it. . Its right of my office also. Thanks for the BD Wishes. A friend is somebodyWho knows you and likes you Exactly the way that you are.Someone who’s specialAnd so close in thoughtThat no distance can ever seem far.A friend understands you Without any words, Stands by youWhen nothing goes right.And willingly talksOver problems with you Till they somehowJust vanish from sight.And whether you’re neighbors Or live miles apart, A word from a friend gives a lift To your heart and spirit.That shows you once moreWhy friendship is life’s dearest gift!- Author Unknown Much Love my Dear Friend.Lisa

  8. Any noises that bother you? Country music comes to mind (I’m sure I just kicked someone’s sacred cow). I second the high pitched noises and add the deep bass of the wannabe punk at the gas station. If you walk away from your TV for too long, I’m likely to turn it off.Fighting battles for children? Fought so many that we now have established times for fighting – prayer on Monday and Wednesday nights, not that it’s the only time we fight! Like chai? So sheltered, so ignorant, so never had it.Thanksgiving plans? Consume what I cooked (someone should test to see if the stuff is safe to eat). Enjoy being with daughters and wife. Ignore bathroom scales. Is this going to be a good holiday season? Yep!

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