Looking back over the last few years I see that blogging has enmeshed itself in the very fiber of my life.  Although I have not spent much time here of late, the effects are in my life every day.
It seems that it would be unrealistic to call someone a "friend" if you have not really met.  However, I have met a few of you in person and it has solidified our relationships.  A few others I have spoken with by phone and other forms of communication and we have stood by one another through good times and rough times.
When I post new pictures of Isabella, I get the same reactions here that I get from my friends and family I "see" in person.  Every time we conquer a battle for Bells’ education or when she makes progress, I have a virtual cheering section.
If I am sick or sad, I get encouragement and prayers.  When you are sick or need encouragement, I deem it an honor to be able to pray for you and send you a bit of "g" wisom and cheer!
What I am saying is I appreciate you and count you a blessing in my life!  Thank you for being here.
Let’s do a falderal on Thursday to change things up:
How long have you been blogging:  About three and a half years now.
Why did you start?  I’m not really sure.  I enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and I enjoy writing so it seemed natural to start.
Have you met anyone from blogland in person?  Yes.  I have met Lols, Duckie Eileen and Texas Mammie and they are as wonderful in person as they are here!
What has slowed you down in blogworld, if, indeed, you have slowed down?  If you haven’t slowed down, what has kept you going?  I must confess that facebook is one culprit but mostly it is the changes spaces has made.  We now have to work harder to see what is going on with our friends.
How in the world are you?  I am pretty well, thank you very much.  We are experiencing weird weather and it is making a mess of our sinuses but our health is pretty good.
God bless all of you, g

11 responses to “Blogging

  1. :O) It is a blessing you have met real people on space! It is not always the case you know!How long have you been blogging: About two years. Why did you start? For fun and because my boyfriend at that time told me no one will visit me! LOL!!! Am I that boring!! LOL!!! I met a few nice people there too ;O) Have you met anyone from blogland in person? Nope. But I think it would be an interesting experience. What has slowed you down in blogworld, if, indeed, you have slowed down? If you haven’t slowed down, what has kept you going? In the first place, I was hit by a stalker, then another one, then one friend died add up work. Now that I am back seems many has moved to Facebook, even copy and pasting graphics seems to be more complicated…. spaces seemed to have changed a lot. How in the world are you? Glad to know you are ok. Mmmmm a bit upset to be sincere… LOL!God bless you too!!Take care,Isa

  2. You, my dear friend, literally go that extra mile. You will never know how much I loved your visit. Now I feel that I know a part of you that others have not had the honor. You do come under the heading of my "rainy day people."I began blogging near Sept 11, 2006. On my main MSN home page there was an article about a woman writing about having a disabled child that struck a nerve with me. I loved what she wrote and was taken back by her comments. In going to this article, there was a set up to begin your own blog. For the longest time I wrote in a vacume, until one person noticed me and his friends quickly became my friends. I have had to abandon and begin another space 3 times because of a family member no less, but it has been worth it for me to continue in spaces. Just think, I never would have met you.

  3. Gail, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs and getting to know you. And I have also appreciated your words of wisdom and prayer.How long have you been blogging: About four years I believe. Why did you start? I’m not really sure. I enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and decided to start one of my own. I actually read one my brother had. It no longer exists. Have you met anyone from blogland in person? No. I’m not sure if I would either. I’m a very private person and speak about a lot on here. I usually don’t divulge that information until I’ve known someone for a long time. That’s why my space is private. What has slowed you down in blogworld, if, indeed, you have slowed down? LIFE If you haven’t slowed down, what has kept you going? Facebook has become a much easier way to keep up with everyone. How in the world are you? I"m doing pretty good. Just tired. Glad the weekend is almost here.Take care…..: )Carol

  4. Oh and I like to read what you are reading. So thanks for posting that. I picked up the Perfect Christmas this evening. I’ve never read anything by Debbie Macomber. Have you? Is she a good author?

  5. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to call Spaces friends "friends" at all. It might not be the same as real life friends, but it’s real to me..1. I’ve been blogging for 3 1/2 years, I think..2. I found a nursing student’s blog, and laughed so much I wanted to comment.. at the time I had to have one to comment, so I just started..3. I’ve med MzNadine, and Stephanie C., and I think that’s all!! Some of them I talk to on the phone, and it seems like I have met them!!4. I’ve slowed waaaaaay down on the blogs… I just seemed to run out of words.. I’m on facebook much more, and just don’t know where to restart!!5. I’m doing some better, with several big challenges lately. Hopefully it will get better!hugs,Jean

  6. When? July 2005 – on again off againWhy start? I also enjoyed reading other’s blogs. I’d rather leave comments than write; therefore, I had to set up a blog, but then I felt guilty that I was too lazy to write myself. . I dislike writing since it is a somewhat difficult process for me; therefore, for me to write is a type of “stretching” exercise in self discipline and thought collection. Have you met anyone from blogland in person? Yep, one person. Met the delightful Carol Lou from California (it’s a whale of a story)! What has slowed you down…? Me slowed me down; but I’m still looking for a better sounding excuse. How in the world are you? Life is good.

  7. Hi G…I agree with you on what you shared about blogging. It is a part of our lives now even though many come and go…I just had my four year anniversary at Blog Quest. I would have never thought…Why did you start? …Something to dilly dally with on a Thanksgiving weekendHave you met anyone from blogland in person? …Yes. What has slowed you down in blogworld, if, indeed, you have slowed down? If you haven’t slowed down, what has kept you going? …Busier schedule and just write less…How in the world are you? …I can’t complain because my heart has been with those who have suffered tremendously in 2009.Have a nice weekend and we are glad you are still a part of Spaces…Greg

  8. I hate to regurgitate what Greg said, but it is true. I often refer to many of you guys as friends when I am discussing some of the entries I’ve read to my family. I think it’s definitely much more than blogging, it’s more of a area where we can share and enjoy each other’s company.I hadn’t seen those pictures you have posted on the right side. They are wonderful. She’s very photogenic.I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the holiday season.Take care,

  9. always nice to know you have been around my space …even though I spend so little time on it !your photos of beautiful Isabella were worth the length of time it took to get in here …I am wondering why it all takes so long now ,,sigh .or maybe I am just impatient anyway love to you all and I may get back to answer the questions later

  10. Hi Gail!!!So nice to read a blog from you again. Isabella (my favorite name ) is beautiful! I will come back and catch up tomorrow I hope. I am suppose to have a conference all in fifteen minutes with two of my daughters who are planning a surprise birthday party for their sister, who will be 30 next week so I must leave way too soon here but couldn’t help but say hi.BIG HUG!!!always…Julieann…always

  11. December 2009 nearly 2010I said I would never blog My blogs were posted quite awhile ago but here I am posting blogs ha haI didnt even know what they were called These spaces on the screen I didnt have much chance to learn I couldnt get near the computer or rather I was upset with the fights Of (Thats Mine) Hits put me right Off And how in the World are you Stop by my Windows Live

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