TV Tales and Such

I watch too much television.  I use the tv as a babysitter for Bells too much of the time.  Mom used to call it the "idiot box" and I believe a majority of the households in America use it as their main form of entertainment.
Pass through any neighborhood at night and, if a window isn’t covered, you might see flashing forms from whatever is being watched.  As I type this, CSI is playing from the dvr.  Himself still likes it but I am kind of bored by it and grossed out by how graphic, gory and filled with gratuitous sex it is.
HOWEVER, it does serve a good purpose, too.  I have learned quite a bit of decent knowledge from some of my shows.  For instance, if someone is dying slowly and no one can figure it out, test for heavy metal poisoning.  Arsenic will be detected that way but the test is rarely given making it the choice of unhappy spouses who want out.  Himself thinks I am so smart when I can figure that kind of thing out.  hmmm…
Like the internet, it is great and horrible. 
Enough of that.  Less than two weeks before Christmas.  I have never done Santa with my kids but The Girl is doing it with Isabella who still doesn’t get it.  I asked The Boy if it ever bothered him that I didn’t do Santa and he said no.  The Girl, however, had her father telling her Santa was real and she tried to make me believe in him.
In the spirit of decoration, I have polished my nails a deep green.  Sally’s Beauty Supply sells their own brand of nail polish in small bottles for .99!  I love that!  You don’t have to commit to a color you paid $8 for.
Have I mentioned that my children are making me crazy?  I have to remember that we have raised them and they are adults.  They are now responsible for themselves and no longer require our parenting.  We have to sit back and pray whilst they make their mistakes and have their victories.  It is so hard.  If they would only listen we could keep them from hurting so badly.  ugh  Letting God be God is hard but they belong to Him, not us.
Are you ready for Christmas?  Depends on what you mean by ready.  We buy very few gifts and I haven’t baked much for years.  The tree is trimmed and a few decorations are up.
Have a favorite Christmas cookie?  Hard to choose.  I like my coconut macaroons drizzled with chocolate and oatmeal lace cookies sandwiched with chocolate.  Gingerbread cookies with chocolate on them.  Am I seeing a pattern here?
Where will you be on Christmas eve and or day?  Christmas eve, my sister’s house with my side of the family.  Christmas day, the in-laws’.
Egg nog?  A little bit.  I like it but it is sooo fattening.
What are you watching on tv these days?  I’m enjoying the Home & Garden channel a lot especially the Canadian shows like Income Property and The Unsellables.  Also, Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.
Here’s hoping that your "days are merry and bright and that all your Christmases are white" (at least in your dreams!).
blessings, g

8 responses to “TV Tales and Such

  1. I truly dislike most tv. I turn it on a couple of times a month.. I have come to intensely dislike all those crime shows. I believe what you take in is what you meditate on and fill yourself with.. I have become very sensitive to the crimes these shows have on there. Just can’t take it anymore! Doesn’t make it easy to spend time with most friends, as most only want to watch tv! I have some that like to play games in the evening, and we do that..I know it’s hard to let go of your kids, but… God will help.1. Ready?? I LAUGH at ready!!lol obviously my answer is nooooooooo.2. No real front runner for only Christmas..3. We’re having Christmas at my niece’s this year, for the first time! She has the little one!4. YUK!5. Nothing.. Except Lost reruns and startrek reruns!!LOLHope you’re feeling well, and Belles is well and hugs,Jean

  2. Sometimes kids want to prove their parents wrong but not always. Sometimes they just can’t help themselves – any more than we could help ourselves when we were making our own stupid mistakes.Cookies – I like those Hershey’s Kissess drop thingies (don’t know what they’re called)Don’t have any hard and fast plans for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day we’ve been invited to Mary Lou’s (Mama’s friend here in the park).Egg nog – yes, please (the non-alcoholic variety, of course….even in my drinking days I thought the rum added made it the nastiest tasting stuff on the planet!)Netflix. ‘s about it.Love ya! 🙂

  3. hi, yes it is hard, think it is when you become a grandparent, you realise where your own parents were coming from. think many of us have and do use t.v. as a babysitter, it is also a place to escape to sometimes. you have made me want to colour my nails green, will have to look out for some polish. I painted them brown last week and they chipped quickly so I said that is it, just nail strengthener from now on, but this morning I was thinking maybe a colour for christmas. its like my hair, keeping saying I will let it grow out into it’s lovely gray colour – not – but then cannot face it and out come the bottled colours again. I am not good at growing old gracefully -lol – had to give up the high heel shoes, but other things I hang on to. have a good christmas and happy new year – nita.

  4. I never was a TV watcher when my husband was alive. Now since he is gone I do watch more TV in the wintertime. I am hooked on one soap, The Young and the Restless. I have watched so many Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel this yearthat I have used several boxes of tissues.

  5. Most of my TV watching is "my stories." Network is not getting a place in my heart. This year I had little TV time and it was a zoo. When returned home avter over 2 moths, I was stunned how not that much had moved with my soaps./// No definite family plans doI will go to the nursing home to be with Rich and maybe we can go out for dinner. I have to work with Rich that he is in not a consulation prise.. Eldest brother opens his home for the family on Christmas day. That tradition was never shared with me. So or all I know my children will be with their uncle, but I have a feeling that all of my children will spend at least a majority of their time togetherat Jens.Oh Gail, have yoursel a merry little Christmas.Eileen

  6. Hey my beautiful Jean,Little loved one loves you because you say the nicest things to her:) You just place that blanket of love over me and I feel like everything is going to be alright. You are amazing that way. I used to say I didn’t watch TV but I do like to watch Good Morning America but am having abandonment issues since she left. I really admire that woman and she is such an inspiration that you can still be in your 60’s and have that X factor. I like to watch the beginning of Kelly and Regis because Kelli has the BEST personality. She is so much like my second daughter Deena. Sometimes I watch the doctors but don’t like all the plastic surgery and the sex stuff. I LOVE the view and the differnt viewpoints of each of the women and they have great quests. I devo most of it and Oprah and just watch these shows if I want to see something that evening. I like all the different topics. I order foreign films and documentaries from Netflix and those are my special treats. Gosh, for a girl that says see doesn’t watch much TV, it sure sounds like it. I have definet likes. Gosh, I know what you mean about the kids. I just ZIP up and listen or try to look like I listen. If they ask my opinion, I give it. Lately they have been asking a lot and perhaps it’s because I have stayed zipped up. I think when they are in their 30’s it changes or at least it has for me. There seems to be more respect. Knock on wood…all hell will probably break out tomorrow :/Ummmm…Christmas…I have no idea. Not uusally settles until a couple days before. I am just grateful that we are all here this Christmas and no one has died. I count those blessings big time. No favorite cookies until you mentioned yours. I think those are my favorites now. I am easily swayed.Time to go to bed and just wanting to catch up with you some. You know I love you!!!always…Julieann…always

  7. oh Gail, did I think I was writing to Jean when I was here because I saw Jean’s comment at the end? :/ Let me call my doctor for some more MRIs because I am either over-whelmed with the latest stuff or there is something going on. so embarrassed 😦 Merry Christmas, beautiful and sweet Gail.always…Julieann…alwaysMea culpa!!

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