Miracles and Such

There are skeptics among us but I believe in miracles.  
This afternoon I sent out a prayer request to heal my migraine and it is gone.  I put my hands on my niece’s swollen, nine months pregnant baby belly and felt my new great nephew moving within her.  At one of my Tuesday night meetings (group of women from my church), a members hands got hot and she touched several of us and we were all healed by the next day of what was ailing us (I was healed within an hour or so).
The greatest miracle of all that I have experienced was that God took a piece of Himself, came to earth and became human so that I might never be able to say, "Lord, you just don’t understand."  Not only that, He became sin whilst on the cross so that we could have a relationship with God and spend eternity with Him. 
Can it get any better than that?
I no longer try to picture what heaven is like.  There is no way my limited mind could ever do it justice.  I tell my children what my mother told me:  when you get there, whatever makes you happiest is what heaven will be like.  As a child, I used to imagine unlimited boxes of Whitman samplers (chocolates).  Himself hopes for reenactments of the miracles in the Bible like the parting of the Red Sea.  Now, I am waiting in anticipation for when I join my Lord and savior.  I know with everything in me that no joy on earth can compare.
In a few days, we will be celebrating the birth of that bit of God sent to earth.  Technically speaking, shepherds don’t watch over flocks in December so the actual date is up in the air.  Does it really matter when Jesus Christ was born?  I don’t think so.  All that matters was that He WAS born and why.  Born to die that I may live.
My greatest desire is that all I know would come to know Jesus for their own.  Sometimes I ache with this desire.
May the honoring of God by remembering Who He gave us be of the utmost importance in your life this week and always.
blessing, joy and peace, g

8 responses to “Miracles and Such

  1. Peace , Blessing and Love to you G.Merry Christmas.Love and Hugs.and I think shepherds watch over flocks in December . Depending on who the Shepherd is and what flock. We did our Cattle year round.

  2. hi gail, great blog, praise our lord that your migraine has gone. yes I do believe in miracles and healing, god bless you and your family and have a wonderful christmas. thank you for taking my thoughts beyond the trails, tribulations and sickness of this world, this morning. reminding me of the wonderful present god already gave us at christmas, and the one he has ready for us, that place in heaven, no more tears, pain, only joy – hugs nita.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog Gail. Thanks for stopping by today. I have been so busy working and getting ready for Christmas with my family. I just went up to see my dad the other day and celebrate his 78th Birthday. He is still living at home and is doing well with Home Care and Von. coming in to assist him a few times a week. That is a miracle in itself. God has shown us His Grace in so many ways. Well I just popped over to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. God Bless.Hugs and Smiles Dianne 🙂

  4. My mother told me what you tell your children. At age five, I decided that Heaven is where I could rommer skate all day. I wish you every blessing possible for the new year. You have been a stellar part of my 2009.God bless.

  5. We were told that an old man was given a vision of heaven and hell. In both there was a long table full of the most exquisite feast that man could behold. The man asked why the people in hell were so miserable, they had exactly the same as the people in heaven. The reason was simple. Each person at the table held a knife and fork with three foot long handles. In hell it was clear that these were totally impractical, and everyone at the feast was hungry as they couldn’t feed themselves. In heaven everyone happily enjoyed the feast, as they were all pleased to help their neighbour across the table. I was always quite struck by the idea.May God bless you and yours in the coming year. Polly.

  6. Happy New Year Gail!!Great Blog!I am not myself a practitioner of religion but I firm,y believe there is a God.Miracles do exists as it is the proof of what faith can do.It is said that we are the children of God, so I believe when we remove all the dirt like greed we should be able to heal ourselves and others.Jesus was another miracle.Hugs,IsaA huge kiss to Bells

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