A New Daybook Entry

Thank you, Peggy.
FOR TODAY… from gail’s Daybook
Outside my window…a chilly February day
I am thinking…I’m so glad I don’t have nausea with this bout of vertigo I am experiencing!
I am thankful for…the little girl who is sitting beside me keeping me company
I am wearing…jeans, orange top
I am remembering…my room mate from one summer of college
I am going…to pick up something from a freecycler for my niece tomorrow if I can drive
I am currently reading…The Apostle by Brad Thor
I am hoping…to get a lot of sponsors for our Autism Speaks walk in May
On my mind…using the Lent timeline to do something about weight loss
Noticing that…I don’t recognize myself in the mirror any more
Pondering these words…"I haven’t a clue how my story will end, but that’s alright. When you set out on a journey and night covers the road, that’s when you discover the stars. Quote by Nancy Willard..(thank you, Lisa)
From the kitchen…a defrosted chicken and vegetables waiting to be made into soup which will have to wait until tomorrow
Around the house…clean laundry eveywhere needing to be put away
One of my favorite things~a little girl’s warmth as she leans on me
From my picture journal…
I really want to keep up with my blog so, if it takes using something like the daybook, so be it.
Be well, g

2 responses to “A New Daybook Entry

  1. Hey G, it’s hard to keep up with both blog and facebook isn’t it? haha… I have clean laundry around my house waiting to be kept too. and i just hate everything to do with laundry! 🙂 your girl looks like you.blessings and praying for a beautiful day today.hugs

  2. I like this format…I started journaling again…hand written notes in a blank book…kept up with it through out the 90’s …I find it comforting right now…especially as I seek God’s vision for me for 2010….anyway hope your veritgo goes away…that must be awful…will keep you in my prayers..the pic is beautiful!!!grace to youshell

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