Different, Not Less

As a rule, I don’t cry.  Well, maybe at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life at the line, “To my big brother George; the richest man in town!”
However, tonight I cried like a baby.  Himself and I watched the movie Temple Grandin on HBO.  Claire Danes’ performance as the title character was brilliant.
Temple Grandin is a woman with autism.  She didn’t talk until she was four years old.  Now in her early sixties, she graduated college, earned a Master’s degree and has a PhD.  She is a highly respected scientist and advocate for autism.
Why was I crying?  Because the sky’s the limit for my Isabella!  She may never be a scientist or have a PhD but, although I have always had hope for her, this movie gave me even more.  We don’t know what is going on in Bells’ mind; how she processes information.  Hopefully, like Dr. Grandin, she will be able to tell us one day.
Don’t give up!  As Dr. Grandin said, people with autism are different, not less.
Thank you, HBO.
With faith and hope, g

7 responses to “Different, Not Less

  1. Gail, I just stopped by to say hello and I read this blog and it touched my heart. My heart goes out to you and Isabella and your family. You have a beautiful grandaughter. You can’t go wrong with Faith and Hope. I have no idea what you go through and I have no pat answers. Just know that I care. We all have our own paths to walk and don’t know whats around the bin. Faith , Hope and Love will get us through to the other side as hard as it is and seems at times.Thinking of you and praying as the Spirit leads.Hugs Dianne 🙂

  2. The sky really and truly is the limit for your Isabella. My friend has a son with autism…when he was born 34 yrs ago they told her she should put him in an institution that he would only ever be a burden to the family and to society. Today he is a high school principal….after spending many years working with special needs children. He is a highly respected gentleman in our community and just an all-round wonderful person. He is married and his wife is soon to give birth to twins. My friends has been so blessed by her son….she couldn’t have asked for a better and more loving child. Don’t ever give up….people with autism may be different but they are far from less.*Hugs and Blessings*~Karin~

  3. Temple Grandin’s story was the second autism related book that I read. Her accomplishments have been an inspiration and hope for me from the time I read about her. From her I know that a diagnosis of autism is not the death sentence I thought, it just means a rewriting of the script.. However seeing that you cried I think I will have to give the movie a miss as I dont think I want to cry.Good luck with the no afternoon eating 🙂

  4. I saw the previews for that and wanted to see it…do you know when it might be on again???I am so glad it was good. And with God the sky is always the limit…we have a big, big God!!! She is so very precious! grace to youShell

  5. hello !! am just popping thru – i saw this lady give her talk -and you can see it on ted talks – they are also on facebook too ! i had no idea about her until i saw her talk/speech ! she is amazing !! anyway nice to come by !take care & bhappi~x~

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