I had just about completed typing out an entry I had been working on in my head when it disappeared.  I had even saved it to draft halfway through but it is gone!
When I get up the strength to rewrite it (my fibromyalgia has me sleeping a lot), I will share with you what is on my mind.  In the meantime, thanks to The Simple Woman’s Day Book for the following questions:

Outside my window…rain to bring out the crocuses, daffodils and tulips just waiting to erupt into spring song

I am thinking…that I hope I get a restful night’s sleep so I can be a good overnight guest to our friends
I am thankful for…people from the autism family who reached out to me today when I expressed a problem with the school system Isabella is in.
From the kitchen…dishes washed, dishwasher emptied, floor needing washing
I am wearing…pajamas and fuzzy purple slipper socks
I am creating…a ruckus for the school system if they continue to try to take away services from my precious girl
I am going…to stay with friends at the shore just to get some couple time together
I am reading…my Bible – been too tired to start a new book
I am hoping…to get throught this bought of fms so I can get to work
I am hearing…a rumbling in this country that is going to destroy it and/or bring revival
Around the house…so much to do
One of my favorite things…a nice cup of decaf coffee when the mood strikes
A few plans for the rest of the week:  get moving!
Here is picture for thought I am sharing…Isn’t this pretty?!
Have a wonderful weekend, all.  You bless me.  g

10 responses to “Ugh

  1. hi gail, very frustrating and annoying when things like that happen. hope your fibro symptoms lift a bit in the coming days. the shoe is pretty I like pretty shoes, especially ones with high heels, but like you I cant wear them anymore. have a great weekend. hugs – nita

  2. Well Gail we both and so so many Im finding out have fibro and so much more that does go with it. Im in the biggest flare I have had in 20 years. Its not getting better with everything on top of it. . Your in my Prayers with all who suffer with this. Its . .well you know full well. Anyways Isabella is so very beautiful . I love doing Candi photography and would love to follow her around for an afternoon. She has such a personality clearly written in your words and your photos that bring her to life for all of us. Bless you.Thanks for your Prayers , Support . Means alot. L and Hs Lisa xo

  3. Hate to say it but that time they had no idea what it was it was so new and I was sick for a year. It finally left. There is hope.

  4. Gail, I will keep you in my prayers in regards to all you have listed…I have several friends with fibro and understand the difficulty! It is a blessing to me to visit here, you have a wonderful thankful spirit! Love the shoe, what a thought :)Grace to you special lady!shell

  5. G: Oh my… you found me out!!! I’ve been away from Spaces for so long and didn’t think anyone would see my crazy ramblings. Glad I wasn’t even more honest about my spiritual laziness! Isabella has grown so much since I last saw photos…. how time flies. Gosh… it is amazing that so much time has passed. I’m so glad to see a familiar site here and I wish you well.Take care,B

  6. FOR TODAYOutside my window… rain rain rain…… I am thinking…how I hate laundry, especially when it piles sky high! someone please invent a machine that folds and keeps laundry! I am thankful for…my parents who are wonderful grandparents to my childrenFrom the kitchen…dishes washed, but not the wok I am wearing…my favourite shorts and striped t-shirt I am creating…memories and experiences for my girls I am going…to be really busy till Easter! practices after practices! I am reading…my Bible and Little Princess to my childrenI am hoping…to get the music done by tomorrow or I’ll be in deep troubleI am hearing…and reading bout lots of unpleasant things going on here..Around the house…like you, so much to do One of my favorite things… going for a nature trail to ease my mindG, praying your fms will ease. Pls pray for me too that shoulder tension will cease. Love you and praying for you.

  7. I don’t remember seeing this entry. You wouldn’t have liked what my voice software initially translated that sentence as. This is what it initially thought I said, "I don’t understand this entry." I really am having problems with this thing today. It’s not the only thing I’m having trouble with.

  8. Outside my window… the sky is just getting light. I am thinking…how much I miss being here at Spaces.I am thankful for…my job, when so many around me are becoming unemployed. Mine is safe.From the kitchen…the smell of heavenly coffee.I am wearing…jammies and robeI am creating…a photo book of memories for my dad and sister.I am going…to a lunch date and shopping with my Nikki tomorrow.I am reading…"The Geometry of Sisters" by Luanne RiceI am hoping…it’s nice enough this weekend to plant some flower bulbs.I am hearing…the whir of the fan in my laptop….lol…Around the house…spring cleaning bit by bit …YAY!One of my favorite things… planning our family trip to the beach in Delaware in July.Hope you smiled when you saw this. Miss you lots!Deb

  9. Nikki just came by and picked up her little man….it sure is quiet here without him. But then again, I didn’t think I could blow another bubble or listen to "Happy Birthday" by the Ting Tings again. LOL!Feels so good to be back g…..Deb

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