Back in the Saddle

I am going to do my best to get back into the swing of blogging. Other on line activities have taken me away from my first love and I long to type more than one sentence at a time!

Recently, we had the yearly IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting at Isabella’s school. It took a while for my daughter and me to understand that the system is taking away services while telling us how well Bells is doing. “Your child is doing well so we are going to reduce her time in school and take away her summer program.” Huh? If it is working why change it? Bottom line, let’s save money.

Budget cutting measures are made by people who aren’t in the trenches. If they met these wonderful children would they be as quick to pull the rug out from under them? If they were to look into the eyes of the parents who are exhausted from the daily care of special needs children and from working full-time to put food on their tables could they justify the measures they are taking?

More and more I see the need for groups like Autism Speaks and P.O.A.C. which are on the front lines of defending the rights children on the autism spectrum. When I reached out, I was given information to help my daughter fight this I.E.P. and insist on getting Bells the services that are helping her to flourish.

On May 23rd, team Isabella will be walking for Autism Speaks. We hope to raise $1000 to help raise awareness of autism, education and research for a cure. If you wish to join us let me know! If you want to donate, great. What I ask for most is your support and encouragement for myself and any other families with members on the spectrum. Learn about autism. Reach out; give them a break if you are so inclined.

Awareness and education; our greatest weapons and our greatest defenses.

blessings from the trenches, gail


8 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. good morning gail, god bless you and your family too. keep blogging and may god be with you and your daughter in raising the awareness and support.

  2. wow, wish I could be there. Take pics and post it k?Anyway…will pray for you and Bells. SHe’s blessed that you are her grandmama. :)hugs

  3. Nik has her I.E.P. meeting Wednesday. They make her so nervous. It is going to be a hard year for Nikki. Eric is being integrated into regular school Kindergarden in September. She has toured two schools and we believe we have found the right one for him. She doesn’t have many choices actually because of the district she is in. I think they only have 3 Elementary schools. The one we like has a separate area for Special Needs and a companion for Eric (ratio is 2 students to one aide/companion). Nik happened to be there when one of the little guys was having a meltdown. She was very impressed with what she saw. Also a friend of mine had his little boy go there and had nothing but praise for how they helped him. Yay for the walking in May. Please send your address via message g…I’d like to donate and will send a check. Also who to make it out to. And my friend, you know you have my support always, as I know I have yours. Hugs to you and a extra one for Isabella!

  4. that is right awareness and education are the keys!!! Good luck on the walk! I have a few events planned over here as well… so my brain is busy. Glad to have you back and writing 🙂

  5. Hi Gail, Yes it all boils down to the money. So keep fighting. I have first hand experience with the school system here and I know how it is. Isabella will thrive with your continued fight and support. : )

  6. My nephew has his yearly IEP and this year we were pleasantly surprised and also a little worried to find out that he is progressing so well they are planning on integrating them into high school as a normal student. He doesn’t have autism, but he does suffer from severe ADD and various other learning disabilities.I have to say that moving to my present house may not have been the best for me in some ways, but the children have really benefited from changing counties. I thought this county would be behind my previous one, but I was pleasantly wrong about that.I hope your endeavor to keep the services she needs will eventually triumph. Are your teachers on your side? Keep in mind you can always try to fight to make sure that she still receives the help she needs.Good luck.

  7. My memory is absolutely horrendous at times. I just realized I initially came over here to let you know that I did look up the book you’re reading. Of course the critics didn’t like it, but that doesn’t always mean everything. I’m glad you’re enjoying the page turner. I myself have began reading a novel myself. I’m reading a book by Philip Morgolin. It’s a book about criminals, criminal lawyers, and the system. I usually don’t get into books that have too many lawyers in them, but I seem to enjoy his novels.

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