Television: Liberator, Captor or Time Vampire?

The dvr (digital video recorder) is a blessing and a bane.  Before we had one, we missed shows because they were on at the same time another favorite show was on or because it was on too late.  We would hope to catch the missed show on summer reruns.
Now, we can record two shows at a time whilst watching a recorded show.  Isabella’s favorite shows are always on tap and, I must admit, we do use them way too much.  Let’s blame it on lack of energy to engage in more constructive activities.
Well, our dvr has been rather persnickety lately.  Let’s just say it makes watching television "interesting."  Therefore, we got a new one delivered and will be setting it up tomorrow.  Problem is we can’t transfer the recorded shows to the new dvr so I stayed up way to late to watch my recorded programs!
I know that there is so much more I could be doing.  Reading would be a great option.  Cleaning.  Catching up on correspondence – yea, right.  But here I sit fast forwarding through commercials and seeing what Jack Bauer will do next to save the US of A.
What DO people with low energy do without tv?  There are things I need to do for the Autism Speaks walk.  It is more than a month away but will be here before I know it.  I could be researching things to do with Isabella instead of letting her watch "Little Bear" until she can script whole shows.
My house hasn’t had a good dusting in so long that I could probably sculpt small, furry creatures on any flat surface.  Maybe I exaggerate but I really need to do some deep cleaning.  Exercise.  Oh, how I need exercise.
Truth is, tv is my down time.  All day long I try to keep up with what needs to be done.  So much doesn’t get done because of my low energy but we keep it together somehow.  I keep up with the latest announcements from Autism Speaks on facebook and read blogs written by people living with autism.  One is actually written by someone WITH autism.  This is a form of education.
Maybe I will try to leave the tv off during the day. Tomorrow.  Or maybe the next day.
Hope you are keeping busy in a way that keeps you smiling, g

9 responses to “Television: Liberator, Captor or Time Vampire?

  1. It is so hard to leave the tv off, and computer off for that matter. Lilla loves to play games on the computer so between the two, ugh, I get frustrated with how much time is spent with them. Fortunately, when the weather is better we do tend to spend more time outside working or playing or what not. The winter is really bad though! Hope tomorrow you are able to do some fun things together!

  2. hi gail, guess a lot of us can relate to what you are saying. my tv goes on with breakfast and the computer just after, I dont do either all day – however I do have certain progs I dont want to miss and these are recorded. so guess I am hooked. grandchildren certainly like both on when they visit.

  3. we used our dvr too much also, until we moved and the service is not offered here yet. We would record series that we wanted to watch and then would sit down when the machine got full or the weather got icky and watch some of the things. We have 100 channels and nothing to watch a lot of the time, so it was nice to be able to turn on the dvr and watch something we really wanted to see.

  4. LOL TV is the best! And you are right the worst thing in the word it is a time zapper, but so it the internet for that matter. I missed it so much when I turned it off for Lent, but it was good in a way because now I have ti off and I have an appreciation for the silence that I didnt have before.You keep smiling at what you are doing too Have a great day/week.G

  5. You really do make me laugh out loud Gail. If I’ve got a long, lost sister it has to be you. We have dust bunnies in our house and I actually think the little rascals multiply. Oh happy day when the mice moved back in….aarrggg!!! If the man behind us would mow his yard/field we wouldn’t have mouse poop everywhere. Our dogs are too old to chase them and I’m too old to crawl up in the attic. Tell Bells I need her to sing the mice away. Funny lady, and I’m fortunate to have you as a friend in this dwindling domain. Be safe, smile bunches, love many and always be true to Gail. Sorry to learn of Sal. From dust to dust my friend.J.W.L.

  6. Good Evening Gail. I thought I would stick my head in and say hello. Call me strange but I very seldom watch TV, although I am sitting here tonight watching Blue Jays’s Baseball and trying to catch up on spaces. If I had to choose between TV and my Computor , I would choose my computer.If I really wanted to I could watch TV on my computor. I do love to watch a good movie once in awhile or National Geo.. shows.Other than that I would rather be doing something else. That’s just me, for what it is worth.I hope you can get a energy recharge with the warmer weather ahead of us. You are a great grandmother and Bella is Blessed to have you and vise a verse a.Well you take care and have a nice rest of the week.Hugs!!!Dianne:)

  7. I used to watch a lot of the history Channel and in truth I still do, but without the DVR I would hardly watch any primetime television. That’s what I did for many years after my injury, but the DVR has allowed me to record all of my favorite shows and watch them late at night when I am lying in bed trying to get to sleep. It’s a godsend on those days when I’m forced to stay down. I do, however, know what it’s like when you’re trying to clear off one and you feel compelled to watch everything you have recorded. Sometimes I just say to myself I haven’t watched it in a certain amount of time, then it wasn’t worth watching.I probably wouldn’t watch nearly as much television if I weren’t confined to his wheelchair. When I was in Germany I only watched a couple of television shows a week and to be brutally honest I didn’t really miss it too much. When I served as a drill sergeant, I didn’t have time to watch any primetime television. In fact, when I was lying in the hospital following my injury I was able to catch up on a multitude of different sitcoms and other dramas I didn’t even know existed because I was out of the country or working while they were being shown originally.I do get your point, nevertheless. It’s a very valid one. Maybe I need to do more reading. 🙂

  8. I am guilty of far too much TV that I’ve recorded – mostly classic TV shows on TV Land and Judge Judy! How did technology take us to this place where I too, have far too many chores that are left undone!! Take care,B

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