New Routine?

Being someone who doesn’t like change all that much, the fact that I have been thinking that I need a change in routine is a bit odd. It’s not that my life isn’t fulfilling because it is. It would be nice, though, to have some choices.

One choice I would make would be to be fibromyalgia free for a while. Usually, I don’t even notice the pain I live with daily. It is just part of my life and I accept it. However, when I have a night like last night, where the pain woke me so often, well, it would be nice to sleep uninterrupted. Also, I would like to be able to make plans without having alternatives planned just in case the fms flares up.

Another choice would be to have the concentration to go back to school or hold down a job. FMS works havoc on one’s concentration. Just the thought of going back to work causes anxiety deep within me.

I know that every school day I need to be available to pick up Isabella at 2:30. Do I have a choice in this? I could refuse but who would do it? Today, it would have been lovely to take a nap to make up for last night’s lost sleep. Yet, here I sit, with The Little Mermaid on for the fifth time in three days.

A friend recently wondered out loud what her life would have been like had she taken the path she originally planned. We won’t ever find out, will we? This is not the life I planned either. However, we are where we are and can either dwell on the past in times of doubt or press on and make the best of where our choices have led us.

Sometimes overwhelmed but always blessed. I suppose that sums up my life right now. That’s not too bad, right?


7 responses to “New Routine?

  1. think your last phrase pretty well sums things up for me too. but I am blessed not to be in pain most of the time, and not to lose sleep often, when I do I get very tetchy – may god bless you often and richly

  2. I hear you.. I’m not where I’d like to be, but I’m still blessed. I pray you get that break from FMS.. It would be nice not to hurt somewhere for a little while, eh?LOL The steps of a good woman are ordered by the Lord.. keep on steppin’.love you,Jean

  3. I really hope you can get a break from that pain. I was experiencing pretty bad issues with it a while ago, but thankfully mine has diminished somewhat. Unfortunately my bowels seemed to be taking up where the shoulder pain has left off. I shouldn’t complain, because my bowels are doing 100% better than they were two and a half months ago.I want to be more spontaneous myself, but sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. I had planned on going to see a movie today, but when the time arrived I just didn’t feel up to it. I did, however, feel pretty darn good yesterday and I think tomorrow will be a better day.I really do hope your problems diminish so you can do things without planning them out carefully. It is wonderfully liberating to be able to get up and say, "what the heck I’ll think I’ll go do this." And then go and do it.Take care.

  4. I pray that you receive some healing and relief from your pain. I think we are supposed to be where we are. I wonder a lot how I ended up in Maryland. God has a purpose for me for now here. We just have to trust in him. Blessings to you….: )

  5. As always, you and family in my prayers my good and loyal friend. Oh how I would love to give Bells a big old southern hug, but alas, that you will have to do for me. Change is difficult but so often necessary. I wish you luck and health G. You remain a trusted and true friend.J.W.L.

  6. I remember a quote "life is what happens to you while you are making plans to do something else"…. I often think "how would my life be now if I had/hadn’t done ____" – but then I remember that I can’t make that change, so why dwell on it? It is a sometimes daily struggle, but I just keep trying to live the life I have (as if I had a choice?!) I want to thank you for always checking my blog, even tho I have been so absent for so long… thank you for caring about me!

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