A Walk in the Park

Tomorrow, we walk 1.3 miles to cap off a time of fundraising. My team and I have collected over two thousand dollars for the organization Autism Speaks which raises awareness, funds research and assists families in this “club” we belong to.
Did we choose autism? No. Do we want a cure? I do, some don’t. We have a wonderful child in our lives who just happens to have autism. She sometimes makes gains in her journey bringing her more and more into this world and we see our girl’s inner self emerge more. She is fun and happy and a joy in our lives.
Other families have no idea if their children are happy or if they know love. They seem to be far, far away in another world. It is for these children and for their loved ones, as much if not more than for our own, that we collect and walk and pray.
When autism speaks, are we able to listen? Sometimes only with our hearts.


5 responses to “A Walk in the Park

  1. Gail you have the biggest heart.. So many many children have Autism . I have just found out that over 40 young children in my area have autism from getting vaccines . Its a side effect they dont tell you about. If Im wrong on that one please let me know . That was my understanding. I have a feeling you could run this walk.Thinking about youxo

  2. What a great cause. I’m glad you’re so active in her life. She benefits tremendously from all the love that flows in your family.

  3. Listening with the powerful faith that flows from our hearts and souls is the method that is chosen for this man. I feel as though a part of me loves Bells in a way God can only understand; she feels just as if she were my child. Not strange G, just the simple truth. You are greatly admired and appreciated for who and what you are. Love many and more, smile often, give without expecting and always keep that golden heart. Peace be with you and all you love.J.W.L.

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