Trying to Get in the Groove Again

Getting back into regular blogging in this age of facebook is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be.  Instant gratification has spoiled me.

The Girl and I went to Isabella’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting today.  We are so pleased with Bell’s progress.  Her teacher, therapists and team leader are all so professional AND loving.  Bells did well in her previous school but this one is so much more detailed in their observations and plans.  We are so blessed!

On Saturday, The Boy turns 21.  Twenty-one!  Where has the time gone.  He is turning out to be a nice man.  I wish him happiness and success.  My baby.

My baby bro is coming up from Texas this weekend and I will get to hug him on Sunday!  How can a year have gone by already!

I started a computer program with Isabella yesterday.  It is called Starfall (  Hopefully, it will begin her computer literacy and she will learn a thing or two!  Her attention span seems to be increasing and I am thankful for that.

Sorry for the scattered way I am writing.  Hopefully, once I get “back into the groove” MY attention span will increase!

Blessings, g

5 responses to “Trying to Get in the Groove Again

  1. Greetings from afar. At least you’re Facebookin’. My Facebook has been ignored as much as the ancient blog. I’m tried and stand convicted by one of my sayings, “We often judge ourselves by our good intentions, but judge others by their actions.” I often intend to get back to blogging, but….

    Looks like good news for Bells.

    How’s The Boy doing lately?
    My boy appears to have turned a corner; a change precipitated by a local law and federal DEA kick-in-the-door style drug bust of the house he shared with two other guys. He wasn’t at home when the bust went down, but arrived in time to be cuffed, questioned and released. The two roommates spent the night in the pokey. All three have opted for life style change for last half year. That’s good.

  2. I not doing well at all Gail and I could use your prayers as I pray for you and your family. God bless you for being such a thoughtful and caring friend.


  3. It’s wonderful that Bell has professional teachers and other officials who make sure her IEP is set up properly.

    I didn’t see anything wrong at all with the way you were writing. I, on the other hand, made several drafts and ended up throwing away almost everything. A lot of the problem is because my voice program is really acting up.

    BTW, this is the blog I’m going to be using. I’m keeping the other one around for a while so that those still on WLS can see what I’m doing.

  4. Hmmm, October 14th? I don’t feel so bad now…LOL!
    So happy to hear Bells is doing so well. I keep checking out your other Blog to and have you connected to me there.
    It’s been such a busy time here and things are finally starting to settle down a bit as we head into the hibernating weather. At least that is what is is to me.
    Wow … The Boy is 21 now. Mine too as of May. Where does time go?

    Ok I’m headed too my comfy chair and sweats and my book. I read a great book last week and though of you. That it might be something you might like.
    It’s called “Magic Hour” by Kristin Hannah…I was very impressed with it.

    Have a nice night my friend.

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