Here We Go Again

In my little part of the Great Atlantic Northeast, it is hit or miss with snow. We are currently experiencing the third significant snow fall of the season. School was canceled a day in advance which is practically unheard of in our small town.

As you may or may not recall, Himself is a BDO or Behavior Detection Officer for the TSA at a major airport. He usually wakes up at 2:30 AM for his 4 AM shift. His drive is usually under fifteen minutes but I suggested he and a few of his buddies get a hotel room at the airport. The worst of the storm is supposed to be during his commute time.

So, The Boy and I are here in our warm home, he in his room probably playing video games and I in my living room,alone,typing this entry and watching an HGTV show I recorded. Ah, bliss. There is a knitting project and a new book on the floor beside me and I am content.

Being alone is fine with me. As a matter of fact, I covet my time alone. Himself doesn’t get it and has gone as far as to suggest to at least one person from church to spend time with me so that I wouldn’t be alone. Yes, I enjoy time spent with friends and family. But there is nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin at times, right?

Isabella is doing well. Can those of you who have watched her grow believe she is now five years old?! She is tall and beautiful and a delight. At times, she tries my patience so that I am sorely tested. Overall, though, we are still happy each time she comes home from school.

Hope you are all content and comfortable in your home and in your own skin.

blessings, g

5 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. I, too, am extremely comfortable being alone for long periods of time… good thing, since I’m unable to go much!! I have always needed a lot of “down” time to recharge, pray, just relax, whatever. I’m not bothered if people are around, but will eventually actively seek time alone. I believe we can’t truly interact with God unless we have longer periods to spend with Him, not worried about interruptions. I hope you keep power and totally enjoy your snow days!

    • Hi, Gayle. Thank you for the comment and referral. That is an interesting blog but there is no way I could follow what she does! I started weight watchers last week and am feeling a bit better. I have had chronic fatigue since my daughter was born in 1980. I think it was originally triggered from a car accident a couple of years before that. It is now fibromyalgia. Some days are bad but most days are totally tolerable. In my family, when we have chronic pain, we pretty much ignore it unless it knocks us off our feet! If I sit and think about it, I can feel it. Otherwise, life goes on! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I love getting to know you! gail

  2. One thing I really miss since living with my folks is my alone time – because I never get any! I really, really need time by myself to recharge, so it’s hard to always have someone around. I am also the type who can totally go alone to a restaurant and not feel stupid… I like my own company (most of the time!) Not to say I don’t enjoy friends and family; I just need both.

    I am currently missing the younger ages of Kiki. Five was fun! I know they have to grow up, and it’s good and right…. but still, it makes me kinda sad.

  3. Hi Gail, Thought I would stop by and leave a comment. Did you get a lot of snow today? We are expecting ice through the night. The morning commute will be interesting.

    I truly enjoy being alone and I”m not sure how I would handle being married again. I would need significant time to myself. I’ve really gotten used to my own company and I”m comfortable in my own skin. I do have great friends though and enjoy their company but I don’t like large crowds.

    Yes Isabella sure has grown into a beautiful little girl. She must bring great joy to you. 5 is such a fun age too.

    Well I’m going to get settled in for the evening and get myself prepared for tomorrow. Have a great evening!

    Carol : )

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