Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A few years back, our church started something called “cell” groups. These groups encouraged open, intimate relationships. Our all women groups became very close for the most part and age didn’t matter.

Currently, we don’t have enough female leaders to have women’s cells (the men are hooked up just fine) but we still have close relationships.

One of the ladies recently turned 40 and a friend decided to have a get together to celebrate. Only five in all could make it so it turned into a dinner party. The hostess, being a foodie and gifted cook, prepared an outrageously delicious meal of risotto, shrimp in garlic sauce, mussels in a lovely red sauce and a beautiful green salad. Two of us baked chocolate confections for dessert. Oh, I am so glad I saved up my weight watchers points all day!

Although the dinner was fab, the best part of the evening, to me, was the laughing. Oh, how we laughed. Some people probably think that a bunch of “church ladies” would be boring but, trust me, had you been a fly on the wall, you probably would have had a grand time, too! We stayed so late that Himself called to make sure I was okay! (It was a dark and stormy night…)

This particular night was important to me because I tend to isolate – especially in the evenings. The hostess made a special call to me instead of counting on the email she sent out to see if I was coming. This kindness nearly made me cry. My self-esteem is not always all that high.

Ladies, hold your girlfriends close. They understand like a man can’t. Nurture your relationships and don’t take them for granted.

Have a blessed week, g

2 responses to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun

  1. where are the pics of the food? 😉 Good to know you had good fun and good laugh. That’s important in life. I need to remind mysefl that too. (hugs)

  2. Just stopping to say hello…I HAVE to get back to blogging. Maybe after this darn move my brain will settle.

    Wish I could have joined you all for what sure sounds like a fun night. I wish we lived closer…sigh…

    Have a great day Gail!


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