What’s So Special ’bout…

…Special Olympics? My Isabella participated this week! The physical therapists have been working with the children for weeks and weeks teaching them the ball throw, jumping over hurdles (granted, they were about eight inches off the ground!) and passing a baton after running down the gymnasium floor.

Beautiful children thriving, though some froze and one or two had meltdowns. Overall,they all glowed with the light of achievement. They received their medals and certificates of achievement like the champs they are. They mugged for the cameras of those who love them unconditionally.

Kudos to Eunice Shriver who first acted on her observations that people with intellectual disabilities can and ought to be involved in what their neuro-typical peers are involved.

On behalf of the cheering squad of great grandma B., Mommy, grandpa and Booboo (that’s me!), great job, Bells! We are so very proud of you!

3 responses to “What’s So Special ’bout…

  1. Good for you! At least you’re blogging more often than I am!!lol I still like Blogspot better… just a matter of which one ticks you off the most!LOL So glad Bells had a good day at the olympics!

  2. I’m sure it was a reallye xciting and proud moment for you all ! I just wished I could see pics of Bells while at it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hooray for Bells and all the children who participated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We have a young lady at our church who just returned from the Special Olympics in Greece and she brought back a silver and a bronze medal! (she is a runner) It was a very proud moment for her parents and we all got to cheer for her as she stood up in church Sunday grinning from ear to ear. She is on the autism spectrum as well…

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