Moving Right Along

We had Isabella’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting recently and were thrilled to learn that Bells’ teacher and the child study team feel Isabella is ready to enter kindergarten. In the morning, she will enter the school with an NT (neurotypical) class and then go to her contained classroom with only three other students! All her specials (art, music, phys. ed., etc.) and recess will also be with the NT class! This is a wonderful improvement and we are thrilled with her progress.

The Girl is concerned, though, that Bells is noticing when NT kids her age and older say hurtful things like, “Why does she act like a baby?” She isn’t where they are socially yet and they don’t get it. Breaks a mom’s (and a Booboo’s) heart.

We are in the dog days of summer and autumn can’t get here soon enough for this cool weather girl. Ragweed must be blooming because my whole household is hurting. So thankful for air conditioning.

We’ve been invited to go down the shore for a few days with our dear friends. Himself is so excited. More than two nights away from my bed is difficult for me but I will do it for him. Ugh.

I’m down 30 pounds now! Twenty more to go. Feels goooood!

Last week, I spent five and a half hours with a 91 year old learning all about her life. It was so interesting! I love seniors, do you?

What’s going on in your world? I really want know!

blessings, gail

10 responses to “Moving Right Along

  1. hey G, its wonderful knowing Bells is gonna go to a regular kindy. but I’d be worried too about hurtful things that other children might say. Is there another option? kids are generally mean nowadays.. and they can really affect how a child thinks about herself. . I guess…give her a try and see how it goes. but if there/s too much heart would break too.
    Enjoy your getaway by the beach. Take pics and post. 🙂
    love ya….

  2. Thank you so much for your concern, Martha. It is not in school that there are issues. A child study team member said that, more than likely, a little girl who has “mothering tendencies” will probably latch onto Bells and be her champion. Wouldn’t that be grand?

  3. We were really worried about my nephew when he started kindergarten. Fortunately the schools here really work with them and by the ninth grade he was actually able to mean stream. He still has some difficulties with mathematics. It’s amazing, he’s able to do algebra using a calculator, but he can’t figure out if a product is is $1.95 and he gives $2 that he should get two cents back. They also didn’t teach him his time table and even though I tried to drill into him, it just didn’t stick.

    He didn’t have autism, but he has severe ADD and some other complications. I still worry about the kids picking on him. In fact, I need to be more proactive about talking to him about that. I think I will set up a date where we can go to the movies and then possibly to dinner so we could talk about it together.

    I’m not on the Internet too much right now. I think I explained it before, but I will tell you about it later. I’m doing well physically and mentally, I’m just not able to get too much time to do things like I was before.
    Take care

  4. I love that you love seniors, being one myself. You love everybody, which is such a wonderful trait to have. I am so glad life is good, as God is good, all the time. I don’t have anything interesting to tell about our lives, same as always. Someone needs to borrow the table in my craft room, if I can find it, she can have it. (I think you saw the top of it when you were so kind as to help me.)

    Love you, love to read about your life!

  5. I think we worry about our kids socially regardless of what “group” they may – or may not – fit into. Kiki is very “normal”, and she has had some very hurtful things said to her by children who somehow are not … well… socially correct, if that’s a way of putting it. At this age they should get what and what not to say, but a couple of kids in particular that she knows don’t have that sense. They may have some sort of ‘problem’ but I don’t know. The point is, kids can be mean, and I guess it’s our job to help them sort through the things people say since we can’t totally protect them from it ever happening.

    I don’t complain about the heat here, after living in the horrid humidity which is Virginia! I will take it and smile, lol! Although I do love the fall….

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