Sunday, Sunday

Nearly every Sunday during (American) football season, my son’s friends fill my living room and watch the games together. Truth be told, I like it. I would like to have my living room to myself but seeing them enjoy each other is worth the bother.

Unlike other wives, I am not a football widow. I like the game and understand it. The Boy started playing when he was seven years old but my interest was piqued before that; long before that. I, gail of the great Atlantic northeast, am a Seattle Seahawks fan! Yup, the entire country stands between me and my team.

There is really no reason why I got into that other than Sundays in autumn are all about football. And church. Period. Also, I want to get some entries going.

Trying to figure what to write has been so difficult. Do you really want to hear about my tantrum last night when I couldn’t take what was going on any longer? Or about how I am disappointed that The Girl isn’t taking Isabella to the free special needs dance classes? Or that I am sleeping a lot, probably because of fibromyalgia and the stress of having to be up very early with Bells to get her ready for the school bus? Or that I need some time to myself and haven’t been getting it? That I need a visit with my bff in the worst way?

Why would you want to hear about any of that?! I don’t even want to hear about it. I am not liking myself very much right now but that will pass.

Let me leave you with this: foo do fa fa

Maybe you will forgive me when you can’t get this out of your head!

3 responses to “Sunday, Sunday

  1. I understand completely and you can rant, crab, complain to me all you want. I won’t love you any less. I need to get a blog because we had an absolutely wonderful day today. (Sorry, but I have to say that.) We are attending a different church and they had a wonderful luncheon for seniors today. What a fabulous time of fellowship and laughter and good food and a great devotional message. I am exhausted, but a good exhausted!

    You will manage, as you always have, but you need a day in the country, say, my house? Would love to see you, although we probably should wait until my kitchen is done, as the living and dining rooms are full of dishes, etc. Should be finished by Thanksgiving, or so my sons tell me!

    Love you!

  2. ((hugs)) having one those months my self.
    I think about you and your fibromyalgia. God is good and I pray that he gives you the strength to work through it.
    I wish I could take a weekend break myself where homework is outlawed, autism and adhd oh and terrible twos as well. Just need a break from it all just two days and two nights would do it I think. 😀 hey I could dream haha
    love that song thanks for sharing it LOL

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