Silver and Gold

“Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other’s gold” was a song we sang at girl scout camp. Today, I got together with someone who I have known since I was twelve years old. We hadn’t seen one another for probably ten years so we decided to meet up at her mom’s.

We had a lovely time reminiscing and catching up. Years ago, I introduced her to the musical artist Dan Fogelberg (you might remember his songs Longer and Leader of the Band). We attended two of his concerts in the past. Today we commiserated his death a few years ago.

When I came home, I decided to work off some of my dessert on the treadmill whist listening to, and singing along with, one of Dan’s albums, Twin Sons of Different Mothers, which he recorded with a flutist by the name of Tim Weisberg (The Power of Gold is one of my favorite songs on this album). Oh, how I enjoyed that album!

I decided to listen to more and saw an album by Christian artist, Michael Card (this, Joseph’s Song, can bring tears to my eyes. I started listening to him when I needed an alternative to secular music and he reminded me of Dan. Wow! I was lifted up with that album. I almost fell off the treadmill because my eyes were closed and my hands were lifted!

As I explained to my friend, I find that the old, secular music tends to remind me of things from the past that I don’t want to remember. There is one song that can send me into a panic attack because the memories are so vivid and hurtful that I stay away from the oldies stations.

Whatever we put into our minds, whether reading or tv or movies, stays there forever. Memories can flitter across our minds in a nanosecond and set us up for pain or happiness.

It has taken me too many years to learn this lesson. I need to weed out those shows and books and movies that are just not silver or gold.

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2 responses to “Silver and Gold

  1. So true. I used to read Stephen King and watch horror movies back in the day. Now I can’t stand to read or watch either.

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