Friday Falderal

A few years back, I started a meme called Friday Falderal. Every Friday, I would create questions, answer them and then ask my readers for their answers. “Falderal” is in honor of a dear friend who used the word liberally before she passed away.

So, without further ado, here are this week’s questions:

Do you feel obligated to spend holidays with family or do you do your own thing?
My husband feels obligated and also likes to spend time with his family so we do. However, one time, years ago, we did go to California for Thanksgiving…

Cake, pie or cookies?

Oh, cookies! Chewy, yummy cookies! Then again, pecan pie…german chocolate cake? Who makes up these questions, anyway?!

Do you keep up with national politics?

Yes, I do. In the United States, we have the honor of being able to vote for our leadership. Much of the time I feel that my vote doesn’t count because those I vote for don’t get elected! However, I will not stomp on the lives that were lost to give me the right to vote.

Pampering, waste of money or therapy?:

I was raised with a “Depression Era” mentality so I tend to try to make a nickel worth five cents. It is hard for me to spend money on myself. That being said, I don’t get paid for watching my granddaughter five days a week so I asked my daughter to pay for me to get a manicure every two weeks. It is time that is just for me and it is therapeutic!

Looking forward to hearing from you! g

3 responses to “Friday Falderal

  1. I remember these!

    I didn’t feel obligated every year to spend the holidays with family. Now I don’t feel obligated at all.


    Politics….not so much….but during election year we are forced to.

    Some forms of pampering are free.

  2. When we were first married, I felt obliged to spend holidays with my in-laws as my husband is an only child and my parents didn’t celebrate in the usual manner. (We never had guests and we ate at noon and it was all over by 12:15, usually accompanied by an argument which escalated into an all-out fight with a pie being thrown at a wall.) My mother passed away 7 years into my marriage and my father was unsocial, so it was a relief to be with Jim’s parents, who subscribed to the usual trappings of holidays. As they aged and our children grew, my in-laws became more difficult to enjoy. I insisted on staying home without inviting them on Mother’s day, as it was never celebrated as MY day, with 3 children, but rather MIL’s day, who had one child. We continued to have Jim’s parents on holidays as they wanted to be with us and it was a small sacrifice on our part to show gratitude for raising my husband and teaching him the skills of a gentle, kind man.

    We did, however, make a few adjustments. They left early on Christmas and that was when the real celebration began. My in-laws insisted on a rather spare menu, but now we could bring out the real food; Swedish meatballs, cheese, all the buffet style goodies that we waited all day for. We invited friends, who relished the good food, games which quickly degraded into laugh-out-loud competitions, and good conversation.

    Pampering is cheaper than therapy and often brings the same result. Yes, I am worthy, I am contributing to this marriage, and yes, I am loved! I use affordability as the reason I don’t pamper myself more often, but in fact, I know less is more in the case of indulgence. If I had a massage, or some other wonderful experience, more than once in a while it wouldn’t mean as much or have the same effect.

    Thanks, Gail, for your glorious writing and your stimulation of my brain!

  3. My poor husband’s family I love all the holiday celebrations and seeing htat they are the only family that I have here I have turned them into celebrants. I think they would rather stay in their rooms for the holidays but I make us all meet at least once for Christmas. I don’t fuss about Easter though.

    I like pies and cakes cookies sometime LOL.

    I pamper now… I have been getting sick recently and it can only be because I need to take time off so I have started taking the time to regroup.

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