Medical Care

When an elderly friend of ours was visiting his son in Canada, he became ill. His son, a medical doctor, called his dad’s doctor in the States. He put his dad on a plane and made sure he took a cab directly to the hospital where his doctor had arranged for his admittance.

With socialized medicine in Canada, our friend’s son knew he would be taken care of much more quickly in the States. Our friend is now recuperating from open heart surgery. Do you have any idea how long that would have taken in Canada? A long time; probably longer than our friend had to live without it (he was given only a couple of months without surgery).

Is this really the route we want America to take?

One response to “Medical Care

  1. No. Not at all. I remember visiting Canada and seeing how high the sales taxes were. Seemed like it was around 15%. Crazy! But I’m sure that was to help pay for everyone’s health care.

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