Thankfulness = Contentment

When I am thankful, I find it difficult to not be content with my lot.

I have a chronic illness. I am so thankful it is not a degenerative illness.

My granddaughter has autism. I am so thankful she is able to hug and be hugged and able to communicate as well as she does.

My husband has to wake up for work at 2:30 AM which is really rough on his system. I am thankful for his health and ability to work.

All of my clothing is either ill fitting or out of fashion. I am thankful for being clothed.

Some of my friends are so hard to keep in touch with. I am thankful for the time we have spent together.

We have only one working car. I am thankful for the one that works.

When I have a complaining spirit, I need to remind myself to be thankful. Have you tried this? g

4 responses to “Thankfulness = Contentment

  1. You have shared such a powerful truth that spills over into all aspects of life. We must combat complaints with gratefulness, lies with truth, hurts with blessings……
    Thank you for the reminder to not let a complaining spirit darken my eyes to what is truly there!

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