As a human being, I have choices.
Some choices are trivial: chocolate vs. vanilla (anyone who has been around for a while knows that I consider dark chocolate to be a food group), Rangers or Islanders.

Some will affect the rest of your life: marriage partner, whether or not to have children.

As a professing Christian, it is my choice whether or not I am going to yield to God’s will. I have found that, when I do, life goes ever so much more smoothly.

Most of the time, doing things my way, without using God’s perspective, I fail miserably. Not only do I fail myself but I fail everyone around me. When I use God’s perspective in my decision making, I am not guaranteed an easy ride but I am ever so much successful and content.

This evening I was bummed out by a loved one’s stinkin’ attitude. Not only was I bummed out, I was angered and ready to lash out. Not trusting my tongue, I held it and got away from this person as fast as possible. I then snapped at someone else and needed to apologize. It was then that I realized I hadn’t yielded my attitude to God. Now, I am writing this and watching Captain America with The Boy. (The Boy and I are both into super hero movies and the original Star Wars.)

I had a choice: wallow in anger and resentment or yield to God’s desire for me to pray for the offending loved one and praise God for His blessings. I won’t lie to you. It took my the senseless snapping at my boy to make me realize my selfish spirit.

At one time, it wouldn’t have mattered and I would have continued in my folly. Thankfully, I am finally learning.

Posted by gail at 9:35 PM
Labels: a to z challenge, Anger, Choices, Resentment, Yielding

One response to “Yielding

  1. I know I need to yield more to God in dealing with these people at work. I think all these struggles will make me appreciate Hawaii even more once I’m there. Well I totally screwed up the A to Z challenge. Oh well maybe next time.

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