Falderal Friday

Ah, Friday. It has been a longish week but not bad. My car still needs repairs but I am thankful for how much is within walking distance of my home.
After the A to Z Challenge, I am back to my old habit of slacking off but will try to keep up with the falderal.

What do you think of Mother’s Day? (heavy sigh) I don’t like being told when to appreciate people. Each time I speak with my mom I end the call with, “I love you.” We don’t give Christmas and birthday presents but we give I love you presents throughout the year. Not expensive, fancy things but things we really think the other will like. I give chocolate and biscotti and I have received a water filtering system (Brita). As for Mother’s Day around here, I appreciate it when Himself makes dinner for me. However, I feel obligated to go to his Mother’s place.

Do you have a bedtime routine? I have to confess that I watch way too much tv and stay on the computer too late into the night. I don’t sit all evening…well, I do but I don’t. I’ll get up and floss. Then I’ll get up and brush my teeth. Then I’ll take my evening meds. I try to read a bit and then I’ll pray. Hopefully, I sleep. It hasn’t been very easy to fall asleep lately.

Is there a personal behavior you are trying to change? In the last ten years or so, I have been seriously trying to curb my tongue. Last night, I asked a friend if she had noticed a change and she said yes. She also said she can see when I am straining to say something and holding back! The biggest thing I want to work on now is my tone of voice. I can say something kindly and the same things can be said with a sting. I want to be kind.

Early morning or late night? Believe it or not, when I was in high school, I woke up way earlier than I needed to. Now, I would stay up until two or three AM if I could. Those mellow hours are lovely to me.

Have to go so that is it for now. Please let me know your answers. It is great to get to know you better! blessings, g

3 responses to “Falderal Friday

  1. I was goin to let mother’s day slide by, but my children have plans, and they being at the age where want to n are able to plan things makes mother’s day seem exciting. 🙂 happy mother’s day G 🙂

  2. I have been working on my tone as well, I want it to be kind unfortunately I have been failing at it dismally. But I keep working at it. say a prayer for me please 😀
    I watch way too much tv, but it helps to de-stress me so I think I’ll keep it.
    Have a great weekend G

  3. Mother’s Day is great for honoring your mother and/or mother-in-law. I don’t have either and I don’t have any children so it’s a holiday I don’t celebrate anymore. However I do have fond memories of my mom.

    I have no bedtime routine. I just go to bed when I’m tired which seems to be later than it should be.

    Personal behavior I’d like to change. Well it appears my communication and holding back. Only saying the things that are necessary to particular people. (Please refer to my latest blog on Offending People.)

    Late night definitely. I hate mornings!

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